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(Blue Betty Clone)

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The two forms of Roxanne


Herself as 17 years old recreated by Dr. Viper in AB II continuity, becomes Gamma

Official Canon

A clone of Roxanne the Rubber Bandit, Roxanne is one of the Betty clones created by Maximus. She looks just like Betty save her blue eyes and blue uniform. She has been given the power to stretch and twist herself into any shape or size. Like the other two, she started off evil and was later rewired to be a good, productive member of society. She did not start off with her name, but was Clone Betty 3. She was made from a fragment of hair obtained during a battle between Maximus I.Q. and Atomic Betty. Later, she and the other clones gained the power to hypnotize people with cheers and became the cheerleaders of doom. After many fruitless fights Atomic Betty challenges the girls to a cheer-off and makes it so they can only speak gibberish. Then Maximus sends the clones to Earth to kidnap Spindly Tam to transfer his knowledge to Maximus's Blood monks. While there they wreak havoc on the citizens and the real Betty is blamed. After defeating the blood monks the girls are transformed into harmless, good girls who help Betty fix everything in town and also throw Penelope in a trash can. Betty shrugs them off as her "cousins". In her last appearance, Roxanne was the only clone in human form.

Atomic Betty II

In this fan canon, she with her sisters, despite being reprogrammed by X-5 and losing her ability to speak normally like her sisters (due to what previously happened in Cheerleaders of Doom), are killed by Dr. Viper before the dead trio are snatched by the mad scientist serpent.

It is shown later that she and her sisters were recreated, only this time, by natural cloning instead of the Galactic Guardians' machine. There were, however, side effects. Not only could they speak normally again while keeping their old powers, but also became aged up to 17. She, of course, is the first person to take well, unlike her siblings with the red clone confused and the yellow clone freaked out. She is also the first person who gives herself her own name, discarding the name, "Roxanne" and instead calls herself "Gamma" from that point onward.

They reappear to the Guardians and to Maximus' gang during another brawl. This of course becomes somewhat one sided as most of them are equally matched unlike previously. Had Dr. Cerebral not interrupted at that moment in order to steal one of X-5's latest inventions, Dr. Viper and the clones would have succeeded in defeating them.

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