Galactic Crusade
Galactic Crusade
Date: April 1st, 2007 - April 22nd, 2007
Region: Various Sectors in Space,

Atomic Betty Universe

  • Mega captured...
  • 43 severely damaged...
  • Galactic Guardian HQ Damaged...
  • Maximus's Armada partially destroyed...
  • 43 is kept for study...
  • Fragment from the ship kept by X-5...


The Galactic Crusade was a fictional event that occurred in the Atomic Betty Universe in 2007, during the Novel The Galactic Crusade, where Atomic Betty and her crew were hunting down an Unidentified ship that would later become known to her universe as the MR.43, from the Project Universe. This event would be the main event into which tv show protagonist Atomic Betty and her crew would meet Project Universe concept continental being, Mega Jerora Roran at the end.

The Crusade lasted for about 4 weeks from April 1st, to the 22nd of April, where by then was eventually cornered and finally brought down over Sar Mountain by Atomic Betty and her crew, after his wounded ship eventually finally succumb to its damage state, and Mega was taken to Galactic Guardian HQ where he remained incarcerated and his ship was studied by the top scientists of the Galaxy of Atomic Betty.

2091riveraisrael's The Galactic Crusade

The Encounter

Atomic Betty is the main Protagonists, of Galactic Crusade, in which she had managed to encounter Mega Jerora Roran for the first time, at Galactic Guardian Head Quarter, though the 2 never met each other face to face until 6 weeks later. While on Earth, Betty Barret at the time was in the middle of a Math Test in Moose Jaw Heights Elementary while at the same time, was doing her usual routines with Noah Parker, when not on Galactic Guardian patrol.

However, Betty was notified by Admiral DeGill, right in the middle of her test much to both her annoyance and surprise, Alarmed before her briefing, Betty convinced her Math Teacher, that she had to use the rest room, and raced out of the room after granted permission. Where he informed her that Galactic Guardian Head Quarters has encountered and being attacked by an unknown Space Craft.

She was then beamed aboard her ship where X-5 and Sparky were waiting. With easier said than done, Atomic Betty ordered Sparky to ready the ship for Hyper space, and X-5 to plant a course for Galactic Guardian Head Quarters. With just a touch of a lever from Sparky, the Cruiser reached Hyper Space and arrived at Galactic Guardian HQ just in time.

Galactic Crusade Chapter 1 Art

Atomic Betty's Damaged cruiser chasing after the 43 During the Encounter through a Debris Field of Galactic Guardian Cruisers that were destroyed Earlier before her arrival..

Atomic Betty is horrified when she sees Admiral DeGill drifting out in the middle of Space, and much of the Head Quarters blasted apart along with a large portion of Debris everywhere.

She is than woken up from her trance of the field when she sees the Unknown ship that Admiral DeGill was talking about, flying down towards him, as if it was going to finish him off. Reacting quickly Atomic Betty orders Sparky to draw off the ship, in which he dose by firing the ships laser cannons causing the Unknown vessel to divert from Admiral DeGill to Atomic Betty.

With a simple shot to the 43, the Duel of GG Headquarters had become, between the Crew of Atomic Betty, and the unknown ship that know one knew the name of yet.

With Sparky at the wheel, Betty's Cruiser chased after the unknown ship, for about 12 minutes, trying to shoot out the engines, but the trio are surprised that no matter what they try, the unknown ship just kept Evading with no problem.

All of a sudden while the trio were surprised, the unknown ship spun around at fast speed and attempted to destroy the side of her cruiser with Death Cutters, but Sparky managed to race the cruiser upwards, receiving only minor damage, to the rear. X-5 is than ordered by Atomic Betty in order to analyze who was ever inside the unknown ship, but much to his disgrace X-5's scanners had failed to pin point any life form on the ship, which eventually caused confusion in Betty and her crew.

Sparky distracted by this horrific events, is tackled by the Unknown Ship's Cutters to the West, causing a breach in Atomic Betty's canopy, forcing most of the crew to activate their helmets and seal off the Canopy with a steel shudder.

Enraged, on the ship for nearly killing her and her friends, Atomic Betty takes control of the cruiser, and orders Spike to try and check the rest of the ships interior in order to make sure that they're no more hall breaches to the ship, in which so he replies "You Got it Chief!" and dose so.

Atomic Betty, after dodging fire from the Unknown vessel, behind her, slammed on the Star ships breaks, and forced the rear end of her cruiser to collide with the Unknown vessel, causing the Tail portion to rip into the cockpit.

The Cockpit of the Unknown Vessel however, Seals up covering the entire Canopy section of the Star ship barricading every window on the rim.

