Koreena is a alien feline being who has a strong grudge against Atomic Betty by stating false claims about Betty charming their trainer, Spindly Tam Kanushu. She cheated on her tests by copying tests from Betty's paper, and did not pay attention to her training. Despite the fact she's a cheater and a slacker, she is an expert in robotics.

Biographical Information
Name Koreena (last name unknown)
Nicknames Kareena (due to people saying her name wrong)
Age Teens or Young Adult
Species Splattian or Lynxian Cat
Gender Female
  • Long Blue hair
  • White fur with blue stripes
  • Black Nose
  • Red Eyes
  • Dark Blue Cape with zipper
  • Blue short sleeved shirt
  • Blue skirt
  • White hoop belt
  • Orange remote gloves
  • Black Mask
  • Blue thigh-length boots
Relatives N/A
Romantic Interests Dr. Viper (Fanon Only)
Abilities Mechanics
  • Technology
  • Video Games
  • Spinly Tam Kinishu
  • Atomic Betty
  • Her Position as Guardian Taken (or so she believes)
  • The Despicables
  • Minions
  • The Pastmaster
  • Turmoil
  • Hard Drive
  • Dr. Viper (One-sided)
  • Atomic Betty
  • Sparky
  • X-5
  • Spinly Tam Kinishu
  • Admiral DeGill
  • Black Mamba (One-sided)
Home World Splatsy or Lynxia
Affiliations Herself
  • Anti-Alliance of Villainesses (Ecto-1's Canon)
  • Pastmaster (Julayla's Canon)
Japanese Seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara
English Actor
  • Katie Griffin (Edit)
  • Grey DeLisle (Uncut)

In the fanon of The Alliance of Super Girls, she is a replacement for Iciclia after Margo fired her and replaced her with Koreena on the villain team, The Anti-Alliance of Villainesses.

She is also set to appear in Atomic Betty II as one of the disciples of the Pastmaster.

Not-So-Humble Beginnings

Koreena was among one of the "cool kids" in Galactic Guardian training. But unlike the other students, she would rather play video games than concentrate on her studies. With that, she resorted to copying Betty's, and other students', tests, but got caught in the act. She would vow revenge against Betty and Spindly Tam Kanushu for kicking her out. Although she was a bit of a slacker, she is an expert in robotics and uses robots in her battle against Betty. In the end, however, Koreena was defeated.

Alliance of Super Girls/Despicable Invitation

After Margo Despicable and her 2 sisters took over leadership of the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses, she invited Koreena to join her so she can get her much-desired revenge against Betty for "stealing her rightful spot in the Guardians." With that, Margo fired Iciclia from the team for being a "utterly useless" member and Koreena took her spot. Betty then continued to clash with her, now that both girls are members of opposite teams.

Koreena will be among the Anti-Alliance members that are loyal to Margo and her sisters ( Agnes and Edith, as will as their horde of Minions ) to fight against a mutiny lead by ex-leader Kristy Kold and disgruntled Anti-Alliance members (Iciclia will be one of those mutineers due to Koreena taking over her spot.)

Atomic Betty II

Koreena becomes a member of the Pastmaster's disciples a little after Megakat City arrives to the present time on Earth no less. She is joined when persuaded by the Pastmaster that she would be able to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy, which she agreed to take. Later on, after Kikyo and Mary are out of the Pastmaster's control, she begins to have a rivalry more with Nemesis as of Dr. Viper. And later on, she learns, much to Black Mamba's jealousy, that she herself has a crush on the male serpent!

(More to come)

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