Felonious Gru, supervillain and adoptive father of Margo, Agnes, and Edith

Grusome Felionious Despicable/Felionius Gru, otherwise known as Gru, is a supervillain and the adoptive father of Margo , Agnes , and Edith. He committed various crimes over the years prior to the adoption of the girls, and he also stole the moon, but sacrificed that goal for the sake of the girls.

Despicable Me

Gru was on top of his game, stealing the Times Square Jumbotron and such, but he's getting older, and a new villain stole the Pyramids of Egypt, which was a threat to his role of #1 Supervillain. So, Gru came up with his biggest heist-to steal The Moon! However, Gru needs money to finance his plan, as well as to steal a shrink ray to pull it off. So after witnessing his rival, Vector doing business with 3 orphaned girls: Margo, Agnes, and Edith. The trio was selling cookies for their orphanage, Miss Hattie's Home for Girls. Gru decided to adopt the girls as part of a plan to steal the shrink ray. After placing Cookie Robots in boxes of cookies, Gru found out the location fo the shrink ray, he managed to steal it from a hidden base in an island. As he continued to plan and plot for his heist, he developed a bond with the girls at the same time. With a trip to Super Silly Fun Land, Gru and the Girls became almost like father and daughters. Until Dr. Nefario, Gru's personal mad scientist, thought the girls are interfering in the plan, decided to dial Miss Hattie to take the girls away from Gru. As Gru stole the Moon and tried to meet up with the girls after missing their ballet recidal, he found a ransom note-Bring The Moon. Turns out, it was Vector who kidnapped the girls after their recidal. In the end, Vector was sent into space and the girls are saved, thanks to Dr. Nefario and the Minions. Gru swears that he won't never lose them ever again, and he's not only a supervillain, but a father to the girls.

A Gift For Margo

One year after adopting the girls and saving them, Gru decided to use his supervillain methods to provide for the girls. So as part of a plan to get a birthday present for Margo, he stole a sapphire that was found in 1985 from a research lab in Hill Valley, California. The next day, he gave it to Margo during her 11th birthday party. Gru didn't notice this, but the sapphire was feeding into Margo's darker side, which inhabits her feelings of torment and anger towards Miss Hattie and Vector. Margo began to act strange from day to day, even her mood changes as well! Margo was becoming less of herself and more violent, more angier than her normal, shy self. After a classmate called her a "stray" (an offensive turm directed at orphaned children), Margo became angery and attacked the classmate. Gru had to pull her from school, and Dr. Nefario told Gru that the sapphire was from space, and it caused one of the diggers to go mad until he was committed to an asylum. Margo then discovered that she has superpowers, and decided to use them to punish Vector for kidnapping him, and kill Miss Hattie for the way she treated Margo and her sisters. After attacking Vector annd his father, Mr. Perkins, and turning them into a Pantomine Donkey, Margo, now in her final stage of her transformation known as Dark Margo, proceeded to torture and kill Miss Hattie. Having no choice, Gru has to summon his only hope, The Alliance of Super Girls for help.

With the Alliance's help, Gru used his love for Margo to get her back to her old self, and the Alliance defeated Margo with various weaknesses. However, that battle almost killed Casey Quickster and Atomic Betty during the battle. After Margo was freed from the sapphire, Betty decided to take the accursed item to Spindly Tam Kanukshu to make sure no one uses it for evil. However, Margo feels that the sapphire was her only way to get revenge at Miss Hattie, even Gru agreed, and as it turns out that he used the Alliance to groom Margo up to be her own villain, and that situation was a stepping stone to something even more "Despicable"...

Margo Takes Over The Anti-Alliance

With the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses in a state of disaray after the Terror Triplets and the Twin Tyrants left the team to turn themselves in to the Intergalactic Patrol for crimes against their own people, Gru decided to let Margo, Agnes, and Edith to not only join, but to take over the floundering team! With the knowledge of evil being taught to the girls, he sent them and a horde of Minions to Corpus Christi to take over the team. In adidition to guiding the girls in their new roles, Gru and Dr. Nefario provide them with weapons to use in battle against the Alliance.

Gru will be also making appearances in the Alliance of Super Girls Fanon during Season 3.

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