The Alliance of Super Girls is a series about the Corpus Christi-based superheroine team, The Alliance of Super Girls. It's based on several MSN Role Plays started by Urvy Jaramillo (creator of several characters) and a friend. These stories are inspired by the classic Filmation cartoons about characters from DC Comics titles, as well as the 1992-2006 DC Comics Animated Universe, as well as the 1973-1985 SuperFriends cartoons.

The series will be rated TV-Y7 FV for stylized superhero action and some frantic humor.


The series is about the heroine team, The Alliance of Super Girls, and their efforts to fight the forces of evil throughout the city of Corpus Christi, the state of Texas, the United States, the whole planet, and the entire galaxy. In the beginning, there's only 4 members, however as the series progresses, the team expands to have more members because of the growing threat of the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses supervillainess team. Atomic Betty is among the co-founders of the team, and a great amount of her villains that she faced will appear in the series, only this time, she and the Alliance will battle them.

Fictional Voice CastEdit

  • Hynden Walch-Casey Quickster/Casey Ellen Rogers, Cassie The Reverse Quickster, Franny Freeze/Franny Philips, various
  • Anna-Sophia Robb-Jessie Jetter/Jessie Andrews, Dani Phantom/Danielle "Dani" Fenton
  • Sarah Vowell-Violet Parr
  • Tajja Isen-Atomic Betty/Betty Barett, Betty Clones
  • Janice Kawaye-Golden Mermaid/Princess Lorelai/Lori Michaels, Electrica/Michelle "Michi" Tanaka, XJ-9/Jenny Wakeman, various
  • Crystal Scales-Sorcher/Leslie Maxwell, various
  • Candi Milo-Alice Mallet/Allison Rosilynn Barbarino, Angelique/Angelina Guerrero, Dr. Nora Wakeman, various
  • Tara Strong-Kristy Kold/Kristy Beaumont, Ember McLain, Penelope Spectra, Bonnie Bowgirl/Bonnie Carpenter, various
  • Mae Whitman-Lacey Loveless/Lacey Scott, Agatha The Great/Agatha Veight, various


The following characters will help out and ally themselves with the Alliance to battle villains:

  • Noah Parker (Laurie Elliott)-Betty's best friend/Galactic Guardian cadet. He helps Betty and the Alliance to deal with many Guardian foes.
  • Paloma (Alexandra Lai)-Betty's friend who has the ability to shapeshift into any creature, she returns to Earth to lend the Alliance a helping hand.
  • Dash Parr (Spencer Fox)-Violet's kid brother with super speed, he aids the Alliance in times of need, and has a crush on Casey.
  • Danny Phantom/Danny Fenton (David Kaufman)-The Half-Human, Half-Ghost (or halfa) teen hero. He comes to aid Dani and the Alliance whenever his enemies show up.
  • Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and Elastgirl (EG Daily)-The parents of both Violet and Dash, they gave Violet their blessing to join the Alliance. They also assist them when needed.
  • Galactic Guardians-The organization that Betty belongs to, they work close with the Alliance on certain cases when Betty needs them.


Al around the series, the team will do battle with their respective enemies. Either solo enemies or enemies that belong to the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses in each story.

Anti-Alliance Members:Edit

  • Margo Despicable -The adopted daughter of Gru, she first encountered the Alliance before she took over leadership of the Anti-Alliance. After she lost the sapphire that transformed herself into Dark Margo, she takes over leadership of the Anti-Alliance. She's voiced by Miranda Cosgrove.
  • Edith Despicable -The middle sister of Margo and Gru's adopted middle child. She's considered the troublemaker of the trio.


The following section describes the episodes in this series. Some eps are in 2 parts or more. Specials are in their own separate section of the article.

