Penelope Lang is Betty's main rival in school. She is a rich snob, and likes to put down those who are beneath her. She has a older brother, Chaz Lang, and they do not get along. In the final episode, The Future is Now, she isn't a Guardian herself, but she lives in the Galactic Guardian Headquarters as a freeloader.

The Alliance of Super Girls

Penelope is slated to appear in The Alliance of Super Girls in a mutiny storyline between members of the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses as a curious witness.

Penelope has a role as a murder victim in the special, Twin Geeks!, a parody/homage to cult TV show, Twin Peaks playing the Laura Palmer role. She also will plan to appear in The Alliance Presents: The Alliance Halloween Scarathon! in the final story, Mega Pumpkin.

In addition to those, she'll appear at the end of another Season 3 episode, Camp Classic.

Atomic Betty II

Penelope makes an appearance in this series. However, it is unknown if she will play a major role in the series.

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