The Worlds Collide! Trilogy is a planned trilogy that crosses over both fanons of Atomic Betty II and The Alliance of Super Girls together. All 3 installments will have the usual sidestories and Alliance Shorties like any other Alliance episode. The trilogy, and its shorties and sidestories, will be canon in both fanons.

In order to keep up with the light-hearted tone of the Alliance fanon, many aspects of the AB II universe will be toned down and be rated TV-Y7 FV instead of AB II's usual TV-14 rating (However, this is only for the edited versions of AB II only), and will likely be in English. It is unknown if there will also be an uncut version Japanese and English exclusive one eventually.

Worlds Collide!

(Takes place after Ep 12 of ABII)/Lemonade Stand and Deliver. - In this first one, The Alliance discovers a gateway to another world, the world of Atomic Betty II! However, it is because of the Pastmaster that the gateway has appeared as he plans to find the Anti-Alliance and ensure that they'd be his new disciples, though it may be harder to get out than get in. What can the Alliance, the Guardians, and the Swat Kats do about it? In "Lemonade Stand and Deliver" (a side story taking place during Worlds Collide!), Dani, Agatha The Great, Angelique, and Bonnie Bowgirl compete with the other Alliance members to see who can sell more lemonade before the Main 4 get back. The only Atomic Betty II characters that appear in the story are Betty, Sparky, X-5, Noah, Chazz, DeGill, Regeena, T-Bone, Razor, and the Pastmaster. Everyone else from Atomic Betty II will not appear in either stories.

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Worlds Collide! II

(Takes place after Season 1 Finale of ABII) - Once more, the AB II universe door opens up. Still having to deal with now in the community service with the Guardians and Swat Kats, Maximus and Nemesis (of the AB II universe) have a hard time fitting in, though when Max Sr. Sr. with the Metallicats makes a deal with the Anti-Alliance that involves bringing forth demons from an alternate world, it may mean more trouble than it's worth. How will the Guardians and the Alliance deal with this mess?

More to Come...

Worlds Collide! III: Crisis of Multiple Alliances!

Worlds Collide! III: Crisis of Multiple Alliances! is the 3rd and final installment of the trilogy, takes place after the series finale Alliance episode and takes place after Season 2 of Atomic Betty II. The plot is a stark departure from the first one using the Pastmaster as the antagonist and the second one involving Max Sr. Sr., demons, Metallicats, and the Anti-Alliance as the antagonists, but instead uses alternate versions of The Alliance as villains, and the allies will not only be the denizens of the AB II universe, but multiple Alliances from other worlds that are good. This is final act in the trilogy and the final true ending to the Alliance series.

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