Alliances United! is an episode of The Alliance of Super Girls fan series. It's part of the 3rd season and is the final episode of a 3-part series finale. It focusses on The Alliance alling themselves with the Anti-Alliance of Villainesses as well as allies, both friend and foe, to stop a full scale invasion of Earth from Sharbena led by Pandora, who is seeking revenge against both Atomic Betty and Paloma for her defeat.

This episode brings closure to several unanswered questions in this fanon, including if Penelope Lang survived the explosion in The Corpus Christi Mutiny!, the previous episode.


Wth the Anti-Alliance at Alliance HQ, Margo told the Alliance on how her team managed to survive the explosion. It turns out that Lacey Loveless and Kopy-Kate created a replacement ship made out of the scraps from their destroyed HQ, as well as gathering the Minions to help out. Margo also found out that Penelope and her friends Megan and Sarah had unintentionally stowed away, and thus, also survived the explosion. At the same time she was relieved that she's alive, Penelope also discovered Betty's secret of not just being Atomic Betty and the times she disappeared, but she's also part of the Alliance. Betty then scolded her for blabbering about her secret. Penelope, usually very mean and hateful to her, resorted to crying and begging Betty not to send her to jail with the Anti-Alliance. As Casey prepared to send the Anti-Alliance to jail, Margo told the Alliance that Pandora and her army are coming to Earth. Betty was shocked to hear this, so did Paloma. With that, Betty told the others to call up ALL Alliance members to prepare themselves to fight back. As Margo and the Anti-Alliance were being escorted to jail, Margo offers them a temporary truce to help the Alliance battle the Sharbenians. Violet agrees with her, so did Jessie and Casey. Betty reluctantly also agreed, so the Alliance and Anti-Alliance joined forces.

Because of the scale of the crisis, Betty and Jessie need to call for extra help. So, not only they called upon both the Intergalactic Patrol and the Galactic Guardians, but EVERY ally they know-Danny Phantom, The Incredibles, Beatrixo, and even the heroes from the Atomic Betty II universe. Even some of the villains, like Maximus IQ and others, joined in to repel the invading horde! After the Sharbenians arrived, the hero/villain faction battled it out with the invaders. All around the world, the heroes and villains battle the Sharbenians tooth and nail. Even the Minions are helping out the battle the Sharbenians. The biggest mother-ship was heading towards a familar location-Moosejaw Heights! So, Betty, Casey, Violet, Jessie, Paloma, and Margo go to Moosejaw to battle Pandora.

After battling out some troopers, Pandora arrived from her ship, ready to battle the 5 heroes and 1 villain. The battle was an even match, with Pandora morphing into different form, Paloma the same. in Corpus Christi, Agnes, Edith, Gru, and the heroes and villains and Minions continued to clean house, but an escape pod destroyed one of the Sharbenian warships when it crash landed. Inside was Kristy Kold! She wanted to help the faction, all because she wants to defend her home because to her, "heroes and villains maybe different, but we all have the same home". So, Kristy joins in on the big battle. All over the globe, the hero-villain team cleaned house, forcing the Sharbenians to pull back. But in Moosejaw, the Main 4, Margo, and Paloma were getting exhausted. Pandora uses this as an opportunity to fight back against them, hitting them heard with their weaknesses with the powers she absorbed from the sapphire. Margo tried to use her equipment she used during the mutiny back in The Corpus Christi Mutiny!, but Pandora destroyed it. As Margo watched the battle, she's confronted by Clockwork once again. Margo asked her if there's anything she can do to stop this, Clockwork told her to come with him to his tower. In the tower, Clockwork gives her a medallion to use against Pandora.

Back in the fight, The Main 4 and Paloma fought back by using the same weaknesses that Pandora also absorbed from the sapphire. They're about to finish off Pandora with one final blow, but Pandora learned a new move while being imprisoned, The Galactic Paralyzer. With one single backhand, Jessie, Casey, and Violet were hit and paralyzed, unable to move from this move and causing agony to their bodies. She was about to kill the 3 heroines, until Margo returned with the medallion in her hand, and something special-another key to release her father to destroy the Earth. Pandora inches closer to Margo when Betty and Paloma ambush her. She grabs the key and the medallion, but Margo throws in the box. The effect wears off, and the others joined in on the final strike. Pandora was being beaten by the team, and the box and medallion glowed, causing a bright light to appear. The heroes moved away, as Pandora and Margo were engulfed by the light, leaving with a flash. Betty and Paloma see a crater left behind, as well as Margo's jacket. Gru, Agnes, and Edith arrive at Moosejaw to see how Margo was doing, Paloma handed him her jacket. Gru assumes that Margo died in the battle, but a hand rises from the rubble, it was Margo, alive and well! Gru was relieved that the one who he promised not to lose ever again was alive.

Later on, the Sharbenian fleet has retreated back to Sharbena, the heroes and villains cheered, and Kristy was welcomed back to the Anti-Alliance for saving the Earth. All the heroes and villains that helped out continued to chase one another, and Margo told the Alliance that it's "back to normal" now that the world is saved. Paloma tells the Alliance it was an honor being with them, and for that, she is going to return to Sharbena to be the new ruler of the planet. With one final goodbye, she thanked the Alliance for being there for her and she left. As for the Anti-Alliance, Betty said that they'll give them a 10-second head start for a chase, The Alliance agreed as although they don't know when will the time they won't be needed anymore will come, but Betty told them one thing, "The adventure will continue." With that, the closing has all the Alliance members running towards the "screen", one by one as a role-call, with Atomic Betty, Sparky, and X5 closing things up, thus, ending the series.

List of allies helping the Alliance and Anti-Alliance


  • Danny Phantom (from Danny Phantom)
  • The Parr Family (Bob/Mr. Incredible, Helen/Elastigirl, Dash, Jack Jack from The Incredibles)
  • Beatrixo
  • Galactic Guardians
  • Intergalactic Patrol
  • Paloma
  • Noah Parker
  • Sparky
  • X5


  • Gru
  • Dr. Nefario
  • Minions
  • Maximus IQ
  • Nemesis AS
  • Icilla
  • Infantor
  • The Chamellion
  • Dr. Cerebral
  • Technus
  • The Box Ghost


  • The final Alliance episode.
  • The final part of the 3-part finale, starting with The Discovery! and continuing with The Corpus Christi Mutiny! and ending with this episode.
  • It also marks that, before the villains chase the heroes, Maximus and Nemesis had been engaged to be married, thus finally confirming they'd stay together.
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