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Minions are chicken-nugget shaped underlings that serve both Gruesome Felonious Despicable (AKA Gru) and his 3 adopted daughters ( Margo , Agnes , and Edith ). All of whom are from the 2010 film, Despicable Me.

The Minions will play a role in the fanon of The Alliance of Super Girls and will do battle with Atomic Betty and her fellow Alliance members.

A couple of Minions.








Gru (master), Dr. Nefario (creator), Margo , Agnes and Edith (masters)

Powers and Abilities

Weapon and Bomb experts, hand to hand combat skills.

Despicable Me

The Minions were created by Gru's personal mad scientist, Dr. Nefario. Though they resemble Chicken McNuggets, they're made of mutated DNA samples and parts of banana. They're very loyal to Gru and serve him well, hence the name, Minions. They do many tasks, like carrying bombs, going out to carry out crimes, and test new weapons and items. It was the Minions who helped Gru save the girls from Vector by forming a Minion chain. The Minions come in different sizes and appear in large numbers and have different names for each Minion.

Outside of the film, the Minions are the mascots for Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio that produced Despicable Me, which is owned by Universal Pictures.