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Hey Julie, this is Cory, aka Vlad4, also first time writer to you and also long time Atomic Betty fan, thanks for sending me a message, and for your help on the Atomic Betty wiki, keep adding new pages and info to continue to make both wiki's great!

Atomic Betty II?

Are U sure there is an Atomic Betty II? :/ I searched everywhere for answers and nuthin'. I even googled the japanese name, still nuthin'. Cuz I want to watch the episode where The Betty Clones get killed, recreated and work for dr. viper. BTW, I'm Bettydude100, AKA Cartoondude135 a YouTube user.

Taking pictures directly from the screen/monitor?

I noticed on AB wiki that most pictures are HQ clear, but did they use HD digital cameras up close on the scenes/pictues or capture cards to take those pictures? Cuz I wanna take the picture of AB and Co. with The Betty Clones in The Way Of The Wiener at Galactic Guardian HQ. Even yur pic. of The Betty Clones in The Way Of The Wiener (in their powered forms) looks clear and the picture is highly focused on them.

"print screen" button?

I'm not sure which one yur talking about. Is it "Print" or "Print preview"? I tried both and none of them seem to work. But, does this task require a printer?

Thanks for info!


MS paint problems

I used MS paint like U told me on how to modify AB artwork, but when I use the "fill with color" feature to fill her eyes/dress with paint, the irises/dress dosent fill up all the way with orange or red paint. Any help? I'm using Windows 7 BTW.

AB pic mods Info 1/2 helped

I followed every bit of the instructions U sent 2 hour ago on modifying AB pics, but... I don't quite understand the part where U said "color the lines back to black, then color in whatever you want with the leftovers" Which lines are U talking about? The outlines of the character or the background?

Plans derailed

Hmmmmm......... tell U what, how about once I'm done painting the the 2 artworks of AB, I'll upload it to AB fanon and U can do a few tweaks to the pics, cuz my paint job is kinda bad if U ask me. But if U think their good, let me know. But be sure to search the Optica and Destructa pages, cuz thats where I might upload them to.

Modified picture confirmation

I just need to confirm if the pictures I uploaded to the red/yellow betty clone pages are suitable for AB wiki, cuz I dare not upload them to AB wiki just yet, because they look kinda messy (like I said before, my paint job is kinda bad). So I just need the word from U and I'll be on my way. U can also check out the activity page on AB fanon wiki to find the pictures way easier.

Me the new AB artist?

Tell me, whatdaya think of the new pics of The Betty Clones I made/uploaded to the fanon wiki? The way I made them wasn't easy. 1st, I go to town with my paintbrush. 2nd, I use the pencil attachment to color in the spots where my paintbrush cant go. And believe yur me, this required DELICATE handling to paint the eyes!

Goofy pic of AB

Check this out, go to this link: and you'll find the goofyest and craziest AB pic that even I cant make! I bet your gonna have a jaw dropping experience seeing this pic.

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