The Holeston Empire was the main Antagonist faction created by 2091riveraisrael in 2008 of Higher Guardian! Which was an Empire made up from the Project Universe, which allied itself with the Air Pirates and launched an unexpected war against the TaleSpin Universe on January 18th, 2008, until it was defeated by the Higher Guardians on December 31st, of the same year, after they helped to liberate Cape Suzette.


Role in Higher Guardian!

Realm Blitz

The Holeston Empire was established on November 2nd, 2007, by the Project Corporation, who designed continental Highland Roran that same year to lead the war effort, who worked along side Air Pirate Captain Don Carnage, after tracing Mega Roran Roran back to the TaleSpin Universe, where Highland had met up with Don Carnage and offered him a deal that would make him and Air Pirates of the TaleSpin universe richer beyond their wildest dreams, while at the same time to turn against Khan Industries, that was best known to have been a rival corporation to the Project Corporation.

Head Quartered in The PROJECT Universe in Monroe, England the 2 separate universe overlords met up in the Project Universe, where the Air Pirates were giving their share of the bargain for siding as part of the Empire, and afterwards, Holeston launched a major blitz the TaleSpin universe on January 18th 2008, forcing the lost of hundreds of territories and the imminent destruction of most of the old classic 1990's Cartoon fixed races.

By February 4th, 2008, Holeston had managed to acquire about, 92 percent of TaleSpin, before breaking the barriers and Invading the Atomic Betty Universe, on April 1st, where major cities, planets, and realms fell one by one. By that same month, Maximus IQ and his forced joined the Holeston Empire, where they were able to divert the Empire in several sectors of the Atomic Betty Universe, where afterwards he became the third and final Overlord of the Holeston Empire.

February, March and April Defeats

Despite their unstoppable Blitz attack on the 2 Realms, Holeston was stopped in 3 portions of each Real, February 29th, a Holeston air Invasion led by Air Pirates was repulsed thanks to Baloo Von Bruinwald XII, due to immense piloting skills, Baloo was single handedly able to repel the Air Pirate attack on Capora, the last stronghold left in the TaleSpin Universe, without any guns at all, but the arrival of the Holeston Main force would force Baloo away from his formal band of Higher for Higher friends, except for Kit Cloudkicker who was present with him at the time. After nearly almost being overrun, Baloo escaped into the Atomic Betty Universe, with the help of Mega.

Holeston was beaten a second time in Space, on March 2nd 2008, when Mega managed to attack and literally destroy a convoy of Holeston transports while over Murray during their supply route to the TaleSpin Universe. He than managed to attack several targets alongside the Galactic Guardians in space while over the Planet Marsona, they were victorious in destroying a large portion of Holeston's supply routes further slowing down Holeston's advance in the Atomic Betty Universe.

A third victory was lunged against Holeston when the Empire than launched an unexpected Attack on Galactic Guardian Headquarters on April 3rd, but the attack was repelled by Atomic Betty and her crew, forcing the fleet of Holeston to turn and withdraw back to Tylodius, despite the failure that the Higher Guardians faced while attempting to defend Shere Khan's research facilities days earlier in the TaleSpin Universe at Rocky Cliff Gorge.

The Conflict Turns Against Holeston

Holeston following these unexpected attacks for 3 air and Space vehicles, quickly began to dug around each Realm for information regarding each Pilot, however the true Identities of the pilots and crew, were left classified within the rangs, by the 3 War Leaders, Highland, Don Carnage, and Maximus IQ as it was revealed that they knew these beings already, due to having to encounter them and being defeated by them before the events of the war in the past.

Instead of targeting the 3 Pilots directly, Holeston managed to launch a fullscale Invasion of Earth in the Atomic Betty Universe, (Which at the time before the events remained untouched by the war), by Invading the skies above Canada, in a joint effort with the Air Pirates of the TaleSpin Universe, whom with the help of the warp gate in occupied Cap Suzette was successfully able to teleport the Iron Vulture into the Invasion. The tide however was turned against Holeston over the Canadian countryside when the Higher Guardians attacked the UTORUS, over the landscape, while at the same time defeating Maximus's reinforcements that arrived from Orbit. However the 3 guardians were unable to stop the Iron Vulture, as it had slipped by them as they were engaged with the UTORUS, where Don Carnage led an air invasion on Moose Jaw Heights, Canada Atomic Betty's hometown.

