Atomic Betty II (アトミックベティII) is an AU Anime sequel of the first show that originally aired on Cartoon Network, but now airs on The Hub. This series is rated TV-14 due to language, violence and sexual references. This series takes place some time after the series ends from The Future is Now episode. This series is rated TV-Y7 for edited airings with many cuts and things toned down and TV-14 due to language, violence and sexual references.


Set in the day after Mission: Earth ends and some time after the end of Swat Kats, the plot focuses on more than just Betty's struggles between her human and Guardian identities. This also conflicts on her relationships building after not only Paloma's return but also Chaz and Regeena become guardians themselves. It also focuses on both Maximus and a new character whom is Maximus' love interest named Nemesis AS with secrets of her past even she does not know 'til later. And some time after, after Megakat City along with all the suppose missing citizens and even the Swat Kats arrive to the present time, many more conflicts, secrets, and struggles are shown. The adventures that await Betty, Maximus, and Nemesis begin to toll as the series takes a tone darker than the previous series.

Fictitious Voice Actors

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Betty, Betty Clones (Gamma, Flara, & Xena) Aya Hisakawa
Sparky Kappei Yamaguchi
X-5 Takato Yusuhiro
Admiral DeGill, DeGilla Hikaru Midorikawa
Maximus IQ, Maximus Clone aka Alpha (Anime Exclusive) Ogata Megumi
Nemesis AS (Anime Exclusive), Nemesis Clones (Beta, Delta, & Black Mamba) (Anime Exclusives) Ayaka Komatsu
Minimus PU
Ling Ling
Noah Parker Junko Takeuchi
Paloma Kae Araki
Purrsy Hochu Otsuka
Penelope Lang Alisa
Chaz Lang Miyu Irino
Regeena Peterson Risa Ooki

Leah Cudmore

Max Sr.
Kikyo (Anime Exclusive) Kaori Asoh
Chance/T-Bone Mamoru Miyano Roger Craig Smith
Jake/Razor Kappei Yamaguchi Jason Griffith
Callie Briggs Asada Youko Amy Birnbaum
Commander Ulysses Feral Hochu Otsuka Sean Schemmel
Lt. Felina Feral Ogata Megumi Lisa Ortiz
Dark Kat Norio Wakamoto Mark Hamill
Mac Mange Fumihiko Tachiki Roger L. Jackson
Molly Mange Mika Doi Saffron Henderson
Ann Gora Mayumi Yamaguchi Mellisa Fahn
Mayor Manx Jouji Nakata Roger L. Jackson
Pastmaster Makio Inoue Roger L. Jackson
Vincent Perry (Anime Exclusive)/Dr. Elrod Purvis Vic Mignogna
Dr. Viper Frank Welker
Mary (Anime Exclusive) Sawai Miyuu
Hirosaka Kirikorosu (Anime Exclusive) Genzo Wakayama
Zulia Shino Kakinuma
Max Sr. Sr.
  • Norio Wakamoto (Old)
  • Junichi Kanemaru (Young)
Pontifidora Han Keiko
Koreena Megumi Hayashibara
Margo Despicable (Guest Star) Rica Fukami Miranda Cosgrove
Casey Quickster/Casey Rogers, Cassie the Reverse-Quickster, Franny Freeze/Franny Philips (Guest Stars) Misa Watanabe Hynden Walch
Jessie Jetter/Jessie Andrews, Dani Phantom/Dani Fenton (Guest Stars) Keiko Yamamoto Anna-Sophia Robb
Violet Parr (Guest Star) Haruka Ayase Sarah Vowell
Atomic Roger Inoue Kazuhiko
Pandora Kotono Mitsuishi
Juanita Etsuko Kozakura
Beatrixo Emi Shinohara
Jimmy Tohru Furuya
Auntie Matter Rio Natsuki
Sarah Yuka Imai
Megan Yuka Tokumitsu
Sam Risa Uchida
Turmoil Michie Tomizawa
Lt. Commander Steele Tetsuya Kakihara Brad Swaile
Jonny K Romi Park Yuri Lowenthal
Al Kujira Rob Paulsen

(More to Come)


Season 1

  • In Updating Mode

At the start of the new series, the show starts to become a bit darker and edgier rather than what Mission: Earth became. Some dark elements from Swat Kats are also present within this series.

