Battle of Cape Suzette
Date: December 31st, 2008
Conflict: Star Conflict
Region: Cape Suzette,

TaleSpin Universe


Higher Guaridan Victory...

  • Star Conflict ends...
  • Leaders of War fall...
  • Iron Vulture is destroyed...
  • Maximus IQ Shot down...
  • Holeston Empire falls by 2009...


The Battle of Cape Suzette was the final engagement which concluded the Star Conflict, on December 31st 2008 in the story Higher Guardian!, leading to the end of the Holeston Empire, and the sudden fall of the War of Leaders. This Battle was known to have been fought not by military power, but by 3 air based vehicles against a military Power.

The Battle also led to the destruction of TaleSpin's Native Air Pirates, the destruction of Maximus IQ's ship and the capture of Horace Highland Roran.

Higher Guardains were granted as Gods and Goddess's of the Skies following this event, as Atomic Betty her crew, Mega Jerora Roran, and Baloo Von Bruinwald Single handliy took down an entire army on their own.


Holeston remained in TaleSpin as the remaints of their forces were brought down in both Atomic Betty and PROJECT Universe, leaving only Cape Suzette the last stronghold left in Holeston occupation. Highland, Carnage and Maximus had expected a full blown attack of the city by both Realms, but the attacks never came, instead Higher Guardians were the ones tasked at liberating the city on December 31st 2008.

A major Battle was fought above Cape Suzette between the Higher Guardians and Holeston Imperial remaining forces for control of the skies, many of the land based targets were destroyed by both Atomic betty and Mega, further preventing the repairs of any ground based Holeston vehicle rendering the ground forces vulnerable for attack by air based targets.

The Iron Vulture that was commanded by Don Carnage, was attacked and destroyed by Baloo once and for all, after he shot out the vultures giant rear propellors causing the airborne pirate ship to crash into Cape Suzette Harbor and sink. The loss of the Iron Vulture brought about the immediate fear in the Air Pirates of TaleSpin where they abandoned the Battle leaving the Holeston remnants in Cape Suzette to their fates.

Maximus IQ along side Minumus attempted to destroy Atomic Betty while she was vulnerable during a laser shut down problem, but was attacked by the 43, forcing him to break off giving Betty enough time to get her ships laser cannons working again, Maximus attempted to attack a second time only to be shot down by Baloo in the Sea Duck.

As the Battle above the city soon began to move against Holeston, many of the airborne forces began to flee the city and escape back to their own realms leavin the Higher Guardians to easily wipe out the remaining air-based Holeston threats.


With the skies completely clean of air based threats, Highland attempted to escape the city by Rocket only to be shot down by Mega, and taken into custody. The loss of Highland along with the arrival of TaleSpin army units forced the city's garrison to surrender finally bringing an end to the Star Conflict on December 31st.

The remaining worlds of Holeston were eventually seized by the Realms native military powers eventually Collapsing Holeston by January 1st 2009.


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