Maximus IQ is the Supreme Overlord and plans to take over the galaxy and exact revenge (though none know why he wants revenge other than the guardians being nuisance) on the Galactic Guardians and destroy Atomic Betty!

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Maximus IQ
Biographical Information
Name Maximus "Kenji" (middle name fanon) IQ Jr.
  • Max
  • Maxie
  • Kenji (Fanon only)
  • Ken-chan (to Ling Ling) (Fanon only)
Age 20s or 30s
Species Felinian & Lynxian (latter fanon) Cat
Gender Male
  • Brown fur
  • Dark brown fur on muzzle, hands to elbows, bottom legs, and tail tip
  • Black semi-long chin beard
  • Black mustache
  • White headdress
  • Big red robe with gold rims reaching to feet
  • White collar on neck
  • Dark brown shoes
  • Dark blue jeans (Fanon only)

Fanon Relatives in Julayla's fics

Romantic Interests Nemesis AS (Fanon Only)
  • Light Sword skills
  • Mechanics
  • Game Expertise
  • Alchemy Ring Spoken on Japanese Tongue (Fanon only)
  • Destruction
  • Picking on Minimus
  • Duckies
  • Being Supreme Emperor
  • Speaking Japanese (Fanon only)
  • Playing Games
  • Committing Crimes
  • Using Blood Monks or Robot Minions
  • Earth Cats
  • Nemesis (Fanon only)
  • His Father teasing him
  • Galactic Guardians
  • Being Captured
  • His plans foiled
  • People saying Nemesis is his girlfriend (Fanon only)
  • People trying to seduce Nemesis (Fanon only)
  • Lynxian Cat racism (Fanon only)
  • Minimus being an idiot
  • Ling Ling's temper (Fanon only)
  • Asked if Nemesis was pregnant by his dad (Fanon only)
Home World Splatsy or Lynxia
Affiliations Himself
Allignment Either Evil or Chaotic Neutral at certain times
Japanese Seiyuu
  • Ogata Megumi (ABII)
  • Hiroshi Iwasaki (Original, Japanese Dub)
  • Ryo Horikawa (ABXTD Slash Prime)
English Actor
  • Maurice LaMarche (1990-2003)
  • Colin Fox
  • Mona Marshall (Young)
  • Crispin Freeman (ABXTD Slash Prime)

Ecto-1's Fanon

The fanon's version, like Maximus, is confirmed to appear within this series in the future. His AB II counterpart, however, is confirmed not to appear within the first crossover part of the series (mainly due to him and Nemesis staying in hiding for a while during Nemesis' depression since it's set before ep 13). In the episode, Gimmie Shelter!, Maximus goes on a depression after no longer having Minimus to boss around. He tries to make do when Nemesis offers to take his place, but things aren't the same and he can't bare to hit her. Like the AB II version, Maximus has a crush on Nemesis.

His 1st appearance will be in the 1st season episode, Quack is Whack!, in which he attends a duck collector's expo.

Atomic Betty II

In this series, Maximus had a secret of his own: He has his own samurai assassin, Nemesis AS whom also wants vengeance for personal reasons. However, things start to change with the resurrection of the Pastmaster, the Return of the Metallicats, the coming of Dark Kat & Dr. Viper and when his cathedral is destroyed, forcing him and his army to also hide on Earth due to Dark Kat's presence.

As the adventures progress, the childhood crush between himself and Nemesis, while both stay on Earth in disguise, begin to blossom and their love is put to a test through many dangerous obstacles, including when the Chameleon finds out that their love for one another (along with the truth of what became of his missing mother and the sibling he never had) may cause Maximus to reconsider his darkness. Especially when at one point, when dealing with a demonic witch, Maximus is shown to not truly be as evil as he claims.

During their time in Earth, Maximus and Nemesis finally find Galactic Guardian HQ along with the working time machine, due to the bangoons' stupidity of leaving a warp to the HQ open. When wanting to go back in time, the Pastmaster arrives to try taking advantage, Dr. Viper with his clones plan to create their own swamp using the machine, and the Galactic Guardians try to stop them. After an adventure involving Ling Ling's past, the heroes and villains are taken to the time when Megakat City was around at a point before its disappearance.

There, Maximus and Nemesis learn the truth on her true family and heritage: Nemesis is not only the biological daughter of Felina Feral, but also the daughter of the Swat Kat, T-Bone. Things get more complicated when, after the Time Machine is destroyed, it turns out the true disappearance of the Megakat City has lead them back to their present time. Nemesis, bitter about her true heritage, goes into a depression mode, especially when she learns that the humans they come to care for and the human Galactic Guardians (plus Sparky) are the same people.

