Created by Dr. Viper, they serve him as minions while they themselves plan to help in his creation of making a mutated city. However, as time begins passing, like their "sister" Black Mamba has, the Nemesis and Betty clones, as of the Maximus clone, begin to develop personalities of their own.

Green Nemesis Clone

She was the first one created by Dr. Viper after he had victoriously defeated not just Betty, but also the Betty Clones he killed and stole before his semi-defeat from Maximus. Created from the DNA of Nemesis, she exhibits slim personality until later where it's revealed that she is greedy and has a standard against bullying. At some point, she later gains the name Delta and a friend outside of Moosejaw named Argit, whom both harbor their own crush for one another. Her DNA mix consists of the same type of species of Argit's where she turns her hair to quills, shooting darts to knock her opponents out. She wears a green mock-up of Nemesis' gi shirt with orange pants and has green eyes. She later gets her hair redone to curly look due to not wanting to look like Nemesis so much.

Ice Blue Nemesis Clone

The youngest of the clones whom was created by Dr. Viper. Her personality does not show until later on where it's revealed that she's lonely and desperate for friends. She can be mostly seen being friends with Callie, Ling Ling, Regeena, Paloma, and Minimus. Her DNA was mixed with the powers of Iciclia, the ice witch in which she turns to ice form and freezes her opponents. She wears a yellow mock-up of Nemesis' gi shirt with ice blue pants and has ice blue eyes. She later has her hair redone in young Betty's hairstyle. Later on, she is renamed Beta.

Serpent Nemesis Clone

Named Black Mamba, she was created during an argument and fight with Dr. Viper and one of the Betty clones, whom questions his motives. Made from both the DNA of Nemesis and Viper Mutagen 368, the same mutagen that gave Viper his origin, she acts differently from the rests. For example, she is seen more clever and agile than her counterparts. Another is, aside from being part serpent, she heals quicker like Dr. Viper and has venom within her fangs when extremely provoked. She also uses her tail to snatch anything when her hands are full or when she catches one of her enemies. She is seen wearing a white labcoat with jeans with her hair cut short and attached to her head (save for three bang strands) similar to Dr. Viper's hairstyle with pupil-less yellow eyes. In human disguise form, she is known as Zeta to the citizens of Earth and Moosejaw and wears not just her labcoat, but also a black dress suit with matching heals having fake green eyes to hide her true ones.

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