Black Mamba is one of the Three Nemesis Clones that were created by Dr. Viper. However, unlike most of the clones, she was born with the Viper Mutagen 368 inside herself and she prefers to be a serpent instead of a normal cat. More to come...

Black Mamba semi-true
Black Mamba
Biographical Information
Name Black Mamba
  • Mrs. Doc Ock (name she despises)
  • Zeta (disguise human form)
  • Mamba (by Viper)
Age Physically 20s or 30s
Species Clone Lynxian Cat
Gender Female
  • Short cut off hair blended onto head with bangs sticking out
  • Green fur with blue stripes
  • Light green fur on muzzle, hands to elbows, bottom legs, chest to belly, and tail tip
  • Yellow pupil-less eyes
    • Human Form
  • Bushy white hair
  • Green eyes
  • White labcoat
  • Light blue jeans
    • Human Form
  • Black dress suit
  • Black high heels
Romantic Interests Dr. Viper
Abilities Coming Soon
  • Experiments
  • Nature
  • Dr. Viper
  • Being Liked
  • Being a Mutant
  • Being Called "Mrs. Doc Ock"
  • Anything Not Natural
  • Dark Kat
  • Koreena eyeing on Viper
  • The Swat Kats Foiling Plans
  • Dr. Viper
  • Betty Clones
  • Nemesis Clones
  • Alpha
  • Atomic Betty
  • Sparky
  • X-5
  • Admiral DeGill
  • Galactic Guardians
  • Dark Kat
  • Metallicats
  • The Pastmaster
  • Swat Kats
  • Koreena
Home World Earth due to being cloned on Earth
Affiliations Dr. Viper
Allignment Either Evil or Chaotic Neutral at certain times
Japanese Seiyuu Ayaka Komatsu
English Actor
  • Kelly Sheridan (Edit)
  • Tara Strong (Uncut)
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