The Galactic Crusade
Published: 2014
Created By: 2091riveraisrael
  • Deviant Art
  • Atomic Betty Fanon Wikia
  • Completed...
Art By: Meowjar
Genre: Action/Drama

Galactic Crusade was a 6 Chapter Fanfiction created by 2091riveraisrael in March of 2014, featuring Atomic Betty's encounter with Mega Jerora Roran of the PROJECT's Galactic Era, and how her and her crew were able to finally bring down the Android Soul Walker after 6 weeks of hunting and chasing.

The events of Galactic Crusade took place roughly 1 year before the events of the Star Conflict in the year 2007, while Higher Guardian! the main 2009 predecessor of the Galactic Crusade took place in 2008.


  • Atomic Betty
  • X-5
  • Sparky
  • Admiral DeGill
  • Noah Parker
  • Mega Jerora Roran (Seen in the End)
  • Miera 43
  • Maximus IQ



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