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
01 The Enemy Feline, She's Called Nemesis/Metallicats Appear, A Great Frame-Up! The New Enemy/The Return (UPDATED!) Atomic Betty, after meeting new neighbor Janet, is called to protect an idol singer, not knowing Maximus and his assassin, Nemesis, have other plans. (Villains: Maximus IQ & Nemesis AS)/Two foes calling themselves the Metallicats have been awakened and wreaking havoc, framing Nemesis in the process while Betty and Nemesis fight them and their supposed gang leader which shocks even Betty. (Villains: Metallicats & Empress Narcissitad)
02 A Journey in the Mirror, The Ring's Power Wonderland! (UPDATED!) (Betty, aside from incarnation, makes no appearance) Finding strange creatures that ask for their assistance, despite not knowing who they are, Maximus and Nemesis enter a strange world where some faces familiar and unfamiliar take on the forms of the inhabitants of the place called Wonderland where they are tasked in finding a powerful alchemy ring which grants power to the user who speaks a dead language (Japanese) and wears it. (Villain: Iciclia as the Queen of Hearts)
03 The Dangerous Weapon a Creature? Cerebral's Desire Ling Ling Years ago, a weapon of sort was frozen for 3000 years. Now in the present, after Nemesis with Maximus and Minimus are ordered by her teacher to find it, they find the weapon, who turns out to be the rarest of all creatures: The almost extinct Iseichu. And when it attacks, Cerebral would want to harness Ling Ling's power. Meanwhile, a pet show is happening in Moosejaw as Janet, without a choice, enters Ling Ling in it, much to Purrsy's annoyance. (Villains: Maximus IQ, Nemesis AS, Ling Ling, Dr. Cerebral, & Chameleon)
04 Terror of Vampires, The Halloween Madness Vampires from the Planet Nosferatu! It's Halloween again in Moosejaw Heights as Betty with Janet and their friends go trick or treating. However, a strange disease is going on as they soon learn that their home is under attack by vampires! (Villains: Koumori & Kyuuketsuki)
05 The Friendly Dinos, and an Elephant Too/The Frozen Nemesis, The Desperate Search A World with Dinosaurs/Ice to Know You (In Progress) While taking care of many dinosaurs called Yoshis and the elephant being named Fred, Betty and Noah must prevent Hopper the Chopper from turning the dinosaurs into meat. But how can they when they have to be annoyed by Fred? Meanwhile, Maximus, Minimus, Ling Ling, and Nemesis must deal with an enchanted witch who turns people into opposites of themselves when finding a mirror while the sidekicks learn that Maximus' opposite self may or may not make them realize that Maximus is not really evil. (Villains: Hopper the Chopper & Morganna)/After DeGill explains about Nemesis and Ling Ling's disappearance thanks to Iciclia, right before Paloma's identity being discovered, the Guardians are off to search for Nemesis in order to bring her to justice. However, Maximus and Minimus, whom after curing themselves of being gelatin beings, receive a mysterious message to free her. But when she's found, what Maximus would do may cause a legendary foe to reawaken from his prison. But not if the Chameleon, whom made a shocking and horrifying discovery, may have something to say. (Villain: Chameleon)
06 Terror of the Pastmaster, Max Sr. Sr.'s Youth Restored The Pastmaster's Rising The foe, the Pastmaster, whom has awakened from the previous episode, returns to the present with his disciples. As Regeena and Chaz also learn about the Guardians as well, Paloma returns to be a Guardian as well. However, the elderly Maxes have escaped from prison once again with an intent on finding a jewel that can give you eternal youth. And when Max Sr. Sr. steals it for himself, the Guardians must face off against not only him, but the Pastmaster who has planned to turn the universe back to the dark ages while he himself plans to eliminate his target: Nemesis! (Villains: Pastmaster, Disciples, & Max Sr. Sr.)
07 The Dark Kat Arising, The Training Begins Hello Dark Kat Betty, now 14, has entered High School with her friends. However, Penelope makes a bet that may cause her and Sparky to get expelled, though meanwhile, Dark Kat has also arrived to the present time, intending to frame the Guardians. How will the guardians get through this? Meanwhile, Janet and Maximus (as Willis Colin) are forced to attend a talent show on accident while they have to sing in front of the audience. Though Willis has no trouble with it, Janet does due to stage fright! Will she overcome stage fright? (Villain: Dark Kat)