Betty seeing this as a chance to strike starts to shoot the 43 with laser blasters from her Cruiser's main blaster, but is surprised as the Unknown Vessel just dodges out of the way at lightning speed just before her shots could hit.

Chasing after it, Atomic Betty, attempts to strike the side of the vessel with her cruiser, demanding for him to pull over at once, the unknown being inside however, getting humbly annoyed by her constant poundings just steered the ship left, knocking her cruiser away with the wing of the Unknown vessel.

Atomic Betty and her crew's vessel went spinning upwards and away from the ship for about a couple of seconds. After a couple of seconds of spinning out of control, Betty had finally managed to gain control of her cruiser once again, and continue her pursuit of the Unknown Vessel, but just before she was about to reach it, it disappeared into Hyper space.

Moments after the Duel, Atomic Betty was left speechless as she just stares at the spot where the unknown vessel had just vanished, but at the same time she could not believe that the ship was able to cause considerable damage to her cruiser as well. It would be from here that Atomic Betty would grow suspicious and would wanna find out who the pilot of the unknown ship she had just encountered was.

Upon returning to Earth, she had just failed her quiz due to being in space for too long, but managed to persuade her Math teacher to try and take it again the very next day.

Her Math teacher accepted her pleas and allowed her to study until tomorrow. Betty returned home immediately after School, where she dedicated most of her time to try and refresh on the math problems she missed, but at the same time couldn't get the Image of the unknown ship out of her head.

Her thoughts are once again interrupted by the ringing of her Bracelet, where Admiral DeGill had appeared in his normal holographic Image, and informed her that Maximus was under heavy attack by an unknown ship. Betty saluted in response to her mission, despite her dislike of Maximus, and was beamed up once a gain to her ship. By the time her and her crew arrived at Maximus's Citadel the only thing they saw was horror. Betty was left speechless while at the same time, trying to figure out how one ship could cause that much damage to an entire Armada, especially one run by Maximus IQ.

She had managed to board Maximus's wounded ship, and confront the Evil overlord where she was worried and demanded an explanation. Much to her surprise Maximus was on her leg Shivering in fear, but mentions he still hates her.

Ignoring his Evil ways, Betty managed to find, a recording of the ship that attacked, but than automatically recognized the ship. It was the same vessel that she dueled with 6 hours ago.

Worried for the safety of Space, after returning Maximus to his Citadel with her Cruiser, Atomic Betty contacted Admiral DeGill and reported that the ship that attacked Maximus's Citadel was the same one that attacked Galactic Guardian Headquarters, and with those words, Admiral DeGill unleashed the Galactic Guardian Crusade, in order to hunt down the Unknown ship, with Atomic Betty leading it.

The Crusade

2 Weeks Later

While on Earth, 2 weeks had passed ever since the Encounter with the mysterious ship, 2 weeks ever since the Galactic Guardian Crusade had commenced. Betty was lucky for Summer break had finally come to Moose Jaw Heights, which gave her enough time to both hang with her friends on Earth, while also doing several search missions in space.

Each day neither Guardian would have any luck on finding the ship, some may believed that the ship had fled the Galaxy, but Atomic Betty believed otherwise, and refused to give up.

While back on Earth after seeing a random Science Fictional movie with Noah, her Bracelet rung once more, where she made up an excuse to Noah stating that she had to be home in time for dinner or her mother would ground her for life. Noah believed her lie, and watched as she disappeared down the street.

After evading Noah, she beamed aboard her Ship, where Admiral DeGill informed her that Galactic Guardian search parties have just sighted the unknown ship heading towards the Traffic planet of Mobrus, and gave her the direct authority she needed to go after it and arrest who was ever inside the vessel.

After hanging up, Atomic Betty automatically ordered Sparky, who already was anxious for a rematch against the unidentified ship, to plant a course to Mobrus, although throughout her months of being a Galactic Guardian, she had never once been to Mobrus.

After arriving at Mobrus, Betty ordered Spike to carefully maneuver around the Traffic while X-5 tried to locate the unknown vessel. Minutes turned into hours while Atomic Betty and her crew were starting to believe that the Vessel had fled the system before they arrived, and were constantly becoming board during their search, until at last the vessel was seen by Sparky maneuvering slowly over the traffic jam below. "There it is!" Sparky cried pointed at the ship, in which Betty praised him on his hawk full eyes, and ordered him to slowly approach the vessel from behind. Sparky did as he was instructed and slowly maneuvered the cruiser until it was behind the unknown vessel, with that Atomic Betty ordered X-5 to get ready to launch the new EMP missile that was just installed on her cruiser 2 days ago.

