The Anti-Alliance of Villainesses is a supervillain organization that is a counterpart to The Alliance of Super Girls superhero team. Leadership has changed over the course of time.

Beginnings/Kristy Kold Era

After the Alliance was formed into just Jessie Jetter, Casey Quickster, Violet Parr, and Atomic Betty, the ice-themed villainess Kristy Kold decided to form her own supervillain team by joining forces with Lacey Loveless, Iciclia, and several other villainesses to outnumber the Main 4. With this new Anti-Alliance, the Alliance needed to start a membership drive to even up the odds. Members like Dani Phantom and others signed up to help the Alliance battle this new threat.

As leader and founding member of the Anti-Alliance, Kristy ordered the team to perform petty thefts like robberies, burglaries, and simple heists. She often butted heads with Lacey over their plans. Although she had an advantage of commanding a cabal of child and adult villainesses, the team has been easilly defeated by the Alliance time after time. Finally, after a lot of defeats by The Alliance, the Anti-Alliance has had enough of Kristy's leadership and often predictable plans.

Twin Tyrants/Terror Triplets Era

After 3 child princesses were found in orbit during one of the final missions of the Space Shuttle program, they were taken to Corpus Christi to be examined. However, the princesses escaped and battled, and defeated The Alliance. The Princesses, Bekarr', Britar, and Bethelina, were dubbed by the Alliance, "The Terror Triplets." After the Alliance defeated the princesses, they stormed the hideout of the Anti-Alliance and took over the leadership from Kristy. They decided to let her stay, under one condition, she must obey them or be eliminated. With that, they concentrated less on simple crimes and more on galactic conquest and finding their older twin sisters, the Twin Tyrants. After the twin sisters, Xarvia and Xiamara, were found, the twins took over. They continued to lead the team, until their mother was found guilty of crimes against her people and genocide. With that, they had to leave Earth to free their mother from a penal planet, thus creating a void of leadership. With the sisters gone, Kristy was ready to return to being the leader, but, this wasn't meant to last, however...

Despicable Takeover/Margo, Agnes, and Edith Era

With Kristy back in control, the Anti-Alliance went back to the usual small crimes. However, when word that the World's #2 Supervillain Grusome Felonious Despicable, also known as Gru, adopted 3 young girls from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls spread like wildfire, Kristy's world turned upside down as the oldest of the 3 girls, Margo, took over the Anti-Alliance so she could be her own villain, with the help of middle sister Edith, younger sister Agnes, and a horde of chicken nugget-shaped underlings called Minions. With the girls taking over, and a army of Minions and an arsenal of weapons created by Gru's scientist Dr. Nefario, Kirsty felt jealous of them, even calling them "strays" (an offensive slur directed at orphaned children.) One of Margo's 1st orders was to fire Iciclia from the team because Margo felt that she "was utterly useless." She replaced her with Koreena, due to her infamous history with Betty, and according to Margo, "has a brighter future and potential." Margo and her sisters not only do more interesting heists and crimes, but to destroy and kill the Alliance and bring them back to their new father as trophies and take over the city of Corpus Christi.

Current Lineup

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