The Alliance of Super Girls

The Alliance of Super Girls is a team of young superheroines that opperate in the island city of Corpus Christi, Texas. Atomic Betty is a founding member of the team, which consists of Casey Quickster, Violet Parr (from The Incredibles), and Jessie Jetter, a rival turned friend who is part of another interplanetary police force herself.


The Alliance of Super Girls

The Alliance of Super Girls




May 2006

Base of Operations

Corpus Christi, Texas USA



Key People

Atomic Betty Casey Quickster Jessie Jetter Violet Parr


The Alliance began right after Atomic Betty 1st met Jessie Jetter, an Intergalactic Patroller from the Intergalactic Patrol, an organization with the same goals and ideals as the Galactic Guardians. After the two fought over the same criminal they're assigned to capture by their separate commanding officers, the girls decided to work together to bring the criminal down and capture him. After that, the two girls got to know each other and respected one another after becoming friends. Betty then told Jessie that if she ever needed her help again someday, she told Jessie, "Call me up, I'm your girl."

A month has passed after that ordeal, and Jessie Jetter was busy helping a fellow heroine, a young speedster by the name of Casey Quickster, by trying to defeat their noted enemies, Kristy Kold (a once-popular girl enraged by the arrival of Casey Quickster) and Lacey Loveless (a former Patroller herself who became obsessed with her twisted view of law and order that made her power hungry.) However the tide turned against the child superheroes when the two villainesses brought in help from Iciclia (one of Betty's many enemies) and Lady Lightbug (an enemy of Mr. Incredible) to subdue the two. Out of desperation, Jessie had to contact Betty, whom arrived with Sparky and X-5 and she found out that Iciclia had escaped from prison.

With that, Betty helped out by pushing back the four supervillaineses, however, they're still outnumbered. Just as things were starting to turn from bad to worse, a mysterious, cloaked figure in a trenchcoat protected the 3 heroines from a shameful defeat. The person reveals itself to be Violet Parr, the teenage daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. With all 4 heroines united as one, the girls managed to defeat the vile villainesses with their known weaknesses, and finally arrested the villainesses. This was a critical victory for the quartet, as they introduced themselves to one another. Betty decided to return to Moose Jaw Heights to resume solo duty as a Guardian with Sparky and X-5, until she had a second thought.

Her second thought was that there is evil around the world, not just the galaxy or in one city. Betty proposed that they unite as a faction to help stop the forces of evil, wherever they go, and spread peace and justice throughout the country, the world, and the galaxy. Casey decided to call this new team, "The Alliance of Super Girls", because she thought it's a catchy name, the others agreed, though Betty at first thought the name was too cheesy. With that, Betty had to become a dual citizen (since Betty is from Canada, thus, she has to apply for US citizenship) in order to be part of the team. With help from Dr. Norbert Rogers (the father of Casey Quickster), they constructed a high-tech headquarters for them to meet at, and not to mention, letting other young heroines from all over the country join the team to battle crime and evil as one.

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