These are a list of Atomic Betty Fanon episodes. Each season contains 20 episodes. A total of 100 episodes were produced spanning 5 seasons.

Season 1 (2010-2011)

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The Late Atomic Betty: Part 1 Maximus hides a bomb in Betty's school as she teleports before the bomb explodes, as the town thinks that Betty had died. December 31, 2010
2 The Late Atomic Betty: Part 2 Betty must stay as a new alter ego as Galactica a new guardianas Maximus decides to invade a Betty-less Earth. December 31, 2010
3 The Langs of Evil Dr. Cerebral uses his mind-control helmets to make Penelope, her father and her brother Chaz into his evil soldiers. January 7, 2011
4 A Betty-tastic Voyage Maximus creates a germ-like virus as it weakens Betty as DeGill and Sparky travels inside a tiny submarine inside Betty to save her. January 7, 2011
5 Spark Your Way Through Sparky wants to join the basketball junior league as Betty, X-5 and the bangoons trained him as Maximus decided to interfere. January 7, 2011
6 A Maxi-mental Problem Maximus and Dr. Cerebral accidentally merged into one evil creature as they cause chaos through the planet of Cerebra. January 7, 2011
7 Robotic Romance X-5's girlfriend Flavia (from "Martian Makeover") is robo-napped by Bombshell as X-5 and the crew come to the rescue. January 7, 2011
8 Assault and Lang-trey A mysterious "white" Blood monk attacks the Lang family as it chanted "Long Live, Betty and Noah" as it became a mystery. January 7, 2011
9 Robot Rebellions X-5 feels outrage that children from all over not just Moose Jaw Heights but all of Canada we're building robots for a show to win money. February 12, 2011
10 The Rise of Black Hole Betty Auntie Matter steals the cloning machine that still had Betty's DNA inside it as she creates her own "granddaughter" with Auntie's black hole powers. February 19, 2011
11 Wrath of the Cerebruetty Maximus re-captures his betty clones and combines them into a 3-headed dog-like beast with a rocky body, fire breathing and long necks. March 7, 2011
12 Attack of the Penelope Army Queen Penelobee captures Penelope and uses a cloning device to create an army of Penelopes to invade Earth. March 8, 2011
13 Game Over A strange video game villain name Gameo captures Noah and traps him inside a virtual world of evil and chaos. March 9, 2011
14 Boltar's Girlfriend Boltar teams up with Nuclea on a "date" by using an evil weapon to drain power of anything as they arrived to Moose Jaw to drain the town dry of its power as it is up to Betty and company. March 10, 2011
15/16 Atomic Betty's World Tour Betty discovers that Maximus is leading 6 villains to take over not just Moose Jaw Heights, but the whole planet of Earth, as it's up to Betty, Noah, Beatrixoand the Galactic guardians to stop them before they create worldwide chaos. March 11, 2011
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