Atomic Betty is the name of the 2004-2008 Canadian animated television series that aired on Canadian cable channel, Teletoon and on both Cartoon Network (2004-2006) and The Hub (2010-present). The show lasted for 3 seasons, and up until the launch of The Hub, half of Season 2 and all of Season 3 were never aired in the United States due to Cartoon Network's mishandeling of the Show.

The show gained a cult following today, even after the show was taken off the air in the US in 2006. Thus, the basis of this Wiki is to continue on with the show with different kinds of fanon started by different fans, even some with crossing over with other TV shows, video games or even theatrical feature films.

Season 1

Season 1 had Betty, Sparky, and X-5 going on different missions to battle all kinds of crime and evil, as well as handeling problems both in space and on Earth as her normal identity of Betty Barrett. Betty usually hangs around with Noah Parker, her best friend, while avoiding the local rich snob, Penelope Lang. Her family and friends are unaware of Betty leaving to report for duty as Atomic Betty.

Season 2

Season 2 began with a 2-part episode (which were 2 11-minute eps combined into 1 episode), which would also close the season. This season saw the debut of bully Duncan Payne and new friend Paloma, whom like Betty, also has a secret. Things remained the same up until the 2-part season finale, Takes One to Know One, in which Paloma's secret was finally exposed to Betty, and Noah was abducted by Maximus IQ and Minimus PU. This season was also known for it to be the last season to use Len Carlson (a veteran of animated voiceovers) as the voice of Minimus, as he died shortly after production of this episode.

Season 3 (Mission Earth)

Atomic Betty was renewed for a 3rd season in 2007 by starting with another 2-parter, No Space Like Home, which resolved the cliffhanger in the Season 2 finale. Series regular Dwayne Hill took over as the voice of Minimus, Paloma made her final appearance as a regular character (she would later be in Love Bites as a background character, however), new characters were introduced, and Noah discovered Betty's secret and joined the Galactic Guardians as Cadet Noah. Each episode ends with a short episode to close out the show, Sparky Vs. Minimus, Prank'd, The DeGill Show, etc. Unlike the past 2 seasons, a majority of the episodes took place on Earth, where the Guardians moved after the destruction of the original headquarters. This season, however, would be the last, as the final episode aired on January of 2008 in Canada and January 6th of 2011 in the US.

Fanon Comes to Play

The reason why this wiki was created is to continue on the legacy and the fandom spirit of Atomic Betty by unleashing creativity by using Fanon to create all new adventures. Examples of 2 fanons are Atomic Betty II and The Alliance of Super Girls. Fanon will continue to be the guiding spirit of Atomic Betty fandon, until a sequel series, Atomic Betty Redux, will launch sometime in the near future. Until then, Fanon is key, and thus, the reason fo this wiki.

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