The Alliance Presents: The Alliance Halloween Scarathon! is the 1st ever Alliance of Super Girls holiday special. It focuses on five Halloween-themed stories featuring members of the Alliance, all whom are told by Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 (though she's not an Alliance member, she was paid by Betty to host this special).

Haunted HQ

Haunted HQ is the 1st story in this special, it's about how Alliance HQ is built under a Native American burial ground. Strange things began to occur within the HQ, such as bleeding walls, levitating equipment, flickering lights, and pueblos in the backyard. Things really get spooky when ghosts of the Indians popped out and started messing with the equipment. Dani has no choice but to not only fight them, but send them to another part of Corpus Christi where they can be in piece, not to mention, enjoy some tasty Buffalo Jerky as a token of Dani's goodwill.

The Headless Galactic Guardian

The story begins with the funeral for Betty, she accidently cuts off her head while returning from a mission. Many of Betty's villains celebrated Betty's passing, until Maximus tells the other Betty villains that he saw a headless ghost chasing The Chamelion while the ghost holds its head like a Pumpkin. It turns out that every villains was being chased by Betty's headless ghost, with the body holding Betty's head. One by one, every villain turned themselves in out of fear, but most villains think that Maximus was crazy, until they're chased by the headless Betty Ghost...

The Violet That Woudn't Die

Violet was killed in action by the Anti-Alliance. However instead of dumping her body on the beach, they dumped her in a forbidden cemetary. After the burrial. the Anti-Alliance discover that most of their members are missing. As it turns out, Violet was revived by the cemetary with it's evil magic, making her a reanimated corpse. One by one, the Anti-Alliance are dropping like flies, with only three members remaining. As it turned out, it's a dream. The Anti-Alliance had seen a zombie movie and ate a large pizza. After this nightmare, they decided not to go on with their plan, to rob the Metroville Bank.

Trick or Treat Tussle"

Halloween was coming, and the Alliance plan a mad-dash race to get the most candy to avoid Jessie's exercise sessions for a week. For that reason, the team has planned a race to get the most treats. The member that gets the most candy will be excused from taking part in Jessie's exercise classes for a week. This Halloween story is one of two stories that don't deal with ghosts or zombies, but ablout trick-or-treating in general.

Mega Pumpkin

The final story involves Betty trying to grow a huge pumpkin to beat Penelope in the "Giant Jack-O'-Lantern Contest" in Moosejaw Heights. She used a mixture of plant food and a alien growth formula to help her pumpkin grow. It works and Betty wins the contest, but the Jack-O'-Lantern comes to life and goes on a rampage,a nd it's up to the Alliance to stop this monster pumpkin...


  • Unlike other specials, this special is not part of Alliance canon.
  • The Headless Galactic Guardian is a parody of "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow", a famous short story written by Washington Irving, who also wrote Rip Van Winkle.
  • Gwen Tennyson is the hostess of this special, although she is not part of the Alliance, nor does she appear in other Alliance stories.
  • Though this special is outside of Alliance canon, it'll take place during the 3rd Season.
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