Higher Guardians

Higher Guardians, Mega Jerora Roran along with the 43 on the Left, Baloo Von Bruinwald along with the Sea Duck in the center, and Atomic Betty with her Cruiser on the right...

Higher Guardians was a group of three separate Protagonists that was established in early 2008, during the early months of the Star Conflict, in 2091riveraisrael's 2009 FanFic Higher Guardian!, which was mostly composed of 3 exact members who were best known for Aerial escort and attack purposes, from 3 separate universes.

The group composes of Mega Jerora Roran, Baloo Von Bruinwald XII, and Atomic Betty Barret. Each one of them travel together in their Ships-Plane, in order to bring the hurt on evil all across the galaxy, and are also best known for several battles inclucing the Attack on Monroe, England during the 2008 Star Conflict and the Moses Incident of the year 2010.

Noble Members

  • Mega Jerora Roran
  • Miera 43
  • Baloo Von Bruinwald XII
  • Atomic Betty
  • Sparky
  • X-5

Local Ships

Moral Raider 43
(Created by 2091riveraisrael in the year 2002 as part of the PROJECT Corporation's galactic Era, The MR.43 is known as the heaviest of Armor and most destructive among the other 2 Higher Guardians ships, Equipped with state of the Art Abducto Tethers, Stereo System, and Destructive Repeating Laser Cutters...) MR 43 Class Star Cruiser
Conwing IL Sea Duck
(The most Earthly ship ever created from the Imagination of Man in the early 1990's originating from the show TaleSpin. Being the only actual plane of the Higher Guardians, Armed with 2 Laser cannons on the nose, the Conwing IL Sea Duck is steady and reliable for ground and air attack operations) The Sea Duck
AB Cruiser

(The lightest and most fastest Air-Space craft, created by Atomic Cartoons in the year 2004, that was used during the Moses Incident, which served mostly as an escort vehicle and patrol craft, used by Atomic Betty and her crew, the AB Cruiser was never named, and was pronounced the most valiant among the Galactic Guardians...)

Atomic Betty Cruiser



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