The Corpus Christi Mutiny! is an episode of The Alliance of Super Girls fan series. It's a Season 3 episode involving the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses fighting one another when Kristy Kold stages a mutiny to regain leadership of the team, while Margo and those members loyal to her fight back. This episode is part of the 3-part series finale, and features the return of Pandora in the end.


After Margo finally discovers the location of the sapphire that turned her into Dark Margo, she, Agnes and Edith oversee the construction of a spaceship that will take them to the destination-the dojo of Spindly Tam Kanukshu. Margo then holds what appears to be the final meeting of the Anti-Alliance to tell them that the team that will cease. In its place, Margo says, that all the members will be her leutenents in her new order when she becomes Dark Margo again. Unknown to the team, Penelope Lang and her two friends, Megan and Sarah, peek through the windows to see what's going on as they were on their way to Mr. Lang's yaht. However after Margo finishes the meeting, she launches the newly built ship, making Penelope, Megan, and Sarah unattended stowaways!

Kristy, locked in a cell in the now flying HQ/Ship, notices HER hearquarters moving. One member of the Anti-Alliance, Kopy-Kate, decides to free Kristy from her sell. She told the ex-leader of the Anti-Alliance that a group of Anti-Alliance members were fed up with Margo. Later when Margo and the other members were in hyperspace, heading to the dojo, Kristy barnged in the control room, demanding Margo to return to Earth. Margo refuses, and she sends those who are loyal to Margo to battle Kristy's mutineers in a battle to retake the Anti-Alliance. Numberous Anti-Alliance members loyal to Margo (Koreena, Auntie Matter, Ember McLain, etc) squared off against Kristy's mutineers (Mesmerilla, Kopy-Kate, Penelope Spectra, and others) in an evenly matched brawl. Penelope and her friends, still stuck in the ship, watch the ensuring fight, thinking it's just a set for a movie. Even Agnes, Edith, and the Minions get involved in the fracas, with Agnes taking down Spectra, and Edith overcoming being put in mind control by Mesmerilla after Margo breaks her hold with a box of Toffe Tots cookies.

While the Anti-Alliance factions battled it out with each other, Kristy gives chase to Margo as she tries to kill her. Kristy even went on to bash Margo's handling of the team, even resorting to bring up her past before she was adopted by Gru, as well as calling her a "stray". Margo, fueled by anger and supressed rage over her treatment of her and her sisters at the hands of Miss Hattie, charged at Kristy, beating her up, Kristy did the same as well. Kristy tried to freeze her, but her ice gun was jammed. She resorted to hypnotise Margo with a divice she had on her belt containing Mesmerilla's hypno-powers, but Margo came prepared with a belt that Gru and Dr. Nefario created for her, using it to absorb and deflect any metahuman powers back at their attackers. The hypnosis hit Kristy, as she's now under Margo's control. After making Kristy proclaim her as master, Margo commanded Kristy to walk over to a escape hatch. After the effects wore off, Kristy was enraged, screaming at the former orphan girl that she should "been left rotting at Miss Hattie's" rather than being in the Anti-Alliance. With one final goodbye, and saying that things could gone the other way (with Kristy saying that things really could have, but Margo said no, but why speak ill of the dead), Margo, Agnes, and Edith launched Kristy into space, with Kristy warning the sisters that she'll get out of this, before being drifted into space.

With the mutiny crushed, Margo questioned the mutineers why she would want them to live. Without question, and the fact they don't want to end up like Kristy, they bowed to her, and Margo spared their lives. Koreena then told Margo that they arrived at Spindly Tam's dojo. Margo sent Ember, Edith, Koreena, Lacey Loveless, and a couple of Minions to acompany her to barge in the dojo to steal the box that contains the sapphire. Spindly Tam warned Margo not to take the box and open it, because she could cause grave danger. However, Margo ignored the warning, and had Ember hit him with her guitar. Margo then commanded the Minions and the Anti-Alliance to use a machine that'll open the box, since the key that opens it is presumed lost. As Margo was about to command the Minions to start the switch, time stopped. A robed being known as Clockwork warned Margo that her actions will result in grave danger, like Spindly Tam warned her before. Margo scoffs at this, telling the Keeper of Time that she's about to be a goddess. He told her that she doesn't know what a goddess is. Margo also told him that he can have this power but ie he doesn't, she told him to get lost. Clockwork told her that she'll regret her decision, then time resumes. The Minions flip the switch, activating the machine. The box opens and Margo tells everyone to prepare to meet their new lord and master, Dark Margo. But, Margo was half right, their new lord and master was not Margo's dark half, but instead a force more eviler than Dark Margo-Pandora!

Pandora thanked Margo and the Anti-Alliance for freeing her from her prison inside the box. Although she'll destroy Earth slowly, she told the Anti-Alliance that she'll grant them a quick and painless death. With that, she disappeared, blowing up the ship, and its contents inside. As it turns out, Pandora had absorbed the powers of the sapphire. Meanwhile in the planet Sharbena, mourners of Queen Golgotha gathered to plan to take control of the planet, as it turns out that Queen Golgotha died from grief over the loss she suffered at the end of Takes One to Know One. The loyalists pledged to avenge the death of their fallen queen, until Pandora arrived, and the loyalists bowed to her. One of them asked what will be her plan. She told them that she plans to make Paloma and Atomic Betty pay, by planning a full-scale invasion of Earth! One of them tells her that that would violate the order that the Galactic Guardians upholds, she then replied that the Guardians would be next.

Later in Alliance HQ, Sparky was telling the Main 4 that someone wanted to see them. Betty and Casey rushed outside to see all the member of the Anti-Alliance, alive and well. Jessie asked them what do they want, and Margo replied with 4 words, "We have a problem."

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