Season 1Edit

  • The Birth of The Alliance!- When Kristy Kold is busted out of juvinile hall by Lacey Loveless, Casey Quickster and Jessie Jetter find out that they had outside help from 2 other villainesses. Not only they have to find help in the form of Atomic Betty (and later, Violet Parr), but to stop the 4 villainesses once and for all.
  • Moving Day!- After their 1st victory as a team, the Alliance needs to find a way to build a high-tech headquarters after getting sick and tired of moving from one place to another, such as being in Jessie's basement, Beatrixo's barn, and so on.
  • Under The Lash!- The Alliance are dealing with a rash of thefts around Corpus Christi, they all pinpoint to a very sadistic criminal mastermind-Madamne Lash, a supervillain whose main weapons are varius whips! After Betty, Casey and Vi are kidnapped by Lash, it's up to Jessie to free her friends from being tortured in Lash's dungeon, by fighting Lash in a whip fight!
  • Casey and The Mermaid- During a picnic on the beach, Casey and the others discover a beached mermaid princess. However, the young mermaid takes the Alliance prisoner when she falsley accusing them of dumping trash into her kingdom, when it was Kristy who's doing it. The girls must convince Princess Lori that they're not guilty.
  • Power Swap!- An electrical surge during a thunderstorm causes a devivce that Dr. Rogers was working on to short circit and hit the Alliance, giving Jessie and Betty Casey and Violet's superpowers!
  • Quack is Whack!- Corpus Christi is picked to be the official site for the 34th annual duck lovers expo, and Casey decides to attend it with her pet duck/sidekick Quacky. However also attending is Betty's feared nemesis-Maximus IQ!
  • The Anti-Alliance!- Having tired of being beaten by the Alliance several times, Kristy and Lacey and other villains decided to not only form the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses, but to have a villain membership drive! Part 1 of a 2 part story.
  • Growth of The Alliance!- In response to the formation and growth of the Anti-Alliance, the Alliance decided to start a membership drive of their own to combat this threat. Part 2 of 2.
  • Allance Orientation Video- A sendoff of various training videos in the workforce, this "guide" shows newbie Alliance members the dos-and-don'ts on how to be part of the Alliance of Super Girls.
  • Mirror Mirror- While looking around in a junk pile, Casey and Betty find a seemily damaged device, but it activates and sends the Alliance to an alternate world, where The Alliance are the Villains known as The Alliance of Crime Gals and their arch nemesis, The Anti-Alliance of Justice Girls!
  • The Day Off!- With both sides deciding to take a break from heroics and villainy, both the Alliance and the Anti-Alliance try to avoid one another around the town.
  • No Zoo For You!- A trip to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville goes awry when Infantor decides to let loose several animals, causing the Alliance to get backup from The Galactic Guardians and Violet's folks-The Incredibles!
  • Box Office Crash!- When Betty and Noah take Casey and Violet to see a new movie, the same movie is hypnotizing its viewers to thrash the theater, and then downtown Corpus Christi! Turns out the new movie was a front for a scheme caused by the enemy of Danny Phantom, Ember McLain!
  • A Visit From Paloma- After leaving Earth during the events of the Atomic Betty episode, No Space Like Home, an old friend decides to pay a visit to Betty, Paloma! But, will Paloma support Betty and The Alliance, or will the Anti-Alliance exploit her incredible powers for criminal gain?
  • The Anti-Cliffhanger Show!- The season ends in a big battle between both the Alliance and Anti-Alliance, and it's all for the prize in one of Casey's favorite treats! The 1st season finale.

