Juniper Lee is a character from the Cartoon Network series, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, which lasted only one season.

In the fanon of The Alliance of Super Girls, she is an Alliance member, but due to her restrictions, she can't remain outside of Orchid Bay for long periods.

Orchid Bay

Juniper Kim Lee is an 11-year old girl who inherits the mantle of Te-Xuan-Ze, a title handled over by her grandmother. As the Te-Xuan-Ze, she uses both brute force and magic to defend the magical world from its enemies. However there's a catch, there's a barrier that prohibits June from ever leaving Orchid Bay. However, her grandmother was trying to find ways to bypass the restriction (a situation which remained unresolved due to the show's premature cancellation in 2006.)

Joining Up

When Kristy Kold founded The Anti-Alliance of Villainesses, The Alliance had no choice but to start up a membership drive by adding various young heroines from all over the state of Texas, the entire country and around the world to combat the new villainess team. June was among those chosen by The Alliance to accept membership. However, this would be a difficult task due to her situation of not leaving Orchid Bay. So with a combination of magic and sciense, the others found a way to bypass the restriction by putting a chip that can allow her to be outside of Orchid Bay for about 8 days. If she surpasses the 8th day, she'll be automaticly be teleported back to Orchid Bay, but the Alliance is still working on a chip that can allow her to go and come back as she's needed on a perminant basis.

In addition for June joining the team, her best friend Lila is also a member of the team.

Space Jam 2: Monstars Revenge

Juniper is rumoured to appear in Space Jam 2, as the Looney Tunes Cheerleader.

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