Maximus at the time of his repel from the Earth Surface, was then came up the the idea to locate and destroy the Galactic Guardians second HQ at Mobius, where he launched a new Invasion, while the Air Pirates and Holeston Empire crushed Atomic Betty's hometown. However as Maximus had attempted to destroy the Galactic Guardian's secondary HQ on Mobius, his attacks were once again repelled by the Galactic Guardians who forced his armada into retreat, Admiral DeGill then ordered the Guardians to Earth, where a Guardian counterattack arrived suddenly and forced the Iron Vulture out of the skies of Moose Jaw Heights finally reinforcing the exhausted Higher Guardians, Shere Khan's Elite Pilot squad. In the aftermath of the victory against Holeston, over Atomic Betty's hometown, Admiral Degill during the months of the war was impressed on how well Atomic Betty and her crew worked well alongside her friends Baloo Von Bruinwald in the Conwing IL, which by that time was armed with specially designed laser blasters including Mega Jerora Roran in the Moral Raider, who was Ironically an old rival of hers following the Crusade a year earlier in 2007.

By August 23rd, the balance of power tipped against Holeston and much of the territories once lost to the Empire were regained once again, Holeston eventually attempted to even the odds by attempting a suicide bombing of Cape Suzette on October 1st, but the carrier OIS YARIS was destroyed before it could deploy a Project designed Payload against the animal city and capital of the TaleSpin Universe, by the Higher Guardians.

By October 28th, the Higher Guardians entered the PROJECT Universe, and attacked the main Holeston base of Operations at Monroe, England, forcing Holeston to relocate a temporary Headquarters at Cape Suzette, this goal was never done as the transports carrying vital supplies and munitions, were attacked once again by the Higher Guardians on October 29th. The Leaders of War attempted to than conduct a full combined assault against the Planet of Miosha in the Atomic Betty Universe in hopes of restoring their fallen supplies, but the Invasion was repulsed once again by the Higher Guardians, who also worked with the rest of the Galactic Guardians and Shere Khan's Elite pilot squad.

As supplies became depleted, and the fronts in both Atomic Betty, and TaleSpin Realms were being swept away by November 22nd, the War Leaders of Holeston moved the remains of their resources from the Project Universe to Cape Suzette where they terraformed the entire city into a fortress. No one knew it yet, but it was now the near end of the Holeston Empire.

Battle of Cape Suzette and End of the Empire

Holeston remained in TaleSpin as the remnants of their forces were brought down in Atomic Betty Universe, leaving only Cape Suzette the last stronghold left in Holeston occupation. Highland, Carnage and Maximus had expected a full blown attack of the city by both Realms, but the attacks never came, instead the Higher Guardians were the ones tasked at liberating the city on December 31st 2008.

A major Battle was fought above Cape Suzette between the Higher Guardians and Holeston Imperial remaining forces for control of the skies, many of the land based targets were destroyed by both Atomic betty and Mega, further preventing the repairs of any ground based Holeston vehicle rendering the ground forces vulnerable for attack by air based targets.

The Iron Vulture that was commanded by Don Carnage, was attacked and destroyed by Baloo once and for all, after he shot out the vultures giant rear propellers causing the airborne pirate ship to crash into Cape Suzette Harbor and sink. The loss of the Iron Vulture brought about the immediate fear in the Air Pirates of TaleSpin where they abandoned the Battle leaving the Holeston remnants in Cape Suzette to their fates.

Maximus IQ alongside Minumus attempted to destroy Atomic Betty while she was vulnerable during a laser shutdown problem her ship was experiencing at the time, but was attacked by the 43, forcing him to break off giving Betty enough time to get her ship's laser cannons working again, Maximus attempted to attack a second time only to be shot down by Baloo in the Sea Duck.

As the Battle above the city soon began to move against Holeston, many of the airborne forces began to flee the city and escape back to their own realms leaving the Higher Guardians to easily wipe out the remaining air-based Holeston threats.

With the skies completely clean of air based threats, Highland attempted to escape the city by Rocket only to be shot down by Mega, and taken into custody. The loss of Highland along with the sudden return of Khan Industries, to the TaleSpin army units forced the city's garrison to surrender finally bringing an end to the Star Conflict on December 31st, 2008.

The remaining worlds of Holeston were eventually seized by the Realms native military powers eventually Collapsing Holeston completely by January 1st 2009.


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