Corpus Christi, in real life, at night.

Corpus Christi, Texas is home to superheroine Casey Quickster (a friend and ally to Atomic Betty), as well as the base of operations of The Alliance of Super Girls and it's criminal counterpart, the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses.

In Real Life

Corpus Christi, Texas is in fact, an actual city in Texas. It's located in the Gulf Coast on the way to the Rio Grande Valley. The name was taken from the Latin translation of Body of Christ. The city's official nickname is Sparkling City By The Sea in its' tourism promotional materials. The city was founded in 1839, and was given the name in 1847, and was finally incorporated in on September 9th, 1852. Notable famous people born and/or lived in this city include late actress Farah Fawcett, actor Lou Diamond Philips, country singer Don Williams, TV and Film star Eva Longoria, BMX rider Arron Ross, and late Tejano star Selena.

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