Kitten Foxen is a member of Maximus IQ's crew, though she prefers to think of herself as the future "Evil Empress of the Galaxy".

Kitten Foxen
Biographical Information
Name Kitten Foxen
  • Kit
Age 30
Species Alien Cat-Fox Hybrid
Gender Female
  • Unnamed mother
Romantic Interests Maximus IQ
  • Maximus
  • Minimus
  • Cosmika (OC)
Home World Myuu
Affiliations Evil
Headcanon Voice
  • Erin Fitzgerald
  • "What? I am so not jealous." (from "Slime of the Century")
  • "Oh, come on... orange isn't all that bad..." (from "Crass Menagerie")
  • "Mommy's not happy either! Um, not that... not that I'm their mommy... hehe." (from "The Trouble with Triplets")


Kitten was born to a cat mother and fox father on the planet Myuu. Her father left when she was very young, leaving her mother to take care of her. She taught her many of the skills she now has, including cooking, sewing (she loves to design her own dresses), and even martial arts. Kitten seemed to have a great life on Myuu, but she always felt something was missing. When she was 27 she left home to travel the galaxy. Not too long after, she met Maximus IQ and joined his crew after falling in love with him (though her old boyfriend Malkolm Graytail still enters her mind from time to time). She is now a member of the forces who oppose the Galactic Guardians.


Kitten is an anthropomorphic cat-fox hybrid with orange fur, light green eyes, and black hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears a long lavender dress with blue trim in the front, purple slip-on shoes, and a gold choker with a pink heart-shaped pendant.


Kitten's personality ranges from excitable and passionate to timid and awkward (especially in the presence of Maximus). She proves to be a worthy opponent for Betty's crew and is capable of holding her own in a fight, but displays a rather gentle nature most of the time. She's also shown to scare easily in certain situations, which often causes her to let out a cat-like screech.

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