Minimus PU (Short for Portable Underling) is the minion to Maximus IQ. He is voiced by two people, the late Len Carlson inn Seasons 1 and 2, and Dwayne Hill in Season 3. He is portrayed as a long-suffering minion who gets verbally and physically abused by his master. The 3rd season shows Minimus being portrayed as a lonely individual (as seen in No Space Like Home) and is friends with Sparky in the short segments after each episode.

He also claims to be Dutch (due to stating his last name's Von Petty Underling) as well. He also has an ability to switch between his normal face and his evil face.

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Minimus PU
Biographical Information
Name Minimus Von Petty Underling
  • Minimus PU
  • Mini
  • Mini-kun (to Ling Ling) (Fanon only)
Age 20s or 30s
Species Unknown (possibly ape descended)
Gender Male
  • White faces
  • Red noses
  • Yellow with red eyes (evil side only)
  • Yellow fur
  • Black paws and feet
  • Striped pointy tail
  • Black top fur with yellow splosh
  • Yellow neck fur
  • Gray shirt with black sleeves and light gray buttons
Relatives N/A
Romantic Interests Ling Ling (Fanon Only)
  • Two faced switching
  • Body twirling
  • Destruction (grumbler side)
  • Hanging with Sparky (secretly)
  • Maximus
  • Having friends
  • Ling Ling (Fanon only)
  • Nemesis (Fanon only)
  • Being abused
  • Not able to understand Ling Ling (Fanon only)
  • People he gets jealous of
  • Chameleon
  • Ling Ling with someone else (Fanon only)
Home World Splatsy or Lynxia
Affiliations Maximus IQ
Allignment Either Evil or Chaotic Neutral at certain times
Japanese Seiyuu Takato Yusuhiro
English Actor
  • Rob Paulsen (1990-2003, 2014)
  • Len Carlson (2004-2005) (Deceased)
  • Dwayne Hill (2005-2006)
  • Billy West (Fanon Only)
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Evil Side Minimus

Atomic Betty II

Set after the series ends, it's revealed the reason for Minimus' loneliness between Takes One to Know One and The Future is Now is because he believes both Nemesis and Ling Ling had died at Hitashi Mountain. However, when he and Maximus find a secret message revealing their whereabouts along with their frozen bodies, he becomes heartfelt and relieved that they were alive. When both Nemesis and Ling Ling unfreezes, he's the first one Ling Ling sees as the chimp hugs his long lost friend.

Later on, as most of Moosejaw becomes sick, he and Ling Ling are the only people still well enough to find the virus that caused the strange sickness to everyone, especially their masters and friends. During the finding of the cure, Minimus accidentally learns Ling Ling's true gender, which made him realize that Ling Ling's more than just a warrior and friend. Eventually and ironically, it would be Minimus and Ling Ling who begin the start of bringing Maximus and Nemesis away from the darkness, unknown to any of them.

The Alliance of Super Girls

Like Maximus, Minimus will be appearing in the fanon of the Alliance of Super Girls. His role will remain the same.

While he appears with Maximus in Seasons 1 and 2, he'll have an episode focused on him in Season 3 entitled, Gimmie Shelter!. In Gimmie Shelter!, he asked Sparky if he could stay in Alliance HQ after getting tired of the verbal and physical abuse he suffers at the hands of Maximus. Almost all the members accepted him, with the exception of Dani Phantom , who thinks it's all an act. However, Maximus was not the same villain as he was, as he was sinking in a deep depression after not having to find anyone else to boss around with.

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