Attack on Monroe
Attack on Monroe 2008
Date: October 28th, 2008
Conflict: Star Conflict
Appearance: Higher Guardian!
Operation: Com
Status: Decisive Higher Guardian Victory...
  • Monroe in Ruins...
  • Gunboat Captured for the Galactic Guardians...
  • H.E Shifts New Head Quarters to Cape Suzette...
Region: Monroe, England
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Attack on Monroe, also known as The Battle of the Mt Monroe, was an attempt conducted by the Newly established Higher Guardian, in order to take the battle to the Holeston Empire for once, and Hijack an Holeston Imperial Rollan-Class Gunboat for the Galactic Guardians The engagement was conducted During Final Months of the Star Conflict in 2008, on the Holeston Main HQ on Mount Monroe in England.

Members of the Higher Guardians, led by Mega Jerora Roran planned an offensive against the Holeston Empire Their first victory was to destroy the OIS Roadblock, an orbital component of the Holeston Imperial communications web providing a control signal to Monroe down on the planet.

With the control signal lost, the base went into hibernation and was vulnerable to attack. The three pilots than flew back down to the planet and attacked the base, which consisted of multiple platforms spread throughout the area.

The pilots were however ambushed when Monroe Field reactivated from the newly arrived Moss Group who showed up to England and reactivated Canyon's Emergency power generators. After which they had to destroy a wall of airborne mines to proceed further into the base.

The group consisting of only three ships, the 43, the Sea Duck and AB Cruiser, fought through the complex, facing the base's defenses, before blowing up the deflector shield generator protecting the command center, which allowed Atomic Betty and her crew, to land and successfully steal a gunboat to use as a decoy.

Her wingmen then left the site as Holeston reinforcements arrived from the North.

Prior to the Events

The Attack


Approaching the canyon in which the base's multiple platforms were situated, the pilots destroyed several inactive laser turrets.

They were blocked from further travel, however, by a wall of airborne Aerial mines. As they were attempting to disable the first three platforms of the base, the base reactivated much sooner than expected due to the fact of the Dark Girls being stationed on Platform 4 not that far out using the Icy regions to hear out the entire attack from the distance from the sounds of Explosions in which they quickly got to work in reactivating the Arctic Canyon's Defensive turrets by switching the Emergency Power Generators, allowng the turrets to once again come online, and opened fire on the Higher Guardians.

Despite the bases defenses being reactivated, The Higher Guardians destroyed the turrets and the mines, and proceeded into the next section of the base.


The Higher Guardians found and destroyed another gun platform before moving on to destroy a platform supporting a large Communication building. The building was protected by two laser cannons in the water, along with newly developed Floating tanks's and a nearby missile launcher. When the area was cleared of all Holeston forces, Mega ordered both his wing mates to rejoin formation. As he led them toward the next part of the canyon, they were met by multiple Star Fighters, about which Baloo informed his compatriots.

The Higher Guardians engaged the Holeston starfighters together as a group, despite being heavily outnumbered, the Higher Guardians managed to out wit the Imperial fighters and break through the line of fighters, as they continued on to the next section of the base. There they found buildings protected by turrets, Royal APC's Block Anti Air Emplacements, and multiple Ground Infantry units armed with R-835 Rocket Launchers. Despite the strong the defense the Pilots of Higher Guardians was able to clear them out, which they cleared the structures as well.

Moving along the canyon, they destroyed the next platform, which was protected by Morbarou's and Rollan-class gunboats in addition to laser and Energetic turrets. Atomic Betty than took over command of the Higher Guardians and ordered her team to move on once the Holeston Empire presence in the area was completely annihilated.

After giving her orders, Atomic Betty then flew off the path and acquired advanced proton bomb technology in a burned-out building after clearing away the surrounding Holeston defenses. As Betty rejoined the formation, which was flying over a destroyed dome with Holeston turrets nearby while covering the retreating Holeston columns down in the snow as they made their way towards the Heart of Monroe, where Baloo Von Bruinwald commented that the Holeston had been there already.

Attack on the Command Center

With nearly almost 85 Percent of the Monroe Base in Ruins, the Holeston surviving defneders of the outer 8 Platforms retreated through Ermea's Point where they gathered around the Command Center, the last major point of structures that have not yet been targeted by the Higher Guardians.

Flying through the next part of the canyon, the Higher Guardians reached the base control center, where they planned to steal a Holeston gunboat. The command center was protected by a deflector shield, which Atomic Betty had to disable in order to steal the gunboat while Mega and Baloo provided supporting fire.

Once the defenses were destroyed, Atomic Betty and her crew than landed their cruiser and absconded with a gunboat, shooting through a wall that blocked their path to the Ross River. Baloo and Mega were unable to escort Atomic Betty and her crew, as Air Pirate reinforcements were inbound.

At this point Mega had managed to retake command of the Higher Guardians and ordered Atomic Betty and her crew to continue, as the Baloo than added on that the Holeston Empire would think she and her crew are escaping Continentals, and that they shouldn't follow.

The Aftermath

The Attack on Monore forced an Immediate withdrawl of Holeston Imperial and total Abandonment of the Glaciers, in which a grand total of 300 Supplies were destroyed along with 97 Fighters, both Airborn and Ground Based, along with a some total of 80 Turrets and 39 Buildings, rendering the base pointless for repairs.

The Destruction of Monroe would further shatter Holeston supplies to Invade the Atomic Betty Universe, and force Holeston and Air Pirates to divert their main Headquarters to Cape Suzette in the TaleSpin Universe.

In the Climax of Monroe's Destruction Atomic Betty and her crew with the stolen gunboat, managed traveled down the Ross River and reach several Holeston Death camps holding enslaved from TaleSpin and Atomic Betty's Universe, whom she and her team liberated.

Unfortunatly by this point unknown to Higher Guardians is that Eventually while the where abouts of this engagement was going on was that Mercenary Leader, Neil Copper betrayed the Galactic Guardians and almost killed Admiral DeGill alongside Cadet Noah and his crew, taking control of the rescued slaves.

Atomic Betty, Baloo and Mega eventually in turn stopped and wiped out the Mercenaries at Mobarus in Canada just before returning to fighting the Holeston Empire.


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