08 A Strange New Teacher, Dr. Viper Comes Calling My Name is Viper! Moosejaw Heights High gets a new science teacher named Vincent Perry, whom many girls, including Janet, have a crush on. However, during a planned date, Willis with Minimus and Ling Ling find out that there's something strange with him. And when the truth gets out and Vincent learns of their identities, he makes himself known to who he truly is: Dr. Viper, also having made it to the present and planned to mutate Nemesis. Can they with (reluctantly) Betty and her clones stop him or would he prove that even Atomic Betty can not defeat him? Meanwhile, Minimus tries asking out one of the students while in disguise, too bad it's Penelope, much to Ling Ling's anger. (Villain: Dr. Viper)
09 A Deadly Maze, Find the Way Out/Chaz vs Viper, the Mutation Plot The Dark Kat's Game/The Serpent's Desire Dark Kat has constructed a maze of traps for anyone planning to find his stolen artifact, the Kutu Helmet of Ra. How will they fair through this deadly maze? Meanwhile, Regeena and Paloma get stuck in ballet class. (Villain: Dark Kat)/Strange mutants begin appearing in Moosejaw and when Betty and the others get temporarily mutated, Chaz must put his training to the test when confronting Dr. Viper! Meanwhile, a visit with Hirosaka may lead to a clue to both Ling Ling and Nemesis' past! (Villain: Dr. Viper)
10 The Clone Plot, More Fakes?/Minions Search for Cure, Ling Ling's True Gender I Think I'm a Clone Now/Minions' Off Day Betty, Nemesis, and even Maximus are being framed for crimes in both Earth and space. When they find the clones, they learn that not only Dr. Viper has brought back three familiar clones, but also had created ones out of Maximus and Nemesis as well with one that's more than just a clone, she's Viper's assistant! Meanwhile, Noah must learn Japanese while in his Foreign Language class before flunking. (Villains: Dr. Viper, Betty Clones, Maximus Clone, Nemesis Clones, & Black Mamba)/Flu season has hit as almost everyone, but Minimus and Ling Ling, becomes sick. To their surprise, they find out that it's not a normal flu, but from a disease carrying meteor. Now they must find the cure while Minimus learns a shocking discovery about Ling Ling on accident: Ling Ling's female! (Villain: none)
11 Time Travel Gone Awry, Into Lynxia's Past Ling Ling's Tragic Origin Finding Galactic Guardian Headquarters due to Bangoons' stupidity of leaving a gate opened, Maximus with Nemesis steal the working time machine and prepare to travel in the future. However, due to the Galactic Guardians and the Pastmaster interfering, they are all sent into the past 3000 years where Ling Ling finds out that they arrived at the day she was frozen. And with the Pastmaster trying to lay waste to the valley at Hitashi Mountain, will the good guys and the reluctant felines work it out with what appeared to be past incarnations of Maximus & Nemesis? (Villain: Pastmaster)
12 The Truth of Nemesis' Origin, Megakat City Returns? A Truth & Return Arriving to the time before Megakat City disappears, Betty and her friends hide while Nemesis meets with her idols: the Swat Kats. However, not only does she learn their true identities, but she also learns that she's the daughter of both T-Bone AND Felina. And what does the Pastmaster have in store when he finds her infant self and tries to make Megakat City disappear? And will it lead to what truly happened to Megakat City? (Villain: Pastmaster)
13 Disciples of the Pastmaster, Long Lost Faces Nice to Kikyo Still griping about her shocking discovery, Nemesis begins going into depression before she's suggested to take a vacation. Despite the vacation, she couldn't get over it. However, not only has Max Sr. broke out again and is hiding in the resort, but the Pastmaster with Dark Kat, the Metallicats, and even Hard Drive return with the disciples, this time with two more being Turmoil and Koreena. When both the Guardians and the Swat Kats arrive, the whole city of Moosejaw witnesses what is happening during the battle. And what would happen next would lead a shocking discovery for the Maxes, Nemesis, and even DeGill himself when the two disciples he has are revealed! And even more shocking, Dr. Viper, who has his own plans, fights against them! (Villains: Pastmaster, Dark Kat, Koreena, Metallicats, Hard Drive, Turmoil, Kikyo, & Mary)