Maximus, trying to comfort her, decides to take her to a little vacation spot. However, when they find out Max Sr. has broken out of prison again, the Pastmaster arrives as he intends to ensure the death of the Swat Kats and anyone closely related to the prophecy, but this time he wasn't alone. It is then that the people of Moosejaw learn of the aliens while Maximus and comrades learn the truth on what really happened to his mother: Kikyo and the unborn sister were not only alive, but have become disciples of the Pastmaster along with other foes. During the battle with them, the cats try to snap the mother and sister out of control while Dr. Viper joins the battle, claiming that only he would be the true one to take over the city and create his swamp (though this catches Koreena's eye and crush unfortunately for him). When the fight finishes, Kikyo and Maximus' sister, Mary, are finally freed from the Pastmaster's spell and reunited with the family they never got to see. Afterwards, after DeGill and the Galactic Council decide to let Moosejaw in on the alien territory (much to Maximus, Nemesis, and Betty's embarrassment and protest), he with Nemesis and their own comrades no longer hold their vendetta against the Guardians as they leave to deal with their new vendetta: vengeance on the Pastmaster for ruining their lives.

Later, in the end of the Season 1 finale, Maximus and Nemesis, knowing that his own grandfather with the Pastmaster combined could be truly more dark and evil, are forced to go under community service involving (unwillingly) being members of both the Galactic Guardians and the Swat Kats.

(More to Come)


Maximus will appear in the 2017 cartoon Castaras, along with Atomic Betty.

2091riveraisrael's The Galactic Crusade

Maximus plays a large role in Galactic Crusade, as the surpreme Overload first encounters Android Nation Continental Mega Jerora Roran immiedietaly following the misunderstanding attack on Galactic Guardian Head Quarters 4 hours ago, and Mega's first encounter with Atomic Betty although the 2 no longer saw eachother due to being inside seperate ships at the time.

Maximus at the time was instructing his legion of henchman for his new plan on solar system domination, until his presentation was interrupted by the appearance of the 43 , that had just appeared out of Hyper space, and was slowly drifting passed his citadel in the horizon depths of space.

Accusing the partially damaged ship to be Atomic Betty, Maximus's Armada is unleashed on the 43, who at the time had to rely on frontal camera due to the main Canopy being sealed off after Atomic Betty's cruiser smashed into it a few hours ago, with her own ship.

Maximus after getting closer enough towards the vessel is than surprised at the sudden appearance as it look nothing like Galactic Guardian material or anything that he has ever seen before, but insists on destroying the vessel anyway accusing the beings onboard for being spies.

The 43 however reacts first and fires on Maximus's ship first before racing passed him causing him to grown in anger and smack the daylights out of Minimus ordering him and the entire Armada to attack the unidentified vessel, from here a second major battle erupts infront of Maximus's lair, this time much larger than the previous one already fought at Galactic Guardian Head Quarters.

The 43, engaged in one final Battle with Maximus's Armada, for a short while as he was starting to lose one ship after another, getting both Angry and surprised at the same time wondering how one simple unidentified Star ship was making a fool out of him and his Armada.

After summoning his ship;s Cannon, he had ordered all the remaining armada ships to stand down, so he can deal with the 43 Star ship on his own, and with that another Duel began.

At one point Maximus managed to damage the 43's left wing with his giant blaster underneath his ship, causing it to spin out of control, for a little before it finally became stabilized once more. Laughing in victory, Maximus moves his ship within range of the 43, with Minimus laughing and cheering on his dark Master, but just as Maximus was about to fire a second time, the 43 counter attacked by Firing it's Cutters against Maximu's ship, Breaching the side of the ship and cutting off one of the ship's rear tail wings.

Maximus growled as he fired the super cannon again, but the 43 dodges it at light speed and Shoots it's Cutters at the cannon destroying it in a single shot. The blast was so strong that Maximus's ship when flying upwards from the powerful blast radius down below, with the 43 chasing after, firing it's Cutters a second time this time Breaching the lower portion of the ship blowing 2 large holes under it.

Panicking, Maximus's attempted to radio the Armada to continue they're attack on the unidentified ship, but the 43, destroyed the ship's radio room just before it could be used, sucking 4 of his henchman into Space.

Just than the 43, hovered infront of Maximus's cockpit for a few seconds than slowly elevated over the ship getting the 2 nervous and confused. Abduct o Tethers began to surround Maximus's ship. Him Minimus and the rest of the Crew tried to strafe right but the 3 Tethers grabbed a hold of the ship.

The Electric currents from the 43's tethers caused the ship's system's to Burn out and the Engines to explode Maximus's ship was now disabled.

Moments after the engines had exploded the 43's tethers released the ship than Disappeared into HyperSpace leaving Maximus's disabled in front of the debris field of his citadel.

Atomic Betty eventually arrived 9 hours later after the Duel, but was horrified along with her crew after seeing the shape of Maximus's ship, Maximus was escorted by Atomic Betty to his Citadel, to much to her surprise, Maximus was happy she had showed up, after his almost near death experience against the 43, but still swore to destroy her another day.

Moments after the Duel of Maximus's Citadel, the Galactic Guardians unleashed the Galactic Guardian Crusade, with Atomic Betty leading it in order to find and arrest the operator of the 43. The 43 afterwards never showed up in front of Maximus's Citadel again in the days of the Galactic Guardian Crusade.

Higher Guardian!

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