In the Atomic Betty II series, Kikyo is known as the mother of Maximus IQ & Mary IQ and the wife of Max Sr.

Biographical Information
Name Kikyo IQ
Nicknames N/A
Age Early 30s (Due to time abduction)
Species Lynxian Cat
Gender Female
  • Brown fur
  • Dark Brown fur on muzzle, paws, and eyes
  • Short raven hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Black long sleeved dress shirt (formal)
  • Light red skirt (formal)
  • White high heels (formal)
  • Brown cloak (when working for Pastmaster)
  • White button-up shirt (casual)
  • Locket necklace
  • Light blue jeans (casual)
  • Brown shoes (casual)
Romantic Interests Max Sr.
  • Trickery
  • Manipulation
  • Whip Skills
  • Cat Claws
  • Hidden strength when provoked
  • Her family
  • Playing hard to get
  • Jewelery
  • Having the urge to steal when least expected
  • Her Father-In-Law
  • Being separated from family
  • The Pastmaster
  • Racism against her kind
Friend/Allies Coming Soon
Foes/Enemies Coming Soon
Home World Splatsy or Lynxia
  • Max Sr.
  • Pastmaster (in some fanons) unwillingly
Allignment Neutral
Japanese Seiyuu Kaori Asou
English Actor Wendee Lee

Ecto-1's Fanon

Although she doesn't appear in this series, she and Max Sr. are given a brief mention in Kitty Crushes! at one point.


Love, Marriage, & Babies

Long ago, Kikyo came from a rich family. However, she detest in being the only rich girl in the family until she came across and met a young boy whom was being persuaded to do his first crime: burning a house with living people. The boy kitten turned out to be the son of the infamous don whom had previously supposedly cheated her own father out of the deal: Max.

She didn't know why he was called Max Sr., but she knew they each needed a friend. It wasn't until she was one day visiting the beach before she accidentally hit Max Sr. (whom hit her back due to believing her to hit him on purpose) that they both finally saw one another face to face. Afterwards, Max Sr. Sr., his own father, tried taking him to a meeting he rather vomit over before Kikyo, despite the injury, intervened, sticking up to Max's father.

Some time later, they began going out together with their love starting to blossom. However, there came the war against the Galactic Guardians that recently formed (some time after Pandora's father was sealed) broke out. Believing something happened to Max Sr., she was courted by another before during a ball dance where she still depressingly lost hope, Max Sr., whom had escaped the war, reunited with her, with a proposal for marriage (and her punching out the suppose fiance courting her) took place.

One year later, while visiting the Felinians where she learned of her father's passing, Kikyo gave birth to the firstborn child, Maximus IQ Jr. However, after the funeral, she had noticed many kittens shunning her son due to her husband's records and all. Even a Felinian Leader at the time hurt Kikyo when she was trying to protect her newborn. Of course, when Max Sr. tried talking him out of it, he was insulted as well, resulting in the leader to be punched on the face and the IQ family banished from her home. What was worst was that Kikyo saw her mother murdered by the Felinians that were trying to hurt her, devastating her to the point that she never wanted to be near the planet ever again. It turned out that the reason why she and her family were shunned was because the Felinians hated the Lynxians (mostly due to bitter jealousy) and any hybrid of them, including half of their own kind! It would also turn out that both her husband and father-in-law were actually Lynxian cats (due to her father-in-law actually adopted).

During a cold night, Kikyo, some time after arriving to their home in the planet of Splatsy, found a couple murdered with a baby swivel headed chimp, the baby in question being Minimus, still alive. Feeling sorry for it, she took him as well, hoping to find a foster home for him while he remained. Later that night, a mysterious figure, holding a baby kitten, was given to her, being told to take care of her while noticing the suppose extinct Iseichu running off. What she did not know was the girl, Rinoa, would play a part in her destiny.

Her Suppose Death

One day, when Maximus, Minimus, and Rinoa were tots, after Kikyo was in an argument with Max about one last try at destroying Galactic Guardians and thinking about them than his family at the time, prompting her to leave a scar on his right cheek (while shouting "I Hate You" in his face before leaving), Kikyo was framed for a murder she had not committed, trying to escape the Galactic Guardians. However, while trying to escape, a figure hidden in the ship car she was in was trying to kill her along with her son and the girl, Rinoa. At that point, DeGill, whom was still a normal Galactic Guardian at the time, shot at the figure, though the shot would miss and would somewhat cost her her own life.

It was also on that fateful day that not only Rinoa was temporarily separated from Maximus, but it caused not only Maximus to hate and vow vengeance on the guardians, but it also caused Max Sr. to snap and go berserk before he was taken into prison after so many years of escaping.

Life as the Pastmaster's "Disciple"

In reality, however, it turns out that she was bargained to be spared from being killed with her unborn child if she was to be placed in the Pastmaster's services. Worried about her unborn daughter, she accepted without hesitation. For the next few years for her and 25 years for her daughter in a place called the End of Time, they had trained, though were extremely disciplined by their new master.

Every night, however, she would secretly watch from the viewing globe, projecting herself as an invisible hologram to watch her husband. She had seen what the years had done to him and she had regretted ever shouting and scarring him. As time was passing, she continued the training while secretly watching her husband throughout his own 30 years while she herself remained young due to being stuck in only a few years. Then one night, the Pastmaster told her that she and Mary were ready to do his bidding, though she was refusing to do anything the Pastmaster might cause. This caused her to be fully hypnotized while her daughter, whom had been hypnotized since birth, got her mom ready for a night that would change the Atomic Betty world...

Her Return

Despite appearing a couple of times, she had not made herself official until some time after the Swat Kats have started living close to where Moosejaw resides while Nemesis was on her "forget the whole thing" vacation. It is on that day that the Pastmaster, still wanting vengeance (and after his failed attempt to destroy the Bettys and Swat Kats) decides to kill Nemesis herself once and for all. After bringing in his now marked disciples, they along with the Guardians and Swat Kats fought.

During this ruckus, Kikyo was the one whom accidentally revealed the life of aliens to the human population of Moosejaw, though things don't really heat up until, during the fight with Max Sr. whom had escaped prison once again, her hood was destroyed, revealing her true self, shocking DeGill, the IQs, Guardians, and even Max himself. After the Pastmaster's explanation and his cruel intentions were shown (him forcing Kikyo to kiss his foot before kicking the hypnotized cat away, much to Max's anger and jealousy), the Pastmaster along with disciples trap them on their hold.

The Pastmaster would have one until one thing he did not expect showed up and had the others freed: Dr. Viper and the clones had actually used their mutant creatures to attack the disciples and Pastmaster, freeing them. Though many of them fled, Kikyo and Mary, whom was also unhooded, remained, still trying to attack them. However, Max, knowing his wife better than anyone else, took the blows that were meant for his son (which showed he still cared for him, despite his remarks and teasing) and also causing his headdress to fall off, which showed the same scars he still retained years ago.

After his remorse, guilt, and even his apology was heard by her, the male finally pushed himself toward her, kissing her, thus breaking her fully free out of hypnotism. Mary, meanwhile, was dealt with by Ling Ling and Minimus hitting her hard with a heavy object, which would cause her to forget her entire life under the Pastmaster and break her out of the hypnotism. With the spell on the Pastmaster gone, Kikyo's eyes, for the first time, saw Max fully before both embraced and were cuffed together, being sent to the prison together.

Before leaving, Kikyo expresses her regret of attacking while stating that DeGill did indeed tried to save her before she was finally taken with her husband to the Galactic Guardian prison. A little later, both were broken out of prison, thus continuing their thievery and now mafia deeds together.


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