14 Terror of the Scribe, His Choice is Death/A Crush from Mamba, Her Heart for Viper The Scribe's Finale/Love or Lust The Scribe has escaped once again, although this time, it turns out he only has 24 hours to live. And the thing is, he plans to use his remaining hours to destroy the Galactic Guardians. However, what he did not count on was the Swat Kats dealing with him. Meanwhile, Paloma talks with Minimus and Ling Ling about her past and the home she could never return to. (Villain: The Scribe)/During a lecture, while in the Zeta disguise, Black Mamba has a hard time concentrating around Dr. Viper, especially when it turns out that she has a crush on him! What can she do about it? Meanwhile, Beta feels lonely before she learns that she can actually make friends with Paloma, Regeena, Callie, Minimus, and Ling Ling. (Villain: none)
15 The Training Gets Harder, Cadets vs Cats/The Mix Up Dates, Strange Romances Training Days/The Blind Dates The new guardians have a hard time training, but when the IQs makes the scene, capturing Betty, the Swat Kats, and the others, the new Guardian trainees must ensure they fight against them. Though is it real or a test? Meanwhile, Penelope Lang stumbles upon Dark Kat's base, though it may mean her life may be at stake. (Villains: Maximus IQ, Nemesis AS, and Dark Kat)/Romance is in the air as the couples begin dating. However, Pontifadora plans to ensure the dates get heart broken. DeGill, finding out Pontifadora's plan, tries to ensure the dates go uninterrupted. Will Pontifadora succeed? Meanwhile, Nemesis and Maximus find old love letters from their parents. (Villain: Pontifadora)
16 Trouble with Youth Ray, Babies Everywhere/The Grim Reaper's Scythe, Chaz's Terrible Secret Crybabies/Don't Fear the Reaper A new Youthinator is heard, but it's made by Cerebral and when almost the whole planet, including Maximus and Nemesis, get turned into babies and tots in order for Cerebral to steal all Earth's computer knowledge, how will the sidekicks and the escaped Max Sr. and Kikyo deal with him while the parents themselves are forced try to take care of the younglings? (Villain: Dr. Cerebral)/Two kids with a mysterious hooded figure and a powerful scythe arrive to Moosejaw for a little relaxation. However, things get complicated when Hard Drive steals the scythe and uses it for his own gain. Meanwhile, Chaz tries to keep what goes on his mind a secret. How long will it last? (Villain: Hard Drive)
17 ??? The Darkness of Cerebral/A Hidden Destruction? Coming Soon
18 ??? Drawn Closer/Purrsy vs Ling Ling Coming Soon
19 ??? The Mob's Game/Turkey Craziness Coming Soon
20 ??? Chameleon's Destiny/Hopper's Revenge Coming Soon
21 An Unknown Story, A Strange Kind of Christmas Greatest Christmas Never Told Christmas has come once again while things in space never change. Though it is Christmas, Infantor still wants to claim his presents from Santa, though in a more dangerous method. While others are enjoying their Christmas, Dr. Viper becomes bitter, being reminded of his miserable past. Another problem arises when Infantor steals the presents of Moosejaw as well and while others sleep, the reluctant mutant along with the clones, Max Sr. (unwillingly), and Kikyo end up in a great battle no one would ever believe! (Villain: Infantor)
22 ??? Nemesis' Heartbreak Coming Soon
23 ??? Koreena Strikes Back Coming Soon
24 ??? A Manx of a Problem/Molly's Folly Coming Soon
25 A Strange Seduction, Regeena vs Turmoil/The Aunt Returns, Her Crush on DeGill! Turmoil's Bout/Auntie Matter's Desire Coming Soon
26 The Dangers of Alchemy, Max Sr. Sr.'s Resurrection A Foe's Return! Using the forbidden transmutation of alchemy combined with the remains of Solovem and the Scribe's remains, the Pastmaster brings back Max Sr. Sr. whom becomes permanently in his youth form and becomes the Pastmaster's top disciple. Things become complicated when the disciples kill the citizens, then lure the Guardians and Swat Kats. Could it be a trap? Meanwhile, Paloma and the others must deal with her own mother, whom plans to re-release her father and the evil Pandora. Will they defeat her? (Villains: Pastmaster, Max Sr. Sr., Golgotha, Pandora, and Sharbenian Demon)

