In the Atomic Betty II series, Mary is the sister of Maximus IQ and the daughter of Kikyo & Max Sr.

Biographical Information
Name Marxus IQ
Nicknames Mary
Age 20s or 30s
Species Felinian & Lynxian Cat
Gender Female
  • Brown fur
  • Dark Brown fur on muzzle, paws, and eyes
  • Long raven hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Red with white sleeve shirt
  • Purple scarf
  • Brown sleeveless gloves
  • Blue jeans
  • White sneakers
  • Ribbon Bow on Left Side of Hair
  • Brown cloak (when working for Pastmaster)
Romantic Interests Warren T. Cat (Kouja no Senshi Fanon Only)
  • Seduction
  • Trickery
  • Manipulation
  • Cat Bite
  • Cat Claws
  • Hidden strength when provoked
  • Her family
  • Having Friends
  • Swat Kats
  • Having the urge to steal when least expected
  • Not going on adventures
  • Being separated from family
  • The Pastmaster
  • Her father hating her boyfriend
Friend/Allies Coming Soon
Foes/Enemies Coming Soon
Home World Splatsy or Lynxia
  • Pastmaster (in some fanons) unwillingly
  • Maximus IQ
Allignment Neutral
Japanese Seiyuu Sawai Miyuu
English Actor Cree Summer

Profile Coming Soon...

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