Twin Geeks! is a special that's part of Alliance of Super Girls fanon. It's a parody/homage to the 1990-1991 television series, Twin Peaks created by filmmaker David Lynch and Mark Frost. It's focused on Noah Parker playing the Agent Dale Cooper role as Galactic Guardian Special Agent Noah Cooper investigating the death of Penelope Lang.


After being invited to stay over at Alliance HQ when his parents are away, Noah stumbles upon reruns of the television show, Twin Peaks on an internet streaming site ala Netflix. He watches episode after episode after episode, until he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, Noah finds out that he's in a dream, being now known as Special Agrent Noah Cooper. As an agent, Noah has to travel to the town of Twin Geeks, Washington to investigate the murder of popular socialite Penelope Lang (being in the Laura Palmer role.) While he's investigating possible clues to her murder and to find who did it, Noah stumbles upon familiar Alliance characters as townsfolk of Twin Geeks, including Paloma being a fortune teller, Nemesis AS as a Log Kitty (a spoof on the Log Lady from the actual Twin Peaks series), Violet Parr and Atomic Betty as waitresses at the local diner that serves "darn good pie, coffee, and ice cream, but stay away from the coffee", Jessie Jetter as the friendly giant, and others. And there's another mystery besides finding Penelope's killer, where did the cows go? And why is the coffee taste like mud?


  • Noah Parker-Dale Cooper (as Noah Cooper)
  • Penelope Lang-Laura Palmer (as Penelope Lamer)
  • Atomic Betty-Waitress
  • Violet Parr-Waitress
  • Nemesis AS-Log Lady (as Log Kitty)
  • Jessie Jetter-Friendly Giant

(More to Come)


  • The 1st Alliance special to be a parody of something
  • This is the 1st time that an Alliance episode or special doesn't take place in Texas in general, due to the setting of the story being in Washington state, where Twin Peaks took place in.
  • This parody was inspired by the Darkwing Duck episode, Twin Beaks, which aired on the same year as Twin Peaks' 2nd, and final, season.
  • No superhero battles take place in this episode.
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