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Mega Jerora Roran
Mega Jerora Roran 2.jpg
Manufactured: April 1st, 110,000 B.E
Destroyed: December 25th, 2598
Industry: Carter 12
Gender: Male
  • Continental's
  • Universal Star Protector
  • Artemis Europe
  • Universal Generation
  • Death Rivera
  • Rohar Federation
Heart of: Jerora Romania
  • Protector Conflict
  • War of the 43
  • Vietnam War
  • World War III
  • European Civil War
  • The Galactic War
  • The Universal Death Conflict
  • Encore War
Race: Soul Walker
  • Destroyed in 2598 along with MR.43...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Mega Jerora Roran,  Is a retired U.S.P Ranger who has been in active service since the Early, and late 1800's who has been fighting to remain in active service for years.

From 1800 - January 1st 2009 he was able to win each and every fight for Service, until the beginning of January of 2009 when Captain Jana Baskia a certain Girl friend asked Admiral Kale for him to retire, but to have him as her personal wing man at least so she can still be with him.

Despite Mega's fighting to stay on the force, he finally lost and was forced to retire.

Despite being retired he never returned his MR.43 Class Star Cruiser and Techno Backwards Baseball Cap.

He escaped many jail attempts by the law enforcements thanks to the help of his piloting abilities that no one not even Captain Jana can catch.

After the crash of 2010 the Protectors gave up trying to catch Mega and said that they were freaking out over 1 stupid cruiser that was manufactured from the 1920's and wondered why they even would bother.

As the superior ace of the entirely Galaxy Mega Jerora Roran is the on Formly Machine with a major Ace Skill when it comes to Air born Vehicles Such as the 43.

First Arrival In The Skies of Earth

On October 27th, During the Fall of 1829 Mega was sent to retrieve a Holo Shot and his crew who have mysteriously ended up shot out of the sky.

Cam from a crashed Lord 77, located In Sector 30, the asteroids of Hellnora. While on the way Mega came across Earth, just by the sightings Mega was in a great deal of surprise for he has never once seen a planet that was green and blue.

Mega who was in a great state of shock and amazed decided to investigate the planet.

As he entered the atmosphere he arrived in the skies over New York City, little did he know that as soon as he entered the planet, Romania his so called Body Soul had arrived on the planet as well bordering the European continentals of Cra, (Hungary) Lunara, (Bulgaria) Gorda, (Serbia) and Ukraine, and Molodova Russia.

As Mega flew through the skies High above New York City he arrived In the Upstate Area shining his Lord 77 Lights in an attempt so see what is on the ground, for the first time since his manufacturing he managed to see trees, Mountains rivers, and even clouds that are made up off water vapor instead of space dust and Radiation like the clouds they have on Regents.

After searching the forest areas of Earth as much to Mega's amazement he soon realized that his mission was also important and raced back into space in order to continue towards the asteroid fields of Helnora.

Continentals, Brad, Grant, and Loyd, arrived in Romania after witnessing it's arrival on Earth, but could no longer find the main source of the Country, Mega Jerora Roran.

12 Days later all 21 Continentals arrived in Romania and found out indeed that Mega had arrived in the skies of the planet but has not set foot on It's surface yet.


Early 1920's - Late 1990s

Throughout the years of Mega's Career the 43 was considered to be the most advance Space Ship in the early years, And also was a major success during the War of Rangora and remained the most advance until the late 1950's when newer more modern ships were later being manufactured in order to replace the 43.

Mega was given specific orders in 1951 to transfer from the 43 to his newly designed Cruiser the Goag, 99, but Mega argued against this replying, "I've had the 43 for over 27 Years now and I refuse to give up a national treasure for a more modern Junk Pile." Sadly On April 4th, of 1960 Mega's Copilot Rookie Horace O Riley Committed Suicide after his Girlfriend Left him for another man.

After he tragic death of his crew Mega Never wanted to give up the 43. The U.S.P threatened that if Mega does not give up the 43 that he will get arrested for treason.

Mega responded by attacking The Guardians High Command that was considerably known as The 43 Rebellion Of 68, Mega escaped with the 43 soon after and was later arrested by The U.P back on Earth in the mid 1970's while he was aiding the N.V.A During the time of the Vietnam War on attempted charges of attacking his own men.

Mega was release on January 7th, 1978, during the closing of the Nevada Campaign after serving a 2 Year sentence, but due to his great intentions the USF was never able to locate the 43.

Finally at last on January 1st of 1992, Mega was later ambushed while flying the 43 back to Earth by the 43'rd Space Patrol who have been sent by Admiral Harold To Retrieve the 43 again so it can be scrapped with the rest of the Ships form the both the 1920's and 30's.

Unfortunately Mega Intercepted the patrols chasing them from The asteroid field all the way to Carrier Grave yard, where a battle took place between the 43 and the squadrons of Goag 99's.

The patrols however were annihilated by the 43, but the surviving one was about to call in for back up, but the 43 escaped the graveyard by Space Jump, The clash between the 43 and the 43rd, Space Patrols was known as The Grave Yard Clash.

From than on the 43 has retreaded the Graveyard and remained for the rest of the 1990's In Space Little did he know after the Failure of Operation Mega 43 Admiral Rohans has ordered a complete surrender of the Space Craft in an attempt to spare Officers so that non other will end Up dead for a 1920's Space Ship.

Admiral Polonium United Later came into Power In 1997 and later Finally Informed Mega that he can return to Earth now that the Heat has worn down, and that he can have the Ship Mega was feeling more at peace now that the War of the 43 Has finally come to an end after 46 Years.

