Pandora is the ultimate form of evil, she is also the twin sister of Paloma. Like Paloma, she is a shape-shifting alien who can turn to any form as she wishes. Pandora kidnapped Paloma in the Season 2 finale episode, Takes One to Know One in order to sacrifice her lifeforce to release their evil father. However, Paloma, with help from Atomic Betty and several others, defeated Pandora, and Paloma used her father's good side to defeat her and their father by sealing them inside. She hasn't been seen since that episode.

Alliance of Super Girls

Pandora will be involved in the fanon of The Alliance of Super Girls as the ultimate form of evil. In the aftermath of a mutiny between Kristy Kold's mutineers and loyalists of Margo Despicable over the state of that team. After Margo and her loyalists defeat Kristy and her mutineers, Margo then told the other Anti-Alliance members to unlock a box that contained a sapphire that made Margo become a more twisted form of herself, Dark Margo. However, they unleashed Pandora instead. This prompts Margo to have a truce with the Alliance to help defeat Pandora, who seeks revenge against Betty and Paloma and the entire Earth.

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