The Admaral then proceded with the mission. "Maximus IQ has stolen the galaxy's most valuble saramic duck, The Golden Malard It is made out of pure gold and has emarald eyes. You must return the item to the museum it belongs in." They then set corse to Maxims' citedal.

Maximus was playing with his ducks. More suspificly, The Golden Malard. He was talking to it as if it were real. Minumus rolled his eyes. What was it with Maximus and ducks? Suddenly, Betty, Sparky, X-5, and Paloma showed up. "Well, well, well." said Maximus. "If it is'nt Atomic Bettty. And I see you have a new crew memeber." He looked at Paloma. "You shall all be distroyed." he said angraly. They then started to attack. Paloma started with Minimus. She got him on the head, causing it to spin and him to fall down. Then came Maximus.; She got him on the ears. Then in the face. He was knoked out!

Maximus and Minimus were arrested, The Golden Malard was safely returned, and there job was done. Time to go home.

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