Mega also took part in the Plague of Tora, after the death of Jade Tora, In 2001, and was mostly attacking the Citizens with the 43 in the air while the rest of the Continental's did the rest on both air and land.

Encountering Atomic Betty

On August 2nd, of 2007, Mega was flying the 43 through restricted Galactic Guardian air space, which at the time was unknown to him. Despite multiple attempts called by Admiral DeGill in order to order him, to withdraw away from the Station immieadeitly, Mega's 43 due to it being of an outdated 1920's star cruisers did not provide the basic functions in order to receives they're warnings.

As the 43 drew closer towards Galactic Guardian space station, Admiral Degill ordered Atomic Roger to diver the ship away.

However Mega and A.I Miera, not knowing that he was just Trying to direct him away, saw him as a threat and Fired the 43's death cutters at Roger, nearly almost incinerating him in half, but luckily his wig was hit instead of him.

Enraged, Atomic Roger began to fight Mega, in a large 2 scale Dog fight, but Mega had much more talent, and was easily able to shoot down Roger.

Atomic Roger who had managed to survive with the help of his jet pack, immediately called Admiral DeGill in order to conduct action against the 43 at once. Seeing the 43 as a threat, multiple Galactic Guardian cruisers launched from the hangers and engaged the 43.

Although out numbered 1 to 29, the 43 was able to shoot down multiple Cruisers, with just repeated Cutters. Seeing the battle is on the verge of loss, Admiral Degill called Atomic Betty down on Earth who was at the time in the middle of a test. Unable to decline her mission when Galactic Guardian HQ was under heavy fire she was beamed aboard her cruiser, and raced with Sparky and X-5 back to Galactic Guardian head quarters.

Mean while the battle at Galactic Guardian HQ starts taking a toll for the worst as the 43, starts to destroy the Hanger entrances of the station preventing any more cruisers from launching out into space, than with a bold move, it even almost destroyed DeGill's main office.

With the windows and walls breached, Admiral DeGill is than forced into space, where he floats away, the 43 than dives down on the fish leader about to destroy him with it's Cutters but Atomic Betty arrives from the west, and draws the 43 away, the battle from here would come between Atomic Betty's cruiser and the MR 43.

Battle with Atomic Betty

With Sparky at the wheel, Betty's Cruiser chased after the 43, for about 12 minutes, trying to shoot out the engines, but the trio are surprised that no matter what they try, the 43 keep Evading with no problem.

All of a sudden while the trio were surprised, the 43 spun around at fast speed and attempted to destroy the side of her cruiser with Death Cutters, but Sparky managed to race the cruiser upwards, receiving only minor damage, to the rear. X-5 is than ordered by Atomic Betty in order to analyze who was ever inside the 43, but most to his disgrace X-5's scanners had failed to pin point any life form on the ship.

Sparky distracted by this horrific events, is tackled by the 43's Cutters to the West, causing a breach in Atomic Betty's canopy, forcing most of the crew to activate they're helmets and seal off the Canopy with a steel shudder.

Enraged, on the ship for nearly killing her and her friends, Atomic Betty takes control of the cruiser, and orders Spike to try and check the rest of the ships interior in order to make sure they're are no more hall breaches to the ship, in which so he replies and dose so.

Atomic Betty, after dodging fire from the 43, behind her, slammed on the Star ships breaks, and forced the rear end of her cruiser to collide with the 43, causing the Tail portion to rip into the cockpit.

Mega who is almost sucked out is saved by the ships A.I Miera who activates the emergency star seal system, in which a large strong Metal alloy sealed off the entire window portion of the 43, forcing Mega to switch to front view camera in order to see directly in front of him.

Betty seeing this as a chance to strike starts to shoot the 43 with laser blasters from her Cruisers, but is surprised as the 43 dodges out of the way at lightning speed just before her shots could hit.

Chasing after it, Atomic Betty, attempts to strike the side of the vessel with her cruiser, demanding for him to pull over, at once, Mega getting humbly annoyed by her constant poundings just steered the ship left, knocking her cruiser away with the wing of the 43.

Atomic Betty after the cruiser spinning for a few seconds, managed to gain control of her cruiser once again, and continue her pursuit of the 43, but just before she was about to reach it, it disappeared into Hyper space.

Final Years

The 43 shown for the Last time At Carrier Graveyard In 2598...


  • Mega was one of the first Characters ever created by 2091riveraisrael as a kid back in the year 1997, but had a different design compared to today, when instead of a jetpack, in the 90s he had a rocket body where his legs were supposed to be...
  • Mega is the only Continental to ever operate a Vehicle, and most rarely ever uses his Jet Pack, not even his own Stereo...
  • The 43 was not the only ship In Mega's hands, He Used to fly a Goag 89, before testing the MR 43 in 1924...
  • The 43's AI Miera was almost like a mother towards Mega, It was one of the reasons why he wouldn't give the ship up, although the AI was known to have actual Feelings for Mega...
  • After the downfall of the Crew the Miera, the AI of the 43 was the only company left In Mega's Gears...
  • Mega Never heard about the War of 1211, due to being in Space at the time...
  • Romania never arrived on Earth Until Mega's first Visit in 1829...
  • Mega was the last remaining Continental after his 20 Soul Walkers Perished. Romania was the last remaining soul country left in Europe...
  • Mega Returned to Carrier Grave yard In 2598 to pay his respects to the fallen Soldiers from the War of 1211 about 1,387 years after the War of 1811 had ended, but was never seen again after his departure...