Dr. Viper is one of the enemies from Megakat City, and enemy of the Swat Kats. Dr. Elrod Purvis worked at Megakat Biochemical Labs. He tried to steal an experimental regenerative formula he and Dr. N. Zyme were developing. He became covered in the formula when he fell down the stairs and the shock ultimately killed him. The chemicals revived him from his death, mutating Purvis into a snake-like creature. With knowledge in the fields of biology, genetics and robotics, he sought to turn Megakat City into Mutation City, where he would reign as its absolute ruler. He was able to turn people like Morbulus into monsters and was by far the deadliest enemy of the SWAT Kats, and he and his creatures murdered a number of innocent people (including his former colleague Dr. N. Zyme) in the series. He was similar to the Spider-Man villain The Lizard. He first appeared in "The Giant Bacteria."

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Dr. Viper
Biographical Information
Name Dr. Viper, formerly Elrod Purvis
  • Purvis
  • Snake-Cat (fanon only)
  • Doc Ock (hates the nickname) (fanon only)
  • Vincent Perry (disguise human form) (fanon only)
  • Viper (by Black Mamba)
Age 20s or 30s
Species Lynxian Cat
Gender Male
  • Green fur/scales with blue stripes
  • Yellow pupil-less eyes
  • Black hair with three long strands
    • Fanon Human Disguise
  • Black neatly combed hair with three bang strands
  • Gold eyes
  • Bage human skin
  • White Labcoat
  • Dark Green Bracelet/Watch (Fanon Only)
    • Fanon Human Disguise
  • White Labcoat
  • Green shirt
  • Black tie
  • Brown trousers
  • Brown shoes
Relatives N/A
Romantic Interests Black Mamba (Fanon Only)
Abilities Coming Soon
  • Mutation
  • Nature
  • Chemistry
  • His Creations
  • The Sewers
  • Swat Kats
  • His Plans Foiled
  • Dark Kat
  • Being Called Doc Ock (Fanon only)
  • Swat Kats
  • Dark Kat
  • The Metallicats
  • Atomic Betty (Fanon only)
  • Enforcers
Home World Swamps of Lynxia (Megakat City formely)
Affiliations Himself
Allignment Either Evil or Chaotic Neutral at certain times
Japanese Seiyuu Wada Kouji
English Actor
  • Frank Welker
  • Vic Mignora (Fanon for Purvis & Disguise Form Only)

Swat Kats OAV

Taking place some time after the original Swat Kats ended, Dr. Viper continues to fight against the forces of good while continously planning to turn Megakat City into a swamp, and at one point worked with Dr. Greenbox whom was corrupted long since the second to last ep of the Swat Kats. During that time, parts of his past were shown.

It would also be at some point, before the birth of T-Bone's daughter, Dr. Viper would overhear a conversation between Dark Kat and the Pastmaster, both whom had secretly joined forces and headed to a future where Megakat City and more importantly the Swat Kats ceased to exist. It was at this point he accidentally stumbled and fell into the closing time portal the two foes entered.

Atomic Betty II

In Atomic Betty II, he was accidentally sent from his own timeline to that of the Atomic Betty timeline. As he adjusts to the timeline, he still plots to create a mutation city, though he sets his sights on Earth. However, unlike other foes, he finds a way to blend in and stay hidden from most everyone while he continues his dark deeds.

Also unlike most villains, he prefers to work for himself instead of others since many seem to be untrusting. During his hiding on Earth, he uses a watch he stole from a Galactic Guardian he attacked and killed, taking his place as the head chemistry teacher under the alias "Vincent Perry", a pseudonym of some sort of his true mutant name.

While on Earth, he quickly learns of Maximus (whom relocated to Earth due to his cathedral destroyed) and Nemesis in both normal and human forms, making himself known to them. During the scuffle, he almost blabs out his plans before the Galactic Guardians show up rescuing the human formed ones (after he brutally snaps the Betty Clones' necks) while Viper reassures to Maximus and Nemesis that since he knows whom they are, he would attack either of them whenever he chooses. It is not yet known if he found out Betty's identity.

During his secret stay on Earth, he steals the deceased Betty Clones, recreating and renaming them as his own while using DNA of both Maximus and Nemesis to create two other Nemesis Clones and one Maximus clone. However, during the process and another fight, a third clone was created from both Nemesis' piece of hair and the same chemical that made Dr. Viper whom he was, producing the third clone, a serpent like himself, dubbing herself Black Mamba. Their fight gets interrupted by the untimely arrival of Cerebral, planning to use the mutagen himself on the flesh, resulting in the guardians to defeat Cerebral while Viper and his clones made their escape.

Another fact he did not count on was that a girl whom had recently become one of the Pastmaster's disciples, Koreena, had begun to have a crush on him, much to his chagrin and Black Mamba's jealousy.

During one Christmas, The Greatest Christmas Story Never Told, it is seen that Viper shows some respect to the elderly, particularly Hirosaka, Kikyo, and even Max Sr. However, he does make exceptions to the likes of the Pastmaster and Mayor Manx.

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