'iLa Alianza De Super Ninas En El Resturante Mexicano!'is an episode of The Alliance of Super Girls fannon in the 3rd season. It features almost the entire rouster of the team , plus friends, family members and key allies invited to celebrate Casey Quickster's 11th birthday at a popular Mexican resturant.


After defeating Infantor, Mesmerella, Dr. Battery, Technus, and Dr. Cerebral during a botched robbery at Sunrise Mall, The Alliance notices that in three weeks, it will be Casey's birthday. The others decided to hold her birthday party at the most popular Mexican resturant in Corpus Christi, El Matador's Tex-Mex Buffet and Fun Center. The girls invite almost all of their reserve members, allies, and friends (such as Noah Parker , Chaz Lang, Tony Rydinger, Paloma and others) to the festivities. Things went well so far, until the Mariachi band failed to show up due to a flat tire. With the party going to end up in a disaster unless something comes up, Soccer Lass and Angelique have an idea. The girls can teach the Main 4 to learn to speak Spanish and play as a replacement Mariachi band or else the resturant would end up as a riot zone...


  • The first Alliance episode to feature almost the entire roster of heroines since Season 1's two-parter.
  • This is also the first time that friends and key allies appear in the same story, some getting to know each other.
  • The first Alliance episode to have its' title written in another language besides English.
  • The title translates to The Alliance of Super Girls In The Mexican Resturant!
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