Beatrixo is Atomic Betty's Grandmother and one of the 1st Galactic Guardians. She is a semi-retired Guardian who lives on a farm in the countryside near Moose Jaw Heights. She made her debut in a non-speaking role in the Season 1 episode, The Trouble with Triplets]] as the mother of Betty's father. She got a larger role in subsequent episodes in Seasons 2 and 3, and on The No-L 9 holiday special.

She also has an evil sister who she often clashes with, Auntie Matter, who is also Betty's Aunt.

Role in The Alliance

Beatrixo is slated to appear in the fanon of The Alliance of Super Girls, in which the Main Four travels back in time to encounter a Golden Age of Heroes version of the Alliance, known as The Society of Girl Guardians, in which Beatrixo is a member of that team, along with Elastigirl (Violet's mother), Speedy Sally (a Golden Age take on Casey Quickster) and Maria Moon (a young Gen. Maria Wilson, whom is Jessie Jetter's commanding officer.)

Beatrixo will also help out with the Alliance in their battles as well.

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