Season 2 (Coming Soon)

Though a bit more episodic, Season 2 provides some character development.

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
27 A Crush on Dr. Viper, Black Mamba's Jealousy Koreena in Love? Coming Soon
28 ??? Chazz and the Pirates/Too Many Penelopes Coming Soon
29 ??? Love Bites 2 Coming Soon
30 ??? Underwater Fantasy/Black Mamba's Fury Coming Soon
31 ??? T-Bone's Confidence Coming Soon
32 ??? Paloma vs Turmoil/Match of the Century Coming Soon
33 ??? Of Magic and Science/The Promotions Coming Soon
34 ??? Kitty Chaos Coming Soon
35 ??? No Need for Shrines/Roger's Captured! Coming Soon
36 When Amnesia Strikes, Memories Lost and Found Good Kitty 2 Maximus gets amnesia and this time, Nemesis does as well, resulting them to be sickly sweetly nice to everyone. Even Betty can't stand it. However, neither of them knew who each other are nor of their past lives past five. Can Betty and the others along with their families find a way to get their true memories back and love rekindled? Meanwhile, Paloma with Regeena, Mary, Minimus, and Ling Ling try to figure out what to give Chazz for a birthday present,though if Penelope doesn't ruin things again. (Villain: Penelope Lang)
37 ??? Mad Kat's Finale Coming Soon
38 The Terrible Transformation, The Dreaded Curse Werepanther! Part 1 Alpha (the Maximus Clone) has his power revealed as it turns out he has the curse of the werepanther, which makes people suspect he's the source of placing his curse on not only Betty, but also Maximus and Nemesis themselves! And what's worse, Mary begins hanging with the new feline who may have a hidden secret within himself as well. (Villain: Hiroshi?)
39 Urges of the Panther, Mary's Choice Werepanther! Part 2 The Werepanther strike continues as almost all, but a few in Moosejaw and Megakat City, have been turned to weres. The remaining survivors must investigate on what the leader has done. And when they do, what choice will Mary have to partake: the werepanther she loves, or the family and friends that cared for her? And are the weres truly as evil as they seem? (Villain: Koumori)
40 ??? Zulia's Notorious Date/Callie's Calling Coming Soon
41 ??? Blast to the Future Part 1 Coming Soon
42 ??? Blast to the Future Part 2 Coming Soon
43 ??? Katz Comes Calling Coming Soon
44 ??? An Imaginative Adventure Coming Soon
45 ??? Razor's Choice/The Sidekicks Quit Coming Soon
46 ??? Friends or Rivals Coming Soon
47 ??? Felina's Bout/Pontifadora's Last Stand Coming Soon
48 ??? Return of the Youthinator Coming Soon
49 ??? The Voice's Finale/End of Penelobee Coming Soon
50 ??? Hirosaka's True Calling Coming Soon
51 ??? Pandora's Revival Coming Soon
52 ??? Curse of the Amulet Coming Soon

Season 3 (Coming Soon)

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
53 ??? Capture of Clones Coming Soon
54 Werepanthers in Hiding, The Hunt is On The Weres Return The Werepanthers return, though this time, they are trying to hide themselves from the ever elusive hunter, The Collector. Things become worse once Koumori gets involved. How will the Guardians and Swat Kats handle this? And what of Mary's feelings for her beloved within the clan? (Villains: The Collector & Koumori)
55 ??? True Calling Coming Soon
56 ??? Mary Quite Contrary Coming Soon
57 ??? The Red Lynx Returns Coming Soon
58 ??? Girls' Night Out Coming Soon
59 ??? What a Beach Coming Soon
60 ??? Welcome Back, Sam Coming Soon
61 ??? ??? Coming Soon
62 ??? ??? Coming Soon
63 ??? ??? Coming Soon
64 ??? ??? Coming Soon
65 ??? ??? Coming Soon
66 ??? ??? Coming Soon
67 ??? ??? Coming Soon
68 ??? ??? Coming Soon
69 ??? ??? Coming Soon
70 ??? ??? Coming Soon
71 ??? ??? Coming Soon
72 ??? ??? Coming Soon
73 ??? ??? Coming Soon
74 ??? ??? Coming Soon
75 ??? ??? Coming Soon
76 ??? ??? Coming Soon
77 ??? ??? Coming Soon
78 ??? ??? Coming Soon

Season 4 (Coming Soon)

