Gimmie Shelter! is a Season 3 episode in The Alliance of Super Girls fanon. This episode is different, as it foucuses on Minimus PU as the central character. The episode also features Nemesis AS in the episode as well.


After failing to stop Atomic Betty, Sparky, X-5, and Noah Parker from stealing back a doomsday device, Maximus IQ shouts at Minimus for being a failure for about the 1 trillion-th time. After that spat, Minimus tried to appease his master by making him his dinner. During dinnertime, Maximus took a bite of his favorite dish-roasted astro-chicken. But the food came out too dry in the end! With that, Maximus continued to berate Minimus once again, calling him an idiot, and a good-for-nothing-pathetic-excuse-for-an-underling. Tired of the constant shouting and abuse, Minimus snapped at him back. With that, Minimus decides to leave the citadel and run away that night, leaving a note behind.

That night at Alliance HQ, Sparky answered the door, it was Minimus. He told Sparky that he had a fight with Maximus over his treatment, so he asked him if he could stay at Alliance HQ. Sparky has to explain things to the Alliance. Almost all the Alliance members were convinced, even Betty. So they agreed to let him stay, although there was one objectionist-Dani Phantom.

Later, Maximus tries to entertain himself, though it becomes obvious, especially when Nemesis AS arrives to ask what's wrong, that Maximus is starting to miss having a sidekick. This, of course, prompts Nemesis to try to become his sidekick. After Maximus, after a slight reluctance, accepts, he sees Nemesis trying to give him a snack, though this causes him to nearly lash out at her, preparing to hit her. However, from the look on his eyes, he, for almost once in his life, felt guilt before stopping. After that fiasco, he decided to hold sidekick auditions as a way to end his grief. Every single enemy that Betty encountered tried to audition for the part, but Maximus rejected them all. Feeling empty, he decided to take solice in his duck collection.

Meanwhile, things aren't as much better in Alliance HQ. Minimus seems to be eating the Alliance out of house and home, He takes 5 hour bubble baths, grabs the last of every dinner at the caferteria, and so on. Minimus confessed to Dani and Sparky that he misses being bossed around by Maximus. So after thinking things over, Dani and Sparky decided to hatch a plan to lure Maximus to Earth and reunite the two. Betty goes along with this plan, and the Alliance fakes a threat-either Maximus comes to Earth or they'll throw Minimus in a holding cell! Maximus, feelling recharged after seeing the message, rushed to Alliance HQ to confront Minimus. At first, the two argured in classic Maximus vs Minimus fashion with each of them giving their own "Reason You Suck Speech" to one another, but the two confessed to each other that they miss the arguments and the hittings and the insults and everything. With all that said, they hugged and forgave each other. Betty asks them if they would do the whole "hero-defeats-villain's-evil-plan-to-run-the-universe thing" again, Maximus says to her, "anytime."

Later at a bar where all the Atomic Betty villains go to, Maximus and Minimus perform a twisted version of What A Wonderful World entitled What A Conquerable World after the two made things up, much to Nemesis' amusement.


  • The title is a play on the song of the same name by The Rolling Stones.
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