Dani Phantom, Halfa and Alliance member.

Danielle "Dani" Fenton/Phantom is a superhero who is half-ghost, half-human (commonly called a "halfa".) She is a clone to the half-ghost, half-human hero, Danny Phantom, both come from the show, Danny Phantom. Like Atomic Betty , she is a member of The Alliance of Super Girls , but as a reserve member. She is voiced by two actresses in 2 separate episodes.

In Danny Phantom

Dani was created as a clone by millionare businessman Vlad Masters, also known as the villainous Vlad Plasmus. Dani was one of the few successful clones to be created, while other clones were deformed and failures. At first, Dani gained Danny's trust by being his cousin twice appart. When Vlad came to attack Danny, Dani helped Danny fight off the threat, but unknown to the teenaged hero, Dani attacked him from behind, falling into Vlad's trap. It was revealed thar Vlad wanted to have a son of his own, and that his many attempts to clone Danny were mistakes and imperfections. Dani, who was spying on the two, was devistated that she was labeled such a thing, also adding to the matter is that she melts sometimes. Correcting her mistakes, Dani rescues Danny and turns against Vlad. After defeating Vlad and escaping, Dani tells Danny that one day they will meet again.

In her second appearance, Dani was hunted by ghost hunter Valerie Grey, whom Vlad (as mayor of Amity Park) tells Valerie that Dani is a threat. To make matters worse, her melting problem was worse than ever. So Dani's only hope of stopping her melting is to be stablized. However when trying to seek Danny's help, Dani was captured by Valerie and brought to Vlad. Danny rushed to save her, but at first, Dani was completly melted (Vlad's plot was to create another clone of Danny by melting Dani.) But much to Danny's surprise, Dani was fully stablized and once again, she helped Danny defeat Vlad, and showing Valerie the truth about Vlad being the real evil being and not Dani. Once again, Dani flew off to the sunset. As for Vlad, he disappeared after getting hit by a meteor in the near end of the final episode, Phantom Planet (Dani made a nonspeaking cameo in that ep.)

Joining the Alliance

After the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses was formed to battle the Alliance, it was Atomic Betty's idea to open up a membership drive to gather up new members to battle the ever-growing threat of the Anti-Alliance. Among the new recruits was Dani herself. Dani jumped at the chance of joining the team after wanting to break out of the shadow of her "cousin" by being in a super team. She felt that joining the Alliance was a natural fit for her, so she joined up. She also confronts Danny's female foes from time to time, including Ember McLain, Lunch Lady, and Penelope Spectra, whom some of them joined the Anti-Alliance.

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