Camp Classic is a season 3 episode of The Alliance of Super Girls fanon. The plot centers the Main 4 going on a camping trip after defeating Nemesis AS in the previous episode. This is one of the few episodes where no supervillains appear, or any superhero fights.


Following their victory over Nemesis AS, Casey, Betty, Jessie, and Violet decided to go on a camping trip after being exausted from many battles lately. Jessie tells the girls that her family is going to Big Bend National Park for the trip. She also tells them that she can invite the 3 of them to tag along. With the permission of the Baretts, the Rogers, and the Parrs, the other girls tagged along with Jessie, leaving Golden Mermaid and the other reserves in charge of Alliance HQ. With all that taken care off, the girls are off to go camping.

After they get to Big Bend, the girls pitched a tent that Dr. Rogers gave Casey for the girls to use. Casey also took out a camping kit that Dr. Rogers also gave her for the girls to use. Casey told the other girls that Alice Malet told her about many bizarre things that happened when people go camping. Alice told her that UFOs appear to abduct people, as well as gnomes that steal sleeping bags, and the fact that there's Bigfoot sightings recently. Jessie told Casey to shrug it off, but Casey still feels nervous about such things. As the girls went to sleep for the night, Casey begins to see and hear things.

Jessie wakes Casey up the next day for the girls to go rafting. After the girls finished rafting, they proceeded to catch fish for a fish fry for that night. Casey ended up catching the most fish of all the 4. That night during the fish fry, Casey sees odd lighting on the horizon, thinking it was aliens. Casey got spooked, as she zipped inside her sleeping bag, refusing to come out. Betty asures Casey that all of this was in her head, and that Alice was lying to her. The girls continued to camp out day after day. Then came the final night of being in Big Bend, and the most interesting of the nights there.

Casey, Betty, Violet, and the Andrews were making smores after eating their camp food when Casey hears a roar. Could it be Bigfoot, or some other animal? Then, the flashing lights return, could it be UFOs? To top this all off, Casey's sleeping bag began to move! Could it be the sleeping bag gnomes stealing Casey's bag? Casey snapped, as she attacks the imaginary things that provoked her. She punched the tents, kicked the coolers, and thrashed the campsite! Betty had no choice but to snap Casey out of her crazed trance by slapping her. Casey stopped, and she apologized to the Andrews for acting up. They forgave her, and they tell her to enjoy the last night.

The next morning, the girls packed up their bags and were about to go. Just then, they hear and see the same things that Casey saw. As the Alliance get ready to battle, as it turned out, it was Juniper Lee, an Alliance member! June told the Alliance that she was experimenting ways to get passed the barrier that keeps her in Orchid Bay, not to mention taking her younger brother Ray Ray and her stashquatch friend Lila with her. With that settled, June returns to Orchid Bay and the others went home. Back at Alliance HQ, Golden Mermaid told the Main 4 that June was just visiting from Orchid Bay, and Alice was half right and almost all wrong. Not to mention, Alice gets punched in her right eye by Casey in the end. Meanwhile in Canada, Penelope Lang and her friends were camping. They seem to have it relaxed and made, until they hear wolves howling...


  • One of the few Alliance episodes that don't have any supervillains or superhero battles.
  • The title is taken from the meaning of a movie or show that's considered "campy", as well as the particular activity that the girls do in this episode.
  • Juniper Lee is considered an Alliance member, however due to her stipulation, she has to teleport back to Orchid Bay. She joined back in Season 1.
  • The Sleeping Bag Gnomes are a parody on the Underpants Gnomes from South Park.
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