Season 2Edit

  • The Arrival- After astronauts discovered 3 capsoles in space, they are brought back to Earth to be examined. However, inside those capsules are 3 alien princesses, and they don't seem to be friendly... Part 1 of 2.
  • The Hostile Takeover of The Anti-Alliance!- Aftier their 1st victory (and later, their 1st defeat to) against the Alliance, the 3 alien princesses, dubbed the Terror Triplets, seek to take over the failing Anti-Alliance! Part 2 of 2.
  • Tree Time for One!- After being disturbed by several factors in Alliance HQ, Betty decided to build a treehouse to seek solice. But, the other Alliance members want to use the secret treehouse as well!
  • Tuned Out!- While Sparky loses some AA batteries for the remote, he resorts into grabbing Casey's dad's untested all-in-1 remote. The concenquence? Sparky, Betty, Dani, and Casey end up on TV, hilarity ensures!
  • Pile-Driven!- Jessie invites Casey, Dani, Alice, Betty, and Noah to see Jessie's favorite female wrestler, Becky Blaze in action. But when Becky's tag team partner is taken out by an accidental slip on a wet floor, Jessie was chosen by Becky to be her NEW tag team partner-against The Slam-Azons!
  • The Yolks On You!- A rare jewelled egg is on display at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. The Anti-Alliance has to steal it in order to complete a spaceship for the Terror Triplets to seek their missing older twin sisters, but the Alliance must stop them from stealing the egg!
  • Reunion of Evil!- After defeating Maximus IQ from raiding a duck collector's show in Moosejaw Heights, the Alliance discovered that while they're away, the Anti-Alliance was missing! Turns out that the Terror Triplets have taken the Anti-Alliance into space to reunite with their missing twin sisters...
  • Live Free or Diary Hard!]]- Dani discovers Betty's misplaced diary which contained secrets about her thinking about being with either Noah or Chaz Lang. This prompts a very interesting chase around the HQ!
  • Foodemonium!- Dr. Cerebal has created a highly addictive snack treat to make the Alliance turn fat! It's up to Betty and Jessie (whom is a very sporty and physical girl herself) to slim down the Alliance and stop Cerebal's plan!
  • Reserves on The March!- When Nuclea puts up a huge fight puts The Main 4 on the sidelines, the reserve members take the reigns of leading the Alliance. Things sounded easy at first, until a rematch with Nuclea happens...
  • Hero-Con!- The largest comic book convention in all of Corpus Christi makes the Alliance the guests of honor! But when the Anti-Alliance decides to crash things, thigs get really confusing as most of the fans are dressed as Alliance members!
  • Last Stand of The Evil Sisters! Part 1- Fed up with the many losses that the Anti-Alliance suffered, The Terror Triplets and their older sisters, the Twin Tyrants, plan a full scale invasion of Corpus Christi! This prompt The Alliance to unite with allies such as the Guardians, The Patrol, and The Incredibles to fend off! Part 1 of 2.
  • Last Stand of The Evil Sisters! Part 2- Following their crushing defeat at the hands of the Alliance, the Anti-Alliance falls into disaray, until a message to the princesses told them that their mother was sent to prison. The princesses have to leave Earth to surrender as well so they can be with her, this give Kristy a chance to reclaim her top spot as leader. Part 2 of 2, season finale.