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
79 ??? ??? Coming Soon
80 ??? ??? Coming Soon
81 ??? ??? Coming Soon
82 ??? ??? Coming Soon
83 ??? ??? Coming Soon
84 ??? ??? Coming Soon
85 ??? ??? Coming Soon
86 A Disease or Racism? Felinians vs Lynxians Racism The Felinians and Lynxians had been at war with one another, especially for what had happened thousands of years ago on the year Megakat City vanished. Dark Kat, in an attempt to conquer both worlds, plans to ensure the racism eventually destroys one another. Meanwhile, while going through old photos, a discovery is made: Maximus and his family aren't really Felinians, but Lynxians! (Villain: Dark Kat)
87 ??? ??? Coming Soon
88 ??? ??? Coming Soon
89 ??? ??? Coming Soon
90 ??? ??? Coming Soon
91 ??? ??? Coming Soon
92 ??? ??? Coming Soon
93 ??? ??? Coming Soon
94 ??? ??? Coming Soon
95 ??? ??? Coming Soon
96 ??? ??? Coming Soon
97 ??? ??? Coming Soon
98 ??? ??? Coming Soon
99 ??? ??? Coming Soon
100 ??? ??? Coming Soon
101 ??? ??? Coming Soon
102 ??? ??? Coming Soon
103 ??? The Greatest of Evil Coming Soon
104 ??? The Grand Finale (Series Finale) Coming Soon


  • In Updating Mode
  1. Atomic Report: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  2. Atomic Betty in Slumberland (In Updating Mode)
  3. Worlds Collide!/Lemonade Stand and Deliver (1st crossover with The Alliance of Super Girls )
  4. Worlds Collide II (2nd crossover with The Alliance of Super Girls )
  5. Worlds Collide III: Crisis of Multiple Alliances! (3rd and final crossover)

M Rated Novel Format Specials

  1. The Danger of Panthers (Halloween Special set before Vampires of Nosferatu!) (NC-17 novel form only): Part 1 (in progress)

(More to Come)


# Japanese Title English Title Summary
1 Nemesis Appears, The Power of the Restraint Crown The New Assassin (Takes place after Battle of the Bots) The short tale on how Maximus recruited Nemesis and the events that tell what happened to Empress Narcissitad.
2 A Visit in Prison, Talking About Kikyo Memory of Kikyo (Takes place some time during No-L 9) Nemesis pays Max Sr. a visit in prison as they began to reminiscence about his wife: Kikyo.
3 Cat Racism, Maximus & Nemesis' Fury Space Cats: Untalented or Shunned (Takes place after No-L 9) After the failure, Maximus, Minimus, and Nemesis talk about the beliefs on Earth while a cat racism mob is taking place.
4 Tale of What Happened, Minimus Misses Them Missing Them (Takes place during No Space like Home) While hanging with Minimus, Noah begins to question the pictures while he learns of not only what happened to Maximus' mother, but also learn of what happened 3 days prior to his abduction to Nemesis and Ling Ling!
5 Her Tears to Shed, Losing Maximus? A Cry from Nemesis (Takes place before the end of Good Kitty) During the garage sale, while the Chameleon almost finishes paying up, Nemesis and Ling Ling arrive to the sale, learning that Maximus has become extremely nice. But when he fails to recognize Nemesis as the person he actually cared for, would this mean the end of their relationship?
6 Max Sr. Meets Ling Ling, The Uneasy Feeling Ling Ling's Anger (Takes place before Good Kitty) Nemesis decides to show Ling Ling to Max Sr. while preparing to help him escape. Though when both Ling Ling and Max Sr. meet, it may not be such a good idea.
8 ??? The Time Travel Wormhole (In Progress) Coming Soon
8 ??? Thinking of Katz Coming Soon
9 ??? Family Coming Soon
10 ??? Depressions Coming Soon
11 ??? Fun at Karaoke Night Coming Soon
12 ??? Make Up for Lost Time Coming Soon
13 ??? Clones' Needs Coming Soon
14 Night for the Amnesia Cats, Isn't It Beautiful One Amnesia Night (Takes place during Good Kitty 2) During their memory loss, Maximus and Nemesis continue to the riverside where, despite not knowing one another, their hearts start to be rekindled to one another. Song used: Suteki Da Ne.

