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Ling Ling
Ling Ling
Biographical Information
Name Ling Ling
  • Lang Lang (which it hates) (Fanon only)
  • Li (to Minimus) (Fanon only)
Age 20s or 30s
Species Pokemon Spoof (Canon)/Lynxian Iseichu (Fanon only)
Gender Male in canon/Female in Atomic Betty II & Some Fanons
  • Red eyes
  • Orange fur
  • brown stripes on back
  • Black exclamation mark-shaped tail
  • Scar on left eye (Fanon only)
Attire N/A
  • Father (Drawn Together Only)
    • Fanon Relatives in Julayla's fics
  • N/A
Romantic Interests Minimus PU (Fanon Only)
  • Laser eyes
  • Sharp claws
  • Transformation for Battle
  • Bite
  • Energy Ball
  • Destruction
  • Honorable battles
  • Minimus (Fanon only)
  • Sewing
  • Speaking Japanese
  • Being proud
  • Nemesis (Fanon only)
  • The fact no one understands it
  • Seeing opponents fake out
  • People calling it dog or rat
  • Losing a battle
  • Being disappointed
  • Max Sr. bickering with it (Fanon only)
  • Losing Minimus (Fanon only)
  • Feeling unimportant (Fanon only)
  • Having to decide on which side to fight on (Fanon only)
  • Atomic Betty (as a Guardian) (Fanon only)
  • Sparky (as a guardian) (Fanon only)
  • X-5 (Fanon only)
  • Pastmaster (Fanon only)
  • Galactic Guardians (Fanon only)
Home World Lynxia (Fanon only)
Affiliations Maximus IQ (Fanon only)
Allignment Either Evil or Chaotic Neutral at certain times
Japanese Seiyuu Mew Azama
English Actor Abby McBide

Ecto-1's FanonEdit

The Atomic Betty II version is mentioned during the Pastmaster trying to control Margo Despicable.

The character will also appear in an Alliance Shortie in a non-speaking role as a raft, a reference to The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, in which he was used as a raft. However, Betty tells Casey to put him away because of concerns of him having fleas and germs.

Atomic Betty IIEdit

Ling Ling's past is unknown, but it is known that this version of Ling Ling was frozen for over 3000 Years prior to when she was found. At the time she was unfrozen, Ling Ling kept her gender hidden, especially around Minimus.

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