Season 3Edit

  • Enter Nemesis- A mysterious figure is framing Betty and this time it wasn't the Betty Clones' doings. Also, why is the Anti-Alliance in fear of this new enemy that has been named Nemesis? Part 1 of 2
  • Destiny Calls- The Alliance, believing Betty's innocence, starts to question who Nemesis is until both sides meet up with the dark feline. Things get bad to worse when it turns out that this would be one foe even Betty cannot beat so easily and what's even worse's revealed she works for Maximus! Part 2 of 2
  • Camp Classic- After the ordeal with Nemisis, the team decides to go on a camping trip to Big Bend National Park. However, Casey becomes paranoid as she sees different things, from UFOs to Bigfoot!
  • Gimmie Shelter!- Tired of the abuse that Maximus lays on him, Minimus is given shelter at Alliance HQ. But Dani is skeptical about this, not to mention, Maximus is sinking in a deep depression-he has no minion to boss around!
  • Despicable Takeover! Part 1- Kristy has been enjoying her life after regaining leadership of the Anti-Alliance, but the winds of change are about to blow, as 3 adopted girls enter the picture. But the most interesting thing about this-the girls are the adoptees of the super villain Gru! Part 1 of 2.
  • Despicable Takeover! Part 2- With Margo, Agnes, and Edith in charge, the Anti-Alliance is changing. From getting rid of some members that don't fit in to hiring fresh faces, the new Anti-Alliance is deadlier than ever! Part 2 of 2.
  • Underminer's Revenge!- The Underminer makes a comeback and plans to drag the entire city under. However, his idea has been stolen by the Anti-Alliance, prompting him to have revenge!
  • Bettys on Parade!- What's this? 5 Bettys? That's right, not only the Betty Clones returned, but Robo-Betty decides to come to visit the real deal! But when Margo captures Sparky and X-5, only the Alliance and the multiple Bettys can save them from interrigation!
  • Fear of A Unicorn Planet!- Several horses are reported missing from all over Texas and Canada, even affecting Beatrixo's farm. The Alliance discovers it was the Anti-Alliance's work, and the plan is to turn all the captured horses into unicorns-for Agnes!
  • Regeena and The Secret!- Regeena Peterson is visiting from Moosejaw Heights to see Betty on vacation. But, she accidentally stumbles upon Alliance HQ, and discovers Betty's secret! What's worse, Margo sends the Anti-Alliance to kidnap her and lure Betty into a trap to force her to tell the location of the sapphire!
  • Kristy Kold, Ex-Leader- Tired of letting Margo hog the spotlight, Kristy decides to lead the Anti-Alliance in a heist as a way to get back to the old days. But when The Alliance finds out and battles the villainesses, it'll be Kristy who'll pay the consequence when Margo returns from her ballet recital.
  • Hearts on Fire!- When Noah and Chaz Lang write love letters to Betty, Betty is torn between both of them. However, Margo uses this as a plan to get information about the sapphire's location, and force the two boys to battle for Betty's heart!
  • Kitty Crushes!- As the Alliance and Anti-Alliance are on their vacations, Betty and her friends gets a call from Nemesis, though this time, it's not a fight she must deal with, but something far bigger: helping Nemesis confess her feelings for Maximus!
  • iLa Alianza De Super Ninas En El Restruante Mexicano!- It is Casey's birthday, and the Alliance as a whole decide to go to the hottest Mexican resturant in Corpus Christi! But when the Mariachi band fails to show up, The Main 4 have to do the unthinkable-be a substitute Mariachi Band!
  • Acting Up!- Golden Mermaid, Noah, Dani, and Lila have been reported missing after they battled Edith and other Anti-Alliance members. Turns out that they're abducted by Barker, and it's up to the Main 4, June, and Soccer Lass to infiltrate Barker's latest galactic circus to free them!
  • My Cousin The Superheroine- The Alliance is about to pay a visit from Casey's 8-year old cousin, also named Casey. But to everyone's surprise, the younger Casey has the same powers and abilities as the elder Casey, calling herself Lil' Quickster! Lil' Q tried to prove herself as her own hero, but when Edith kidnaps her and brings her to the other Anti-Alliance members, it's up to Casey to save her little cousin.
  • Boys' Night Out!- When the Alliance is away on a mission in Japan, Noah, Dash, Sparky, and X-5 are in charge to battle The Scribe, Dr. Battery, Bomb Voyage and Technus!
  • Margo's Master Plan!- After breaking into Galactic Guardian HQ, Margo, The Minions, and The Anti-Alliance steal plans to find the sapphire. In one of those plans is a map to find the location of the hiding place! Prequel to the final episode.
  • The Discovery!- The Alliance investigates the Anti-Alliance's recent rash of robberies and burglaries of various locations, it turns out that the Anti-Alliance is stealing special equipment to build a ship to the location of the sapphire-Spindly Tam's Dojo! Part 1 of 3.
  • The Corpus Christi Mutiny!- As Margo builds the parts she stole into a spaceship, Kristy plans a mutiny to retake leadership of the Anti-Alliance. After the final meeting of the team takes place, Kristy leads a pack of Anti-Alliance members who are fed up with Margo's obsession with finding the sapphire by staging a mutiny! However, Margo also leads a pack of her own, Anti-Alliance members who are loyal to her to fight off the mutineers, all in which Penelope Lang watches in curiosity! After the mutiny ended, Margo finally finds the box that contains the sapphire, but as she tries to release it, she also released an even greater evil-Pandora! Part 2 of 3.
  • Alliances United!- After she unwillingly released Pandora from her prison, Margo and the Anti-Alliance returned to Earth to warn the Alliance of the impending Golgothian invasion as part of Pandora's revenge against Betty for her defeat in Takes One to Know One. Betty and the other decide to hold a truce and UNITE both The Alliance and the Anti-Alliance, along with all their allies and enemies, to repel the Golgothians and defeat Pandora once and for all! Part 3 of 3, the series finale.