(More to Come)


(More to Come)

Music for Atomic Betty II

OP/ED Songs

  1. OP 1: Ready Steady Go by L~Arc~n Ciel (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  2. OP 2: FIRE by Wada Kouji (Digimon Frontier)
  3. ED 1: Jama wa Sasenai by Okui Masami (Slayers Next)
  4. ED 2: Revolution by Megumi Hayashibara (Slayers Revolution)
  5. Atomic Report ED: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do as Infinity (Inuyasha)
  6. Atomic Betty in Slumberland ED: Thank You by Home Made Kazoku (Bleach)

Character Themes (Japanese Only)

  • Betty's Theme: Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte by Aya Hisakawa (SMR)
  • Maximus' Theme: Kaze ni Naru by Ogata Megumi
  • Nemesis' Theme: Katagoshi ni Kinsei by Ayaka Komatsu (PGSM)
  • Sparky's Theme: Aoki Yasei O Daite by Kappei Yamaguchi (Inuyasha)
  • X-5's Theme: Pechka ~Light My Heart~ by Takato Yasuhiro (Hetalia - Axis Powers)
  • Vincent/Dr. Viper's Theme: Seven~10th Memorial Version by Wada Kouji (Digimon)
  • Noah's Theme: Distance by Junko Takeuchi (Naruto)
  • Koreena's Theme: Front Breaking by Megumi Hayashibara (Slayers)
  • Penelope's Theme: Change of Pace by Alisa (PGSM)
  • T-Bone's Theme: Guilty Beauty Love by Mamoru Miyano (Ouran High School Host Club)
  • Razor's Theme: Friends by Kappei Yamaguchi (One Piece)
  • Callie's Theme: Sayonara dake ga Shitteta by Asada Youko (Digimon Tamer)
  • Felina's Theme: Kaze ni Naritai by Ogata Megumi (SMS)
  • Regeena's Theme: Initial U by Risa Ooki (Sailor Stars)
  • Paloma's Theme: Holy Light by Kae Araki (Digimon)
  • Chaz's Theme: Thanks by Miyu Irino (Eyeshield 21)
  • Minimus' Theme: Winter by Takato Yasuhiro (Hetalia - Axis Powers)
  • Ling Ling's Theme: RABURII EERU by Myuu Azama (PGSM)
  • Degill's Theme: Only if You Smile by Hikaru Midorikawa (Gundam Wing)
  • Mary's Theme: Here We Go! -Shinjiru Chikara- by Miyu Sawaii (PGSM)
  • Black Mamba's Theme: Kiss2Bang2 by Ayaka Komatsu (PGSM)
  • Alpha's Theme: Kurayami ni Akai Bara by Ogata Megumi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Beta's Theme: C'est la Vie ~Watashi no Naka no Koisuru Bunbun~ by Ayaka Komatsu (PGSM)
  • Flara's Theme: Koibito ni wa Narenai Kedo by Aya Hisakawa (SM)
  • Gamma's Theme: Touch my Heart by Aya Hisakawa (Mamono Hunter Yohko)
  • Delta's Theme: Happy Time, Happy Life by Ayaka Komatsu (PGSM)
  • Xena's Theme: Asita mo mata zitensya by Aya Hisakawa (Sailor Stars)
  • Max Sr.'s Theme: Get It! Only You! by Susumu Chiba (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
  • Kikyo's Theme: You'll Never Be Alone No Matter Where You Go by Kaori Asou (Wild Arms 2)
  • Max Sr. Sr.'s Theme: Futari Yori Hitori by Junichi Kanemaru
  • Max Sr.xKikyo's Theme 1: Onaji Omoi by Susumu Chiba (Sukisyo)
  • Max Sr.xKikyo's Theme 2: Koko no Ite by Kaori Asoh (Bokura ga Ita)
  • MaximusxNemesis' Theme 1: Romance by Ayaka Komatsu (PGSM)
  • MaximusxNemesis' Theme 2: Shiokaze ni Nosete by Ogata Megumi
  • ViperxMamba's Theme: An Endless Tale by Wada Kouji & AiM (Digimon Frontier)
  • MinimusxLing Ling's Theme: Do You Love Me? by Junichi Kanemaru & Aya Hisakawa (Marmalade Boy)
  • T-BonexFelina's Theme: Wonder Love by Mamoru Miyano
  • RazorxCallie's Theme: Zensokuryoku no I Love You by Kappei Yamaguchi (Slow Step)
  • BettyxChaz's Theme: Someday... Somebody by Aya Hisakawa (SM)
  • NoahxPaloma's Theme: Yasashii Ame by Kae Araki (Digimon 02)
  • AlphaxXena's Theme: Song for You by Ogata Megumi

