Casey Quickster (real name-Casey Ellen Rogers) is a superheroine from the city of Corpus Christi, Texas and the is the founding member of The Alliance of Super Girls superheroine team. She is also a friend and ally to Atomic Betty. Her superpowers include superspeed, the ability to vibrate through solid matter, and can go fast to travel through time.

Casey Quickster
Casey Quickster, Child Speed Queen

Real Name

Casey Ellen Rogers






Corpus Christi, Texas USA


Alliance of Super Girls (founding member), League of Super Texans, Atomic Betty

Powers and Abilities

Superspeed, vibration through solid matter


Casey Ellen Rogers was just a simple 10-year old girl from the island city of Corpus Christi. She's an average student, has a group of friends, and has a crush on a 10-year old son of bakers, Thomas Nathaniel "Tom" Allen. However, she has a bully, the rich, snobby Kristy Beaumont. Both she and Kristy are daughters of scientists who run their own laboratories, however while their parents are friends, their daughters are not. Almost all the time, the girls trade shots with one another.

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