The Danger of Panthers is a lead up to the 4th episode of Atomic Betty II and is set before Halloween Night.


During a trip to the forests of Canada, mysterious panther sightings were heard. Meanwhile, Minimus, believing in panthers, suspects that werepanthers had come to existence and had bitten both Maximus and Nemesis. Later, Betty gets bitten by a panther, though her friends insist that it was an ordinary cat. However, what none would know is that not only would Minimus be right, but also, he with Ling Ling and the guardians must team up to save Betty, Maximus, and Nemesis from the curse, or they would be panthers forever.


  • Antagonists: Mori (Original Character)
  • This is the episode that marks that both Nemesis and Ling Ling actually find out about Paloma's identity.
  • It's also one of the few Atomic Betty II stories that's also only found as an NC-17 novel format.
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