Quack is Whack! is an episode in The Alliance of Super Girls fanon. It is part of Season 1. The plot centers on a duck collectors' show taking place in Corpus Christi.


The International Duck Lovers Society of The Galaxy has chosen Corpus Christi as it's latest location for their 34th convention. This prompt Casey to attend the event. She also decided to take her pet duck, Quacky, with her to the event. Duck lovers from all over the world and even all over the galaxy, are gathering around to attend this event. There's even a contest to judge who has the most valuable duck collection will win a cash prize in Earth dollars. Betty, Violet, and Jessie decided to support Casey to win the prize.

Meanwhile, Maximus IQ decided to enter the contest by having his Blood Monks to carry his collection to Earth in order to get the cash prize to buy a very expensive death ray for use to destroy the underground headquarters of the Galactic Guardians. He travels to Corpus Christi to attend the convention. As each being attends the convention, they dined with each other, as well as talking about one thing-ducks.

(More later.)


  • The title is a play on the infamous "crack is whack" quote said by Whitney Houston on a 20/20 interview with Dianne Sawyer in 2002.
  • The 1st ever Alliance apperance of Maximus IQ. Casey asked Betty who he is, and she told Casey about him, and the fact that prior to the formation of the Alliance, Jessie and Betty encountered him together.
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