Theme from Mission: Impossible (1996 remix), performed by U2 (both Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton), will be heard throughout and set up for the scene from Atomic Betty: The Animated Movie, coming in 2026 on Netflix.

It will be used for the scene where Betty plays her tune on her boombox and dances to the music outside by the swimming pool with her friends: Megan, Sarah, Paloma and Regeena. They also wear their swimsuits while feeling the groove of the remixed M:I theme. Betty utters deeply in a tempo music, "Mission: Impossible remix, baby" before the synthesized notes of the theme music itself.

After four notes of the recording sample of the classic M:I theme, Betty raps over the bass and snare drum beats going:

  • Investigation's waiting, so follow my lead
  • The bass drum's booming, dance to the beat
  • Feel the snare drum clacking and the bongo loop
  • Work together as a team of my dancing group!

We even show a close-up of Betty's mouth as she utters softly, "Do the hand clap" in a tempo of the music before they follow the TR-909 Hand Clap sounds as they move to the rhythm and clap their hands 8 times, but she even does "Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh", her rhythmic grunts over the last four ones. They also feel the bass and snare drums to this beloved remixed version of the theme song itself. She and her friends also float in the pool, and keep dancing about.

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