Anime Music Used

  1. Sailor Moon (All Serieses)
  2. Marmalade Boy
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  4. Digimon (All Series)
  5. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
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  18. One Piece
  19. Slow Step
  20. Sukisyo
  21. Naruto

(More to Come)


  • Many of the Atomic Betty actors, except for the original voice of Minimus , returned for this series. However, Billy West now performed Minimus in Len Carlson's stead in the uncut version while Dwayne Hill performs for the edit version.
  • Out of all the Swat Kats voices that returned, only Frank Welker returns to voice Dr. Viper.
  • Characters from Drawn Together, Mario, Tenchi, Fosters, Courage, Billy & Mandy, and Swat Kats are used in this series and serves as a sequel to Swat Kats (Anime Style). Also, Katz from Courage plays an important role in Nemesis' life in this series.
  • Originally a 13 episode series, Atomic Betty II has been extended to 26 episodes with some 15 minute eps turned to full 30 minute eps.
  • Once again, due to demands, the Atomic Betty II series has been extended to 52 episodes.
  • And once more, due to demands, Atomic Betty II has been extended to Season 4
  • The relationship between Mary and Max Sr. is similar to the way the English voices, Don Francks and Cree Summers are related to them.
  • For those who don't know what Swat Kats is, the show is now on DVD via the Warner Archive Made-To-Order DVD service on 4 discs.
  • There will be a crossover between Atomic Betty II and 'The Alliance of Super Girls' in the near future. The title of the crossover will be known as Worlds Collide!, while a sidestory, Lemonade Stand and Deliver, will be part of the crossover as a sidestory taking place during the main story. While Worlds Collide! will have more of an action-oriented plot with some humor, Lemonade Stand and Deliver will mostlt be a humorous story in the Alliance fashion. The only Atomic Betty II characters that appear in the story are Betty, Sparky, X-5, Noah, Chazz, DeGill, Regeena, T-Bone, Razor, and the Pastmaster. Everyone else from Atomic Betty II will not appear in either stories.
  • It is confirmed there will be another crossover between those two shows with more characters.
  • Nemisis will be making an appearance in another Alliance special, Twin Geeks!, a parody of the David Lynch series, Twin Peaks as The Log Kitty, a parody on The Log Lady. She'll be the only AB II character to appear in the special.
  • There will be an upcoming Crossover 2 parter episode with this series and Sailor Moon Phage.
  • Inoue Kazuhiko and Junko Takeuchi are the only original Japanese Dub version actors to return as Atomic Roger and Noah respectively.
  • In the Japanese Dub of AB II, almost all of the original Sailor Moon main cast performs as different characters within the Atomic Betty universe, except for Michie Tomizawa whom had retired from voice acting years prior. However, recently, Michie is confirmed that she is out of retirement and voice acting once more as she now plays Turmoil.
  • There will be two versions of this series. One that is edited with the sexual reference, violence, and drug reference out that will be TV-Y7 on most airings and TV-14 for the Uncut Japanese and English versions.
  • Most of the main Canadian Cast will only be in the edited versions. The uncut version will mostly have a new set of casts.
  • The choosing for Max Sr. Sr.'s younger self's voice actors is to reference the voice actors of Sonic the Hedgehog, though Jason is currently retired from being Sonic.
  • The New Cast Consist of both Canadian and American Dubs like they did with Johnny Test and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Be it one shot, major, or minor, this series marks the return of the Japanese cast of both Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon except for Chiyoko Kawashima (Sailor Pluto) whom had retired from voice acting in 2001 and Shiho Niiyama (Sailor Star Fighter) whom had long since passed away back in 2000.
  • Leah Cudmore will voice Regeena for both edited and Uncut versions of Atomic Betty II due to Live Action Roles on My Babysitter's a Vampire: The Series and the cancelled NBC show, The Playboy Club.
  • Bandai Entertainment will also be associated with Viz Media and Voicebox Productions due to Namco distributing the Atomic Betty videogame on North America in 2005 before Namco's partnership with Bandai in 2006, named Namco Bandai Partners.
  • Out of the original Canadian cast to reprise for their roles, only Colin Fox and Leah Cudmore reprises their roles for the uncut version.
  • It is unknown if characters from the upcoming Season 4 revival would appear.
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