  • Worlds Collide! (Takes place after Ep 12 of ABII)/Lemonade Stand and Deliver. - A crossover with Atomic Betty II , The Alliance discovers a gateway to another world, the world of Atomic Betty II! However, it is because of the Pastmaster that the gateway has appeared as he plans to find the Anti-Alliance and ensure that they'd be his new disciples, though it may be harder to get out than get in. What can the Alliance, the Guardians, and the Swat Kats do about it? In "Lemonade Stand and Deliver" (a side story taking place during Worlds Collide!), Dani, Agatha The Great, Angelique, and Bonnie Bowgirl compete with the other Alliance members to see who can sell more lemonade before the Main 4 get back. The only Atomic Betty II characters that appear in the story are Betty, Sparky, X-5, Noah, Chazz, DeGill, Regeena, T-Bone, Razor, and the Pastmaster. Everyone else from Atomic Betty II will not appear in either stories.
  • Darkest Side of The Night- A Despicable Me fanfic, this story tells how Margo gained a sapphire as a birthday present. She slowly becomes a different girl, creating an alter ego known as Dark Margo. Gru, fearing that Margo has lost her mind and becoming eviler, has no choice to call on the Alliance of Super Girls to stop her. While it's mostly a DM fanfic, this story is crucial to the development of Season 3 of ASG, and the fact the Alliance is in the story.
  • Message from Space!- A One-Shot DM aftermath story, after Margo recovers from her destructive state as Dark Margo, she and her sisters get a message from the Terror Triplets and the Twin Tyrants to come to Corpus Christi and take over the Anti-Alliance. Prequel to Season 3's premiere.
  • Twin Geeks!- In a sendoff/tribute to the 1990's TV show, 'Twin Peaks', Noah falls asleep while watching streamed episodes of Twin Peaks, and has a dream about being special agent Noah Cooper investigating the death of Penelope Lang, while various Alliance members and Anti-Alliance members playing the townsfolk of Twin Geeks, Washington.
  • Worlds Collide! II (Takes place after Season 1 Finale of ABII)/KALI - Once more, the AB II universe door opens up. Still having to deal with now in the community service with the Guardians and Swat Kats, Maximus and Nemesis (of the AB II universe) have a hard time fitting in, though when Max Sr. Sr. makes a deal with the Anti-Alliance that involves bringing forth demons from an alternate world, it may mean more trouble than it's worth. How will the Guardians and the Alliance deal with this mess? In "KALI", those who stayed behind during these events decide to start their own radio station, but the results would end up in a disaster in a comical fashion.
  • Worlds Collide! III: Crisis of Multiple Alliances!/Know Your Alliances: Yet again, the AB II universe (which takes place after Season 2) enters the Alliance universe for the final time. However this time around, the Pastmaster, demons, Metallicats, Max Sr. Sr., and all the other usual major villains won't be involved. Instead, multiple Alliances from Multiple Earths enter The Alliance's Earth. Some of these Alliances are evil, including The Alliance of Crime Gals! Now, it's up to the Alliance, the AB II characters, and those Alliances from other worlds that are good (such as The Alliance of Cave Girls, The Alliance of Cowgirls, Ye Alliance of Sea Lasses, etc) to stop them in a battle to save multiple Earths! The final installment of the Worlds Collide! Trilogy and the actual series finale of the Alliance series. In "Know Your Alliances", in a parody of various educational films, this "film" goes over the different Alliances and different Earths from which they came from.
  • The Alliance Presents: The Alliance Halloween Scarathon!- Join Gwen Tennyson (from Ben 10), as she is your host for 5 Halloween-themed horror stories involving The Allance. Stories will include "Haunted HQ", "The Headless Galactic Guardian", "The Violet Who Woudn't Die", "Trick or Treat Tussle", and "Mega-Pumpkin".


  • Some of the episodes have a "!" mark at the end of their title, although there are exceptions.
  • The leadership of the Anti-Alliance will change from season to season.
  • A Despicable Me fanfic, Darkest Side of The Night, takes place between Seasons 2 and 3, making this fic a prequel to Season 3.
  • Some of the titles are references to popular films and shows, Lemonade Stand and Deliver is a take on the title of the 1987 film, Stand and Deliver, while No Zoo For You! is a reference to the catchphrase of Seinfeld character, The Soup Nazi.
  • Confirmed Atomic Betty foes to appear so far are: Icilila, Auntie Matter, Infantor, The Scribe, Nuclea, Maximus IQ, Nemesis AS, The Chamelion, and Koreena.
  • Confirmed Atomic Betty friends and allies to appear so far are: Noah Parker, Paloma, Admiral DeGill, Beatrixo, Spindly Tam, the Galactic Guardians, Regeena, Chaz Lang, Robo-Betty, and the Betty Clones.