X-5 readied the weapon but just as he was about to fire it, the vessel blasted away at fast speed, as if who ever was inside knew they were behind it. Atomic Betty, much to her frustration than ordered Sparky to chase down the ship, where he raised the throttle of her Cruiser and flew after the ship.

The Vessel, while quickly maneuvering passed Traffic, began to pull ahead for a few seconds until X-5 launched the EMP missile towards the ship's engines. Betty watched as the missile exploded disabling most of the space transports that were caught in the blast, but the Unknown ship was no where to be found, much to the surprise of Atomic Betty and her crew.

Betty and her crew now confused on where the ship had disappeared to, began to look around the Cockpit until 2 Death Cutters shot the side of her cruiser cutting a large hole on the side, and raced down the opposite direction.

Sparky, growled as he turned the cruiser despite it's damaged fuselage, and chased after the Vessel once again. Atomic Betty ordered Sparky to use the altitude in order to maneuver passed the Traffic in order to have a better advantage over the chase, and allow themselves to catch up with the Unknown ship, but Spike to lost in his daze continue to chase against Traffic, getting both X-5 and Betty nervous.

All though her cruiser was finally able to reach the Vessel, Atomic Betty tried once again in order to get the ship to stop, but the only response she got from the Unknown vessel was the sound of Engines maneuvering faster, this time moving up away from Traffic.

As Sparky attempted to pull the Lever of the ship and continue after the ship, a large Truck ship almost rammed into the Cruiser forcing Spike to make a hard right, from there the ship struck against a Traffic Light Asteroid than shut down, due to the impact striking the side where the Unknown ship had just damaged not moments before.

Sparky began to cry in a tantrum by pounding the ship's Dash board, as X-5 sighed with annoyance, all of a sudden just as Atomic Betty was about to reach out for Sparky's shoulder, the Unknown ship hovered right infront of her cruiser. She couldn't see the pilot, mostly due to the fact of the windows still being Sealed up, which means that the ship was never repaired.

She also could see that the ship's left wing was badly Damaged, which could have explained the ship's lack of turns. Sparky looked up at the ship, and wagged his fist at it yelling "Coward! Come out of that flying scrap heap and fight like a Man!", but his arm was grabbed by Betty who ordered him to relax.

Betty in her head was starting to question the Ship's hovering, it had the chance to finish her off, yet it is just hovering in front of her ship, not doing a single thing, Its Blasters are not even lighting up for the attack either. Before she knew it she saw the Unknown vessel turn its nose away from her ship, where X-5 finally saw the name of the Vessel on the side revealing Moral Raider-43 before it Disappeared into Hyper Space leaving her and her crew shocked.

Confidence Grows

Galactic crusade second encounter by meowjar

Atomic Betty and her crew watch the wounded MR.43 as it attempts to flee them a third 4th time during the Crusade on April 20th, 2007...

Although still surprised that the now discovered 43, didn't even try to destroy her when it had the chance, Betty could feel hundreds of thoughts roaming through her head as she was walking through the school hall. Noah and Paloma, began to worry, while at the same time had also began to question Betty's puzzling and worrying. Betty responded that it was mostly because she thinks Penelope is going to start ruining her only chances with Chazz again. The 2 believe her story, as the 3 exit the school.

Noah than wishes to know, if Betty and Paloma wanted to come with him to the video Arcade, in which Paloma automatically agrees, but Betty declines stating that she promised her mother that she would help her clean.

After returning home, Betty was starting to feel more and more confidence within her heart, but she was still unsure who the pilot in the 43 was, but her thoughts were once again interrupted by her bracelet, which she answers, only to find Admiral DeGill, who refers to her, that the Crusade was working and that the mysterious ship has no where to land or get repaired, he than states that sooner or later the pilot of the mysterious vessel would have to land for repairs or fuel, but he was still unsure that the conditions were changed yet.

After his brief announcement to Atomic Betty, Admiral DeGill hung up, revealing that she is no longer needed her for a mission, but just wanted to let her know and keep her up to date on the whereabouts of the Mysterious ship and The Galactic Guardian Crusade. No one knows it yet, but it is the beginning of the end for the 43.

Final Duel over Sar Mountain

While in her Swimsuit, Betty was at the beach with Noah and his parents, where the 2 were shown laughing and splashing one another, their happy time in the water is interrupted when her Bracelet starts to ring once more, forcing her to make up an excuse for Noah again, this time stating that she has to get something out of the Girls Locker room.

Before Noah could say anything, Betty was already out of the water and running towards the Girls Locker room leaving him puzzled.

