Nemesis AS is the assassin whom works for Maximus IQ and despite her nature to help the good in her own way, is an enemy to all Galactic Guardians, including Atomic Betty.

Nemesis AS
Biographical Information
Name Rinoa Furlong (real name though went by Harusame before revelation)
  • Nemesis AS
  • The Assassin Samurai
  • Cat Girl
  • Nemmy
  • Ryo-chan (to Ling Ling)
  • Janet O'Malley (human disguise)
Age 20s or 30s (Same as Maximus)
Species Lynxian Cat
Gender Female
  • White long hair tied in a ponytail
  • Black fur
  • White fur on muzzle, hands to elbows, bottom legs, chest to belly, and tail tip
  • Emerald Eyes

Human Form

  • Dirty White hair
  • Green Eyes
  • Silver Gi Shirt
  • Black belt
  • Aqua Green Gi Pants
  • Restraint Crown
  • White Socks
  • Brown Sandals
  • Kitana Sword

Human Form

  • White sailor shirt
  • Red scarf
  • Green/blue skirt
  • Restraint Crown
  • White Socks
  • Brown Shoes
  • Chance Furlong/T-Bone (Father)
  • Felina Feral (Mother)
  • Commander Ulysses Feral (Great Uncle)
Romantic Interests Maximus IQ
  • Samurai Skills
  • Technology
  • Negotiations
  • Cat Claws
  • Maximus
  • Being on Earth
  • Helping People
  • Being Friends with Earthlings
  • Ling Ling
  • Her Family
  • Kikyo
  • The Swat Kats (when younger)
  • Singing
  • Speaking Japanese
  • Her Sensei
  • Darkness
  • People whom are manipulative
  • Galactic Guardians
  • People stating she's Maximus' girlfriend (despite it true)
  • Sidekicks acting stupid
  • Atomic Betty
  • Being a family to officers
  • Learning she's a Swat Kat's daughter
  • Anytime Maximus dates someone else
  • Not learning the truth until it's too late
  • Cat racism
  • Having romantic emotions bottled up
  • Being compared to Sylvester
  • Betty (Galactic Guardian form)
  • Sparky
  • X-5
  • Admiral DeGill
  • Dr. Cerebral
  • The Pastmaster
  • The Metallicats
  • Dark Kat
Home World Lynxia (Megakat City when younger)
Affiliations Maximus IQ
Allignment Either Evil or Chaotic Neutral at certain times
Japanese Seiyuu
  • Ayaka Komatsu (Julayla's fanons & uncut works)
  • Nao Takamori (TF: Unicron Chronicles, NI97Wiki, and other censored works)
English Actor
  • Kelly Sheridan (Edit in ABII, Both Versions in TF: UC, Atomic Pony X Total TransforDramers and censored works)
  • Tara Strong (Uncut in ABII, ABXTD Ft. Sujira, ABII Movie Wars Cross, & Julayla's fanon)

Atomic Betty II

Some point before Paloma's identity was revealed, a girl by the name of Janet O'Malley had taken residence in Moosejaw Heights, though her true identity, unknown to the Earthlings, especially Betty, is actually Nemesis. She made her first appearance to Atomic Betty when she with Maximus kidnapped a suppose idol lounge singer in order to fight the guardians (and having to end it early due to worrying about her new human friend).

Some time later, after finding a creature by the name of Ling Ling, she with her new sidekick were frozen by Iciclia and it isn't until after the Mission Earth canon ends that Maximus, due to a secret message sent by DeGill whom figured out her location and has mutual respect for her and Ling Ling, unfroze her, though he unwittingly unfroze one other person: The Pastmaster.

When encountered by the skeletal demon the first time, Nemesis and the others become shocked at finding out that his goal is to end the Chosen Child that would be destined to destroy himself. Later, she and others, after Maximus' cathedral is destroyed, hide out on Earth while encountering the likes of Dark Kat and Vincent Perry aka Dr. Viper. During the first time fighting Viper, he kills the Betty clones in front of their eyes and takes the blood of Nemesis and Maximus from his coat, recreating the Bettys in his own image and creating the clones of themselves (though one of them, Black Mamba, is created by accident and with the same chemical that mutated him in the first place).

Later, Maximus and Nemesis finally find Galactic Guardian HQ along with the working time machine, due to the bangoons' stupidity of leaving a warp to the HQ open. When wanting to go back in time, the Pastmaster arrives to try taking advantage, Dr. Viper with his clones plan to create their own swamp using the machine, and the Galactic Guardians try to stop them. After an adventure involving Ling Ling's past, the heroes and villains are taken to the time when Megakat City was around at a point before its disappearance.

There, Maximus and Nemesis learn the truth on her true family and heritage: Nemesis is not only the biological daughter of Felina Feral, but also the daughter of the Swat Kat, T-Bone. And not just that, but her baby self was sent to the present timeline thanks to the Pastmaster. Things get more complicated when, after the Time Machine is destroyed, it turns out the true disappearance of the Megakat City has lead them back to their present time. Nemesis, bitter about her true heritage, goes into a depression mode, especially when she learns that the humans they come to care for and the human Galactic Guardians (plus Sparky) are the same people.

Maximus, trying to comfort her, decides to take her to a little vacation spot. However, when they find out Max Sr. has broken out of prison again, the Pastmaster arrives as he intends to ensure the death of the Swat Kats and anyone closely related to the prophecy, but this time he wasn't alone. It is then that the people of Moosejaw learn of the aliens while Maximus and comrades learn the truth on what really happened to his mother: Kikyo and the unborn sister were not only alive, but have become disciples of the Pastmaster along with other foes. During the battle with them, the cats try to snap the mother and sister out of control while Dr. Viper joins the battle, claiming that only he would be the true one to take over the city and create his swamp (though this catches Koreena's eye and crush unfortunately for him). When the fight finishes, Kikyo and Maximus' sister, Mary, are finally freed from the Pastmaster's spell and reunited with the family they never got to see. Afterwards, after DeGill and the Galactic Council decide to let Moosejaw in on the alien territory (much to Maximus, Nemesis, and Betty's embarrassment and protest), she with Maximus and their own comrades no longer hold their vendetta against the Guardians as they leave to deal with their new vendetta: vengeance on the Pastmaster for ruining their lives.

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Ecto-1's Fanons

Like Maximus, she is not the main villain. However, she is said to have been trouble against the alliance, especially to Betty. And what's more, the anti-alliance has a thing against the likes of them. Aside from being mentioned, it is confirmed that, like the AB II Maximus, the AB II Nemesis will not appear within this series' first crossover special (due to her depression which the crossover takes place before ep 13). Her Alliance version, however, is confirmed to appear in the future. She first appears in the 2 part Season 3 premiere when she frames Betty and later fights both the Alliance and Anti-Alliance. In the episode focused on Minimus, Gimmie Shelter!, Nemesis visits with Maximus and learns of his depression, trying to temporarily become his own sidekick, though it doesn't prove the same to him as Maximus can't even think about hitting Nemesis when she messes up. Like the AB II version, Nemesis has a crush on Maximus. Before the end of the series, it confirms that Maximus and Nemesis are engaged. In the final crossover special and grand finale of the series, the two are married.

Her first appearance will be in the Season 3 2 parter premiere starting in, Enter Nemesis.

She will also appear in Twin Geeks!, an Alliance special spoofing the TV show, Twin Peaks. She'll assume the role of the Log Lady as the Log Kitty.

(More to Come)

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