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Chaz as seen in Season 3

Chaz Lang is the older brother of Penelope Lang that made his debut in Season 3 of Atomic Betty. Unlike his sister, he isn't snobby, and he's more of a down-to-Earth guy. Betty has a slight crush on her, although it is unknown to Noah. In the final episode, The Future is Now, he is a member of the Galactic Guardians in 2013.

Alliance of Super Girls

It is confirmed that he'll be in The Alliance of Super Girls fanon.

Atomic Betty II

Chazz, after the end of Mission: Earth, finds out about Betty's identity. And later, he with Regeena become Galactic Guardians, though they find out it takes more than just looks and skills to be guardians. Especially when Chazz struggles and gets torn between duty or friendship and love.

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