While in the locker room, Betty answered her call, revealing it this time to be Sparky. Sparky tells her that him and X-5 were doing a little more patrolling while she was on Earth and state, that the 43 is heading towards planet Norsan, where the unknown pilot maybe desperate for repairing the vessel, and was asked to accompany them in finally bringing down the Mysterious pilot once and for all. Betty agreed to the mission and was beamed back aboard her ship where she leaped back into her captain's seat, and ordered X-5 to plant a course for Norsan, where not long afterwards, the Cruiser enters Hyperspace and enters the Da quadrant, where Norsan was located.

From right there, Betty could see the 43, just entering the atmosphere, at fast speed. Now confident after seeing how bad the damage to the 43 was since 4 weeks ago, was now determined to finally bring down the Mysterious ship and find out who is aboard.

It wasn't long before Betty ordered Sparky after the ship in which her cruiser raced towards Norsan, and entered the Atmosphere secondly in pursuit of the 43.

While entering the Atmosphere, X-5 had finally managed to get a break through on the 43, revealing major weak points on both the engines of the ship, and the damaged wings. This change of events would boost Betty's confidence even more, as she knew that the end of the Galactic Guardian Crusade was near.

After reaching the surface of the planet the chase begins, this time with Atomic Betty's new technology in jamming her Starships appearance. The Chase lasts for just a minute from the skies above villages and somewhere mountainous, as mountains can be seen in the area.

After reaching close enough, Atomic Betty ordered X-5 to deactivate the Jamming Signal, and before she knew it, the 43 raced at fast speed ahead, and the chase intensified.

The 43 and Betty's star ship raced in a straight line through the hills, over small Villages below, just as soon as Sparky got close enough to the ship, Atomic Betty ordered him to shoot the engines, in which he did, despite taking several shots in order to do it, Sparky had managed to finally destroy the 43's 2 rear engines finally causing a great deal of damage to the ship and causing a fire to erupt on the rear. The 43, than shut down its engines and relied on it's elevation engines on the bottom of the starship and its sides slowly turning around until it faced Betty's cruiser. While still fleeing her ship while in reverse using the thrusters to accelerate, the 43, had attempted to shoot Betty's ship out of the sky,  but all attempts failed due to Sparky easily being able to maneuver passed the focus blasts, due to Atomic Betty's ship getting a much faster and more maneuverable upgrade.

In one counter attack, Sparky fired the ships blaster attempting to aim for the cockpit, the 43 despite dodging most of the shots, was eventually pierced in the front right side leaving a large hole. It wasn't long before the ship started to wobble while still in reverse, with the nose moving up and down and sideways,revealing that Sparky might have got the Pilot.

The 43, however managed to regain its Altitude once again and attempted to charge attack Betty's ship, but missed multiple times, even while firing the Death Cutters. After returning to it's position in front of Betty's Star ship, the 43's tail accidently struck a rock causing it to twirl out of control.

Final Showdown

Atomic Betty and her crew Invade the crashed 43, surprised on the way the ship looks, and lack of color, Mega is shown on the ground shutdown from Battle damage, and was taken into incarceration afterwards on April 22nd, 2007...

and a scrape from the lower hills caused the ship to catch fire, Seeing this as an opportunity to finally bring down the 43 once and for all, Betty orders the second Emp Strike launched, with that said and done X-5 launched the last Missile and despite several attempts to shoot it down with the Death Cutters, the 43 was struck on the side revealing a large electronic Explosion, causing the now Firey ship to crash down hard against the hills below.

Betty and her crew celebrated after finally bringing down the mysterious ship, her Cruiser slowly landed near the 43's crash site, and her and Sparky entered the ship's wreckage. Only to find a severely damaged android, on the ground.

The tag on the back read Mega. Remembering that this Mega pilot kept her alive at Mobrus 4 weeks ago, Betty ordered, Sparky and X-5 to take the mysterious man looking Android, and bring him back to Galactic Guardian Head Quarters, for arrests.

The Galactic Crusade Ends

The trio than leave Norsan, with the 43, towed behind, After arriving Mega was trapped on a Holographic Frozen prison, where he could no longer move, but was instead hovering while slowly rotating in the air. The 43, was inside a Galactic Guardian Hanger where hundreds of scientist were trying to crack the code on the ship's existence, it was from here that the Galactic Guardians knew the name of the ship as it being the Moral Raider 43, but were shocked after learning that the vessel was 83 years old.

Following the final engagement at Norsan, the Galactic Crusade finally came to an end after 6 weeks of trying to catch Mega and the 43. Betty was offered a promotion to major, but she declined stating that even though she hardly knew Mega, he was a great challenge and a lot of fun to chase after.


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