Margo Despicable is a character from the 2010 film, Despicable Me. In the Alliance of Super Girls, she took control of the criminal team, The Anti-Alliance of Villainesses (whom some enemies of Atomic Betty belong to) as a way to start her supervillain career. In the film, she was voiced by Miranda Cosgrove.

Margo Despicable
Margo, Oldest of her 3 sisters.

Full Name

Margaret Despicable


Between 7 and 10




Unnamed City, originally from Miss Hattie's Home For Girls.


Gru (adoptive father), Agnes (younger sister), Edith (middle sister), Anti-Alliance of Villainesses

Powers and Abilities

No superpowers, but is a ballet student, full defense knowledge learned from Gru

Despicable Me

Margo, along with her two sisters Agnes and Edith, all grew up in an orphanage headed by their cruel headmistress. One day as the three sisters were selling cookies, they came across the supervillain, Gruesome Felonious Despicable, otherwise known as Gru. Needing to steal back a shrink ray from rival villain Vector for his heist to steal the moon, and seeing that Vector was one of their customers, he adopts the girls in order for them to deliver (unknown to them), cookie robots, which will infiltrate Vector's fortress, allowing him access to the shrink ray needed for his plot. At first, he thought the girls were annoying, but as the film progresses, he develops a bond between them. After he saved the girls from being shot into space by rival villain Vector, Gru and the girls lived a happy life as father and daughters.

After The Film/Enter The Alliance

After adjusting to life with her adopted father, Margo grew concerned that he'll lose her and her sisters again. So, in addition to her skills as a ballet student, she taught herself to be a successor to her father's ways of being a supervillain. With her self-trained mind and body, not to mention convincing her sisters to join with her, Margo sets out to fight her own superhero. Then, she heard about a supervillain gang who recently lost their leaders, Margo sense this as an opportunity to be her own villain.

She and her sisters heard about The Anti-Alliance of Supervillainesses, whom have several enemies of Atomic Betty in their membership ranks, lacking a leader after their previous leaders left to return to space. With that, Margo, Agnes, and Edith came to Corpus Christi and took over the team. Her first assignment as leader is to fire Iciclia from the team, because she felt in Margo's opinion, "Utterly useless." She replaced her with Koreena, whom Margo saw potential and to her, has a huge bone to pick with that Atomic girl, making a reference to Koreena's hatred for Betty. Under Margo's leadership, The AASV pulled successful heists, despite some of their members being captured by the Alliance of Super Girls. Margo and her sisters so far alluded capture by the Alliance when confronted.

Her relationship to Betty is simular to her relationship to another space guardian, Jessie Jetter, which all three of them are evenly matched. Sometimes, either Jessie or Betty won their battles, other times, Margo won, and sometimes, they call it even.

Dark Margo

Dark Margo is a superpowered form of Margo after she encounters a sapphire that Gru gave her for her birthday. He didn't know that this sapphire contained powers that unleashed one's dark side inhabiting in the person who wears it. Because of the trauma she faced before being adopted (such as being kidnapped by Vector and the torment she suffered at the hands of Miss Hattie), Margo's darker side was unleashed, creating Dark Margo. This Margo was more eviler than the normal Margo was before. She uses her new powers to attack Vector on The Moon, and torment Miss Hattie for her mistreatment of her and her sisters. She has destructive powers and abilities, such as flight, super speed, super strength, teleportation, and force field creation. She has weaknesses though, such as ice, light, zero gravity. Agnes and Edith convinced Gru to team up with the Alliance to stop Dark Margo's rampage. At first, Dark Margo dominated everyone, but in the end, they had to use the weaknesses to defeat her, but Casey and Betty were almost killed in the battle. The Sapphire was finally contained in a box, never to be used again, or some thought.

Dark Margo, a darker and violent version of Margo.

Mutiny/Return of Pandora

Because of the rapid changes the Anti-Alliance been through, Margo decided to turn their focus from just simple burglaries and heists into a new goal-becoming Dark Margo once again. While some welcome this change of leadership, others felt like they've been duped into welcoming Margo. Friction began to show as Margo commanded them to know the location of the sapphire that made her turn into Dark Margo in the 1st place (the 1st time she lost it is when The Alliance sealed it in their criminal property area.) While the Anti-Alliance continued on with the usual supervillainy, Margo was behind the scenes locating the whereabouts of the sapphire. Frustrated with Margo's goal, Kristy tried to take back leadership from Margo, but due to the interference of the Minions, as well as Agnes and Edith, Kristy was stopped before she could defeat her. This provided a blueprint for Kristy to stage a coup and take Margo out by surprise.

One night during a meeting between members, Margo has found out the location of the sapphire, in the temple where it's kept by Betty's trainer, Spindly Tam. It was revealed that The Alliance stopped Margo as Dark Margo again, and it was Betty who gave the sapphire to Spindly Tam so she won't try to steal it from the Alliance. With that, Margo ordered the Anti-Alliance to build a ship capable to go to Spindly Tam's planet and steal the sapphire. As some Anti-Alliance members most loyal to Margo continued construction of the ship, others who felt backstabbed by Margo and/or just don't like her ways are being led by Kristy to start a mutiny. The two sides (Kristy's mutineers and Margo's loyalists) went on to do battle, each of the members of the 2 factions even had old scores to settle, such as Iciclia had one to settle with Koreena. At first, it was even, as the factions pound each other and unleashed their powers and/or weapons on one another. Agnes even got involved by defeating Penelope Spectra (a Dani Phantom enemy) with her unicorn themed weapons, and Edith overcame being hypnotised when Margo offered her a box of cookies to break the spell and fire at Mesmerella, one of Violet Parr's enemies.

The mutiny became intense as Kristy chased Margo as the chaos continued. Margo and Kristy duked it out, until Margo used a belt she had Gru and Dr. Nefario create that can absorb metahumans' superpowers. She used Mesmerella's absorbed hypnosis power to hypnotise Kristy into obeying her, making her bow before Margo and proclaiming her as master. She then commanded her to take several steps into an escape pod,, then the power wore off, as Margo shuts the door on her. Then after one last goodbye from her, Margo commanded Agnes and Edith to activate the escape pod, sending Kristy into space. Kristy, however, tells her she'll be back. Margo and her sisters then turned to the surviving mutineers to ask her why she would want them to live. Without questioning her now, they all bowed before her. She also set course for the planet where Spindly Tam lives to steal the sapphire once again and become the powerful form of evil known as Dark Margo. Little did they know after stealing the box, it also contained someone else...

As they opened the box the contained the sapphire, Margo told everyone to meet their new master. She was half right, however, as much to her shock, she unleashed another ultimate form of evil-Pandora!

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