Auntie Matter is the evil sister of Beatrixo and the aunt of Atomic Betty as well. She has the ability to turn her body into a black hole and suck everything in its path. Betty'a mother somehow didn't inherit these powers, due to the fact that she might skipped a generation, and as of now, it is doubtful that Betty has this power.

Alliance of Super GirlsEdit

Auntie Matter will be part of a story in the fanon of The Alliance of Super Girls in which Betty finds out she has the same power as her evil aunt. Later, she'll join the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses during the Terror Triplets/Twin Tyrants era. She'll remain on the team during the Margo , Agnes and Edith era of the Anti-Alliance. She'll also be among one of Margo's loyalists during a planned Anti